Hope you are ready

For the draft

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Oh fuck

There are 30 million illegal immigrants they can use for bullet sponges. Any US citizen that complies with a draft is a stupid nigger who deserves to die.

You know damn well that it would be impossible to enact the draft in this day and age. Besides, all the NEETs and INCELs are too fat to shuffle onto the buses for basic

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The draft was "enacted" when Russia invaded Afghanistan. It has not been deactived since. Also, this is an 18+ board. I know you're not 18+ because if you were, you'd know that you had to register with selective service within 30 days of your 18th birthday.. that IS the draft.

I did my three combat tours in Iraq back in 2003-2006. I am over 40. Time to sit back, sip my Monster energy drinks and watch the entitled millennial cucks get deployed to fight the sand niggers.

No sand nigger ever called me Boomer.

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Gotta send more white christian right leaning men to die. Reminder that the government picked every single person they sent to die in war. They did so carefully and to their benefit.

Pewdiepie cucked to terrorists he's a swede to the core.

Oh, God, ow, my bone spurs.

unironically just get really obese

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I'm 36. Now go die for me.

>tfw company is sending me to Japan for 3 years in 2 weeks
Have fun dying in the sand pits nerds.

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Thank you for your service to the mutt world order

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Can't be drafted because I already volunteered in 2006. Enjoy the ride faggots.

We didn't start a draft for both Gulf Wars, or any of the psuedo wars since. The US military doesn't throw bodies at a problem like they did in WWII and Korea/Vietnam. The troops are more efficient and supported by drones and tech.

IF we start a shooting war with Iran, it won't last long enough to need a draft. It will be over in days. We'd bomb the snot out of them, because we'd own the skies within an hour of war being declared, we'd own the seas in two hours, and we'd carpet bomb the country back to the stone age, while the troops are in air conditioned barracks in staging areas in Iraq, eating Taco Bell and watching Netflix.
Iran knows this. They don't want war, they want the sanctions we have on them lifted, after Trump pulled out of the nuke treaty. This is NK level bullshit, they're trying to get leverage to force us to drop the sanctions. We're playing right back at them, making them shit their robes thinking we're going to start droning them.

Trump will win this. The shitheads in Iran don't play this kind of game very well.

You want to know when to take war rumors in Iran seriously? When Saud starts shitting their robes and shrieking at us to do something about Iran. Which isn't happening right now.

Jokes on you: I'm already enlisted.

Not yet but soon
and 18.08.2019 shtf

>The draft was "enacted" when Russia invaded Afghanistan.
Take your meds.

dog bless


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You control the skies in Yemen and Afghanistan, too.
Both wars you are losing badly. Iran will win against USA easily and destroy the globohomo empire

>Imagine all the Leftist Millenials and Zoomers dying in the Iranian desert for Israel


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Germany is ranked #10 in military power. The USA is #1. Your opinion is totally irrelevant.

Get a tampon, Hans, nobody cares what you think.

Ooh another grainy video. I'm so excited. I just can't hide it. We're about to go to war and I think I like it!

Oh boy I can't wait to fight the (war on terror) in (random desert country #1342)!

Based and MIGApilled! Btw post pics of your mulatto tranny grandchild.

Hope Canada bros are gonna be nice to me when I immigrate there. I'm going to be as obnoxious as possible.

Is 22 past prime drafting age? God I hope so.

Sweden help us! We need to be refugees if we get drafted!

We didn't "start" a draft for those because the draft we "started" when Russia invaded Afghanistan was never stopped.

You must be 18+ to post here. You're not 18+, because if you were you'd know about selective service, which you have to sign up for within 30 days of your 18th birthday. That IS the draft.


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I am a morbidly obese Aspie. I'm safe.

I already served, thou puerile imbiber of coя

What year are you living in that you think ppl still register w the selective service?

>low IQ cannon fodder
cool story bro

Take your damned meds.

Do you have a fucking drivers license? If so, you're probably on the fucking list son.
It is actually quite challenging to avoid signing up for Selective service.
Are you actually underage?

>ANOTHER war for Israel

Joke's on them, I think trump is a kike faggot and I won't fight for him
(I unironically said I would fight to the death for him as recently as 2 years ago...)

hell yeah i ready to fight to kill iranian for my jewish overlord isreal...FUCK YEAH LETS GO

real men are able to change their mind according to situation

>Hurr durr, I don't know what I signed up for because I'm a retard that didn't read the paperwork!
I wish there were meds you could take. There is no cure for ignorance.

