"I believe Iran attacked the tankers!" - Styx

Well well well.
Imagine mah shock.


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>this t-shirt
is he a christcuck?

Couldn't watch the whole video, too much retardation.

Disinfo agent from the beginning.

The e celebs are not that much different to the legacy media talking heads.

It’s a band called Christian Death. They used to be led by some faggot named Rozz Williams who hung himself after he found out he caught HIV.

There's truth to this, but I don't think it's a matter of some insidious design so much as market forces.

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Just when I start watching his vids again he has to say some fucking retarded shit like this

How can we make Styx go away?

I agree, I think they just pander to their audience the same as anyone on TV would.

A lot of the alt right e celebs realized they had a huge following of conservatives, and the vast majority of conservatives do not believe in stuff like Jow Forums or other areas of the internet. You ask a generic Republican about 9/11 and see what he'll tell you for example.

As such these e celebs end up sounding like any other commentators from the old media.

It’s so obvious this fruitcake was controlled op from the beginning
>muh civic nationalism
>muh ignore JQ
>muh reproductive rights
>muh libertarianism
>muh Satanism
Sad that so many people took the bait

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Can you show us on the doll where the Styxhexenhammer666 touched you?

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don't all these e-celebs have fathers who work at nintendo?

The only Styx I know is the band that made the Mr Roboto song

Facts are facts and they all point to Iran being behind the tanker attack. The idea that Israel would operate in the Persian Gulf is dumb given that all their ships are on standby to bomb Syria. No one who's pro Iran thinks Saudi Arabia can actually operate near Iran's border. And the US bombing a Japanese ship is just retarded, plus the video footage from infrared shows Iran's fuck up.

Did Gloria Vanderbilt sexually abuse young Anderson Cooper, turning him gay?

Hey Jew fuck trash, we do not support your lust for blood. It will end.

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Good God I read that in her voice.

He thinks he's a slick ass warlock alt media authority on current events but he's not much different than a typical maga hat wearing retard in reality

I don't even think he's controlled opposition just a Magatard boomerboo.

are u people retarded

What the fuck is that piece of garbage? Looks like unhealthy skinny-fat degenerate

what part of litteral larpy satanic faggot attention whore did Jow Forums not understand?

What is it with Jow Forums youtube e-celebs being faggots? dont mean in the playful way but fully homosexual.

fucking tranny

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who is shocked by this? he's bluepilled on the JQ and he believes that everyone should take mandatory flu vaccines because "i don't wanna' get sick because you're an idiot," lolbertarian larping apparently completely discarded because he's some kind of weirdo germaphobe. did you expect your former satanist turned pagan turned occultist turned amateur lounge singer turned bowie impersonator turned "maybe i'll go to a mass some time, it seems fun" turned abortion advocate turned sodomy proponent turned drug enthusiast to not be a fucking psychopath?

I unsubscribed because he becomes repetitive after a while. Libertarianism just won't cut it in practice. It's a defensive stance against very offensive opponents. A very offensive take and a strict adherence to order is the only thing that can turn this ship around. In so far as that's the case, I can't stand how he continues to cover for Trump even though he shills so hard for Israel and wants "the most immigrants ever." Our economy will never be really and truly good again as long as we import the 3rd world.

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I just wish Israels geo-political rivals would quit timing unbelievably irresponsible "gas attacks" and other "mine attack" shit immediately after the USA zionist media and military industrial complex machines are publicly targeting them. They just make it so damn convenient for the kikes.

Surely not a coincidence!

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Just be glad the faggot is wearing a tshirt for once.

Styx was part of the time about two months back where every random BS "alt right" e-celeb all of a sudden at the same time did a video on "get your vaccines, stop being paranoid."
The ham-handededness of that campaign was ridiculous. Imagine being so stupid you work in marketing for those companies.

But anyway, Styx went along with it obviously for money.

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Styx fucking sucks, his videos are milquetoast and repetitive.

How can someone be a libertarian and support Trump?

Doesn't Japan deny this and demand proof from the US that Iran did it?

Yes, same for a bunch of other countries.
Outside of the US and Israel and Saudi Arabia there aren't many who buy it.

is that blood or shit on the seat? lmfao.

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Hello shareblue.


>It's bullshit but I believe it.

Styx has devolved to a magaboomer. His Ebola videos are the only reason I'm still subbed
More like Pozz Williams

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