Wow wow wow

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Obviously the CIA is in there, poor show if they got caught tho.

Hope they hang those glowniggers

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hope they fucking hang em

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based. i hope they shoot the fuckers on live TV

Go back to your Gay Bar.

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Glow niggers gonna glow nigg

Fucking Israel

How did they get this information? Does Hillary have another server?

THIS fuck glowniggers

>I think I'll be a cocksucker spy fuck and betray people...
>I don't like hanging from a noose
>Hell sure is warm...

>CIA spy agency
of which country?

I would not feel bad at all


Wait, why are Americans happy that CIA resources are going to get killed?


F they dead

the package has been extracted.


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Shame... and obvious. They've been operating there for like .. what 40 years?

Fake Americans.

Feeling really tired
We should all get a good nights sleep

inb4 its an excuse to kill american

goodnight goy

It's illegal for us to kill them

>be American
>go to Iran
who gives a fuck?

Because they're glow in the dark CIA niggers. If you see one, just run em over.

>Glowniggers being incompetence
Wow, what a shock

But they're doing Trump's work

they are probably muslims

Sadly the real glowies wont be the ones getting it, it will be Iranian patsies they set up to die for them.
The pawns are always locals, it will just be Iranians killing Iranians and the CIA will go OOOPSIE LOL

its just a sewer slide tactic

It's illegal for us to kill him, too. I'll take what I can get. The US government is an illegitimate criminal enterprise that does not represent me, or my interests. It only steals my wealth to give to welfare parasites they import to replace me.

So china forwarded the clinton server intel which got all the chinese assets killed?

Because they're the enemy of humanity

Even glow niggers are really Jews in disguise

>mossad posed as cia
fake news!
mossad and cia are one organization

>Trumps work
Every article I've read portrays Trump as wanting nothing to do with Iran while Bolton and Pompao is barking up trees.



There is no reliable source reporting this. A twitter account with a "fancy" profile picture and 2,500 followers isn't one.

The cia is interfering with the foreign affairs of other countries? Im shocked.

LOL, their entire government was compromised in the 60's.

Welp, hope they public flog those people by stoning them. Because they are more than likely Israelis.

Do you honestly believe the CIA would confirm it's employees have been captured? no no. Also, which media publication do you think isn't controlled by the CIA, since we know for a fact they have employees embedded at all of them?

i believe digits confirm fpbp

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>Hurr durr, the only reporting agencies are in the US, and are the mouthpiece for the United States government.
>This explains why no one is reporting Iran's words!
Or perhaps it's because they know Iran makes this claim quite often and it's been bullshit every time. For example, they made the EXACT SAME CLAIM 1 month ago... except it wasn't US spies they caught, it was UAE spies. They made the SAME CLAIM back in 2018.. except it was a British professor that they claimed was a spy. This isn't new or interesting. Without something from an account with more than 2500 followers, I won't believe it.

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When was the last time the CIA admitted to one of their agents being captured or killed? When is the last time a US media outlet reported such a story? There are currently 133 stars for the fallen carved into the CIA memorial to the fallen in the CIA headquarters. Those are 133 times the media did not report on CIA officers being abducted and killed. 40 of those stars don't even have names, even after they died the CIA won't admit they ever lived. Also, why do you believe that is the only source? There are quite a few on twitter, go look, I don't care.

In 2011 when Iran kidnapped paid CIA informants (aka: spies) from Lebanon they didn't hide it.

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That's because that's what they want you to believe. In actuality, Trump is 100% Pro-War With Iran... He's 100% for ANYTHING that he believes will help distract the American people from his criminal behavior that will soon come to light, far more than it has already

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Where is PUMPaaayooooo the fat fucking retard now?

Fuck off shill

This isn't a surprise

This seems more likely desu desu


Is there even a difference anymore???

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Repeat after me:

He's 100% for supporting Israel in any way he can. He's a fucking New York businessman after all, do you really think you can deal with real estate in NY and not pay homage to the Kike Mafia?

Fuck off cunt

>Iran say this, trustworthy cause Jow Forums dun like jooz
>USA say this, untrustworthy because something about jooz
>Israel say this, untrustworthy JOOZ INCARNATE

>not wanting CIA glowniggers to get what they deserve

Israeli minister of war just went on TV to talk about it but it was all like yap yap yap yap howwwwllll yap yap yap

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Literally Jew York.

Bye bye glowniggers.

Hope they kill them.

Yes, it is. They have a long and chequered past (and present) of slum lording it over the city and engaging in all sorts of mafia shit.
You don't make it in real estate there unless you kiss the cut cock and Trump fucking deepthroated it.

Do tell.

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of course a nazi fl-
i mean jew flag would know this

They should send back their ears as proof. And then maybe their Pinkys.
>what else should they chop off and send back Jow Forums?

Who was Bill Donovan?

Deputy Director, Central Intelligence Agency

(((David S. Cohen))) was sworn in as the Deputy Director of the Central Intelligence Agency on February 9, 2015.

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The problems for the Jews started when the Cohenites took over from the Leviticial preisthood.

Because the CIA and Mossad are the ones who basically stir up shit worldwide for the Industrial Military Complex to respond to by infiltrating enemy ranks and subverting goals, so that the glownigger preferred outcome happens, to then be seized upon in a Hegelian fashion in the future.
They are essentially the real reason why most of the world hates America and Americans. A group that Americans don't even have any say in that affects the image of how non Americans judge Americans. Think about that. Americans are more than tired of the rest of the world saying it's our fault when we didn't have shit to do with it. Yet we have to be the ones that take the hit? Fuck that. Cut off the source of the bs and the rest stops. Intelniggers are a secret society within a secret society. That shit has to end.