Won't be dying for Israel.
>Be me
>Be gunning to the border like an illegal, get free health care and sheeeeit in Cuckanda
>Brown my skin enough and dye my hair black to look like a Mooslim.



there won't be a draft of burgers until all the shitskins already in the ME are wiped out.
Burgers go in last and claim victory, never forget this.

Oy Vey, another middle eastern war, sign me up!

>tfw 26
Have fun dancing for (((puppet masters))) young sprouts!

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Who else doesn't have to worry about fighting Israel's proxy wars?
t. 26 year old schooner

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27 years old. College educated and employed in a white collar job. Highly unlikely to be drafted ever.

I am a tad concerned about one of my cousins though. He's got only a high school education and works in a coffee shop. People like him wind up going first, that's the way it is.


>t. USAF veteran who is past recall window

What's the demographic composition of 18-25 americans right now? maybe you can cull some pablos and jamals in there

How's being 12 years old

There's no way they'd be drafting the inner city shitheads and minorities
White males in rural and suburban areas go

I’m a wizard and I have autism. I’ll probably be fine.

maybe if they got some bloodly nose they will revolt against the cities where the government is

you will be used as a cork in the McHumvees

Howdy friendo. Gonna be comfy sipping Pro-Pure filtered water during the media coverages of the "war."

Reminder this exists.

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Godspeed draft dodging minstrel user

They will still draft your fat ass

Hope you can afford to bribe a doctor like Trump, lol

no but I'm registered for the waft

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based boomer, thank you for your service and keeping us safe

LOL@the draft

I hope they try this

Fucking sexless shill

I think this may be true.
Who is more likely to obey the law?

The draft would end this whole shitshow all mayor city's will burn.

yeah but they wont put you in combat lol

You dumb lefty cunts are spouting a tweet from MSDNC AHAHAH

>we're going to war with NK!
>we're going to war with Syria!
>we're going to war with Iran!
>we're going to war with Venezuela!
>we're going to war with *checks notes* Iran...BUT FOR REALZ THIS TIME!

do you niggers never get sick of being wrong?

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>leftist millenials and zoomers obeying the draft
The rich get deferments
The left protest
The right die
Happened in Vietnam, will happen here.

If you get drafted what are you gonna do? You’re gonna fucking die in Iran thats what you’re gonna do dumb fuck

I am too old to be drafted, but you can take my wife's son

>If you get drafted what are you gonna do? You’re gonna fucking die in Iran thats what you’re gonna do dumb fuck

They have no way of enforcing a draft, especially in this day and age. I want to see them try though.

They can keep you in training until your weight is within regulations. Have fun with that. You would wish that basic training was only 9 weeks (or whatever it is these days).

I'm trans now. No doctor's note, no hormones thus far. But I'm suuuuuuper trans. You DEFINITELY don't want me in your army with how brazenly trans I most certainly am.

yeah but you'll be good at it

That's fine. I won't get drafted. I'm too old.

If you are an user between the ages of 18 and 26, you are eligible for the draft.

Anyone 26 or older is not eligible (under current laws).

I have never felt better being 26.

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>They have no way of enforcing a draft

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They can try and lock me up, but I'm not dying for Israel.

Zoomers are in for a ride awakening.

How is it not having a drivers license or place of residence? Or having never voted? You are required to register for selective service in order to vote, idiot.

Im 21 but im pretty sure I’d be medically exempt. If not I hope I die in a firefight and not by an IED

Posting a picture of the police does not mean anything, they have no means of enforcing a draft. This is not the 20th century anymore, although I hope they try.

just tell them it's IRL fortnite

How will zoomer incels ever recover?

>tfw 28
I am good. And even if they draft me because of a need for soldiers, I will fucking run. I ain't fighting a war for Israel.

Wars are no longer what you guys think.
There won't be US conscripts jumping out of planes into Iran.
We'll just put "security forces" in and around them

Calm down and rationalize before posting

The "enforcing" is hardly ever police showing up at the door for this. It's always ability to receive various things from the government.. like citizenship (if you're not a citizen), grants/student loans, etc.

Thank God I'm turning 34.

And what voter base are they happy to get rid of?

You and I both know no one has enough balls to take on the government

>get letter from US ZOGgerment
>"You are being drafted to die for Israel! Report immediately for processing, goy!"
>crumple up letter and shoot anyone who knocks on my door

OEF reporting in. 09-10, Konar Province. Realistically I would join back up if they asked


no role whatever in military command