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Is there any way to win against a guerilla army?

Every time, the bigger nation always seems to get its ass kicked.

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>Is there any way to win against a guerilla army?

Poison the bananas.

stop caring about third world subhumans and employ scorched earth tactics until they submit to your power or are cleansed from the earth.

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Are you really expecting anything from Jow Forums but some retarded edgy "kill them all" bullshit?

>80% of the male population dead
The only known way to defeat an insurgency.

Didnt russians win in chechnyia?

>he wants to try diplomacy with people who have an average IQ lower than Koko the gorilla

This is the correct answer

And what is your solution then? How can one fight them without causing a huge backlash from the public?

Poland. The Soviets fucked us up good after ww2. Bastards.

From what I know of the situation, they ended up bribing the rebel leaders into joining russia. The ones that didnt take the bribes were killed of by their own or by the Russians. Current president of Chechnya was a rebel leader, now he's a hardcore putin loyalist.

The object of war could not be more diametrically opposed to that of political correctness

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Audio recording of Russian army surrounded in Grozny. It was a massacre.

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Thats pretty dope. Wish I was of the surviving men so I could have like 6 wives and repopulate.

False. We had less than 7% of our military there and abided by Geneva while the taliniggers didn't. Anyway, Vietnam was the same way. We killed millions and lost only like 80k but our men didn't, unlock full use of equipment. If the US or any major power country said "FUCK GENEVA!" A country could be reduced to ash. People slaughtered by the barrel. They can kick and scream until their eyes melt out of their fucking tan skulls while they're teeth melt in their fucking mouths while nuclear vapor burns their bodies up. Or while B-52s carpet bomb them. Most historians agreed if America didn't abide by Geneva Nam would've been over in 2 or 3 years. Ww2 style bombing runs WOULD'VE SHATTERED the NVA. But such violence would've triggered China and Russia to escalate into actually helping full contact and it would've kicked off ww3.

Don't make the indios come here seethe about us

Well, you will have to take political correctness into account. As long as we are living (or pretending to live) in a democracy, you will have to deal with public's opinion.


Russia clearly won though. So yes.

Historically, no. Surprise surprise guerilla armies have a stronger reason to fight, which makes them stronger, despite the advantages the enemy force have over them.

Scorched earth is the only way to win against guerillas and that tactic undermines the authority of who uses it

You dont fight them at all, faggot.

russia won in chechnya user

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>doesn't know how to demoralize third-worlders with violence
Britbong, your ancestors are sobbing. You used to be so good at it.

To be fair we kinda did say fuck Geneva.
Its just that the politicians were afraid of public opinion and didnt wanna turn it into full blown war, until it turned itself into full blown war.

WW2 the way tge US beat Japan.

There is no way to win with Geneva Conventions or "winning hearts and minds"
The way to win is complete annihilation and total war.

Hiroshima + Nagasaki

It works Russbro.

corporations are people too, if it was profitable to destroy these people and reallocate their resources it might "conveniently" end up being socially acceptable to do so.

You'd be surprised at what sort of things become morally tolerable when they are also suddenly economically viable. I can think of more than one example. The use of American children as cheap labor for the repair of machines shortly after the advent of the industrial revolution didn't seem to startle too many people at the time, did it?

This. Just like WW2 Japan. Show them no outcome but their compkete annihilation

Nope. If we did there would have been nothing left of any city.
People who claim we disregarded Geneva entirely are retarded. Ask a vet if we were allowed as policy to just kill everyone.

Actually I exaggerated a bit earlier. Bribing works very well. Even Charlemagne did it to good effect on the Germans. The pagans just wouldn't quit fighting and breaking their treaties.

Is there currently a Chechen state?
No, then the Russians won.

ahah war is fought for resources not to destroy them, land is a resource

war isnt fought for petty ideals like white nationalism

Angola and Moçambique

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they won but putin has to give the chechens the most shekels of any other place in Russia he is kind of cucked by them or else the guy will let terrorist attack

I know we didnt disregard geneva entirely. Im not saying we did by any means.
But we did work around it. Im sure they knew damn well what agent orange would do to people, but they never acknowledged it as a chemical weapon. Not to mention our generous use of napalm. That wouldnt fly today.

Our troops also got away with alot of shit from what I heard. Also wouldnt fly today.
Obviously you werent allowed to kill EVERYONE thats a no brainer.

Basically this is the only viable strategy, but it's no longer possible thanks to international accords and humanitarian concerns
>Strip the flesh, salt the wound, scorch the earth, purge the populace, make a cool wine cup out of the insurgent leader's skull.

Sherman's March to the Sea was a large contributing factor to the end of the American Civil War. The land was a resource that was won as a result of the war, and is in use to this day.

Yes. Just ignore the (((Geneva convention))). Rebellions and guerilla armies have been crushed repeatedly throughout human history. Scorch the earth and target everyone one the opposing side, civilians and soldiers alike.

