Donald Trump has lost Texas

Donald Trump has lost Texas.

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It's over.

Yang will win with over 500 electoral votes, screesnshot this post.

There will be blood

>18 months of this type of thing
>Trump wins popular vote and carries a dozen blue states
>media: we literally never saw it coming

>Trump wins popular vote and carries a dozen blue states
MIGApedes don't know the first thing about politics, this shit is all pro-wrestling to you. You're all nigger tier retarded.

so desperate, OP! the dem party is dead on arrival, they're just slow rolling a the release of info and court cases themselves. they sold out sanders for clinton who is a lifetime criminal. anyone trying to associate with the DNC will wilt away. it'll all start droppin in about a year for maximum impact.

an independent actually has a chance this round, but no one is positioned properly at this point and next year will be too late.

nonono, show that polling methodology

BETO 2020

trump will win, again.

He really should pay more attention to where he leaves his things.

Every four years of my life, Democrats say the same shit in Texas. The election comes along and they invariably get BTFO. Then it immediately begins: vows that the next election will surely be the end for Republicans!
>It's all so tiresome.

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>Believing (((polls)))

Just a year ago, the governor in a wheel chair, Professor Tex, best the hell out of a socialist beaner lesbian sheriff.
Yes, that happened.
Before this he beat the shit out of Abortion Barbie, a blonde progressive Hillary shill cunt.
One third of "Hispanics" vote Republican and nearly all whites as well.
This ain't California, and sadly it's also not white either.

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>reddit icon in top left corner
Please fuck off.

>implying politics in “democratic” goat and pony shows isn’t a theatrical display
Lmao you’re even dumber than OP.

"Independents" don't exist. There aren't any left. The only thing that matters is turnout.
>oh you know yesterday I was against illegal immigration but after that Trump tweet I think I've changed my mind
Doesn't happen.

It is pro-wrestling you dumb motherfucker.

Except this will actually happen soon due to Mexicans flooding into Texas. You're a braindead retard that will never understand that until it happens. It's so plainly obvious I have a hard time imagining you as anything but a nigger.

Shut the fuck up and get the fuck out of here you piece of shit nigger.

If you think 2016 is going to repeat, you're beyond delusional.

No wall.
More illegals now than ever before.
Even Obama deported more of them.
He hasn't done jack shit for the rust belt states.
The opiate epidemic is as strong as ever.
Only braindead boomers are still rooting for him, and they're a dying breed.

The only way he'll be reelected is if voting never mattered to begin with.

>still thinking polls were "wrong" in 2016

By a 55 to 42 margin, reminder that one of the last times California was ever republican dominated had a similar vote. Texas is slowly going to end up becoming blue.

Wait for them to fuck Yang.

Texas was always ours though . You guys stole it after we didnt let you guys have slaves

They keep saying this type of shit and promoting fake polling data in order to lay cover for the upcoming voter fruad that they are planning in next year's election.

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>does nothing for the border
you think?

Yes, California is retarded and full of Jews.
We divide and conquer here. We don't allow beaners to have any unions, or even any collective rights whatsoever.
We have fake Dems like Cuellar and Hurd to control the brown hoardes in the South portion of the state.
Y'all don't know shit about Texas.
This is a totalitarian state and only the central Urban areas vote Dem. Same as every state across the country.

>Californeans leave for Texas to try to flip it blue
>Texas goes blue
>California goes red

Beto was supposed to beat Cruz too.

We rebelled against a dictator just as America rebelled against a king.
Even you beaners hate Santa Anna. He broke every deal he made with us.
Yeah, you tried to pull a Lincoln and steal our property (niggers) without compensation. Fuck off, Mexico.

It's all the fucking spics.

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zion don has lost a lot.
Thats what happens when you betray your voters to make israel great again.
Honestly after all of the outrage from his opponents and then after betraying his "base", I am genuinely surprised he didn't get assassinated.


Texas has been gerrymandered so much by the GOP that independents and liberals can't compete. Texas will remain red for decades to come. Thinking Trump will lose Texas in 2020 is comparable to believing Trump will win California or New York.

That isn't how it works. The white leftists flood a place, open the gates to millions of illegals, then move on to the next red state to repeat the cycle while their third world pets remain in the old state to keep it blue.

its over.. its really over...

hes the only reason pennsylvania and ohio have a coal industry anymore.
hahaha you shills are dumb as all hell.

He was already butt fucked by the buttigieg