Nuke 'em

I've already responded to you adequately, but here's another idea for you to mull over; Who convinced you that there are rules to war?

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Japan was about to surrender anyway , the amerijews just wanted to try their new toy

No, the first war Russians got their shit pushed in sideways, the second war they bribed a local warlord and turned him into a traitor and puppet and then carpet bombed Chechnya into rubble because they were scared to engage in direct combat

Russian pigs crying for their babushkas as they get torn new assholes is like music for my ears.

May the Reich rise again on the blood of the slavic pigs

t. butthurt chechen.

If chechnya is so great why do u shitskins move to germany?

But did they? They got fucked in the ass in the first war and only "won" the second because they bought loyalty and keep pumping millions so it stays under control

As soon as Putin dies there will be another war

>As soon as Putin dies there will be another war
So much this. The second he's gone, theres gonna be a power struggle like never before. The oligarchs are gonna have a frenzy.

Hey bongi why so mad? You better watch out your daughter doesn't get fucked by paki monkeys

>be Serb
>tactically destroy albanian terrorists with good army and police cooperation
>(((usa))) and their western puppets openly side with terrorists
>guerilla tactics work 100%
Without the foreign intervention and finances guerilla warfare isn't sustainable and always fails

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It's because the big side is always handicapped by morals.
America could have turned Afghanistan into a parking lot in a week, they tried to carry out a three block war instead.
Absolutely brutal destruction that sticks with the survivors for generations is the only way.

but there are rules to public opinion which can become a bit of a problem in a republic

Churka why so mad? u better watch out ur mother didnt get raped by russian mongols in the war

You can't defeat a faceless enemy.

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Look at the United States. This is the perfect example of how a government take over happened non violently. We were lulled into comfort while the chain around our necks got tighter and tighter. We have been made fat, docile and stupid
This is how you defeat guerilla armies. Islam is what is keeping the countries you mentioned from being fully invaded. The pure loyalty to a set of strong values keeps their society strong.

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Really, all you can do is just fuck shit up at the slightest hint of trouble until there's nobody left willing to even try. Usually, this is so close to "extermination" that the politicians who backseat-drive our wars don't want it to happen, but that's the only way which doesn't involve becoming a foreign-based police state forever.

Only true answer is outmost brutality over many years. That thins the lines. Also very good intelligence network with ton of infiltrated men who can give names.

>Is there any way to win against a guerilla army?
yes, genocide the locals. like we used to do all the time until the 1900s

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They outlawed the tactics that were effective against guerrillas, like puting people in concentration camps, terror bombing, collective punishments or taking civilian hostages, but when the next America civil war starts they will use all of that against whites.

>implying whites won't just start shooting every poc in sight

No replies to my post? You really are a bunch of serial masturbators that cry in between your mother's sweaty cleavage.

>From what I know of the situation, they ended up bribing the rebel leaders into joining russia
this is the best way to win pretty much any war. the Romans understood. incentivize the enemy to willingly submit to you.

>It will just be non-whites using it against whites
Bitch, we haven't been able to stop our highly-professional highly-trained highly-indoctrinated troops from doing that to our enemies. We just needed to do it on a larger scale than one or two platoons going ham in order to actually win the war. Remember: 22 soldiers were found guilty of the My Lai Massacre, and the only sentence served was three and a half years of house arrest.
Even in the nice regular occurrence. Why think that any side will stop there?

you know wher the term comes from? tge frenvh didnt give a shit about the spanish populace and that only fueled the fire

Finally someone who understands what blowback means.

No. Home turf

That's pretty much the only way Boris.

>kill everything
Problem solved. One battalion of Marines with no ROEs could destroy any of the example insurgencies.

Didn’t the Portuguese rule Angola for like 500 years?

Wew dats so ebic did dat just randomly show uppp on your spoon bru?

>contain them geographically
>make their lives miserable with the promise that "this could all stop if you give up
>swift and brutal retaliation, use insurgeants' families as hostsges
>propoganda & suppressing information about them
>deny foreign press access to area of conflict and aggressively refute any positive news coverage
>treat the insurgeants as subversive foreign agents of a country you have tensions with.
>kill them, either on the battlefield or secret executions

This is why democratic countries suck at fighting insergencies. Liberal democracy is a double-edged sword.

Without civilian losses? No not really, with civilian losses? Very easy, just glass the fuck out of them with drones indiscriminately.

If you call orders of magnitude of casualties over the US “kicking ass”


scorched earth hasn't yet been employed against a modern western brainwashed populace. i'm not so sure about that undermining.

Its not a sword at all. Every democracy is so opposed to picking up a sword that its willing to have its throat slowly cut rather than be mean.

The IRA was defeated the Irish government are bought and paid for.

They sent conscripts right into the heart of Grozny with 10000 fighters waiting and they wasted the armored columns and trapped 6000 men in a couldron of fire

Yeah. Brutality.