Want to be a patriot, help develop the country

>want to be a patriot, help develop the country
>simultaneously hate every living soul that lives in this shithole, everyone is absolute garbage as a person and couldn't possibly live as a community
What could even do at this point?

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What kind of glorious future would Brazil even possibly have? There's nothing to fight or hope for. Just live your life and be happy you're not part of that homicide statistic, there's alot of evil in that country.

Just move to the US

Establish an ethno-dictatorship then just gas the problems away?

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You can start sucking my dick

That only works in country with a sense of community and willingness to sacrifice.
Life is shit here and everyday baits you into suicide.
Born in a poor family with no real estate, it will be a while before I can get enough money to even visit another country.


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>want to be a patriot, help develop the country
Why though?
>simultaneously hate every living soul that lives in this shithole, everyone is absolute garbage as a person and couldn't possibly live as a community
Good, take the black pill.

There have to be some huwhite brazilians tho, right? Couldn't you just do a caste system like the poos have and actually enforce it?

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the statistics about homicides in Brazil and other Latin American countries are as legit and unbiased as the statistics stating that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust

You don't get it, most people in Brazil actually feel superior to others. This wouldn't work simply because they are too self centered to think ahead 20 or 30 years. It is a lost cause and I'll die in a fucking slum.

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Enjoy the nice weather and that you have access to foreign technology and culture, and you speak English so you can escape mentally, which most huenigs can't. You're living better than most Brazillians in history and probably most Brazillians in the future.

Fuck, I really have nothing more to add. How huwhite are you? You could always swing by the Balkans or Iberian peninsula if you want to get out.

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I can barely get by. German+Portuguese mutt. Don't worry, I won't ever go to Europe because I refuse to do it as a refugee and I simply don't have the dough. I'll just hope to be born a norwegian next time.
Couldn't possibly escape mentally because I still have to work 12h a day and interact with people. I would be fine if I could live in the countryside as an outsider, but that won't happen soon.
Sure thing, buddy. I dare you to walk at night in Brazil to test it.

>Why though?
Because I'm tired of seeing trash everywhere and being afraid to walk the streets. Also can't stop feeling dread when my family is alone in the house and someone might break in and slaughter them.

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My point still stands

What point? You got shown crime statistics and simply didn't believe them. I actually live here and can confirm it: it's hell on Earth.

Take the brown pill: don't give a shit

And there are also statistics stating that six million Jews were killed in the Holocaust, and they are as legit and unbiased as the homicide statistics, not only in Brazil, but in other spic countries as well.

Those are clearly different subjects. One is happening right now and undeniable, the other not so much.

Shut up you Troll!!
Brazil is a great and modern country, even better than Germany

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>those kid's faces

I have taken a black pill relating to our country, it has failed to industrialize, our birth rates in general are falling (the population is still growing but eh) the economy seems to never actually work, the country is infested with leeches in the streets and in the government, our last hope was when the oil prices were high some ten years ago and we even failed at that when lula put so many welfare policies all of our spare money was given to some lazy fucks and now if we need to cut those spendings to not be spending more then we produce, half of the population just riots in the streets

I'm in a similar situation. I'm saving money to visit Spain. If i can integrate and manage to not be a nuisance the plan is to move, you should try the same with moortugal. You know english, this is a great advantage over your countrymen.

you will only believe in what you want to believe or, better saying, in what they want you to believe.

not to mention how shit our culture is in general, we effectively got the worse parts of every culture that migrated here with none of the upsides, besides maybe the architecture in some places

>maybe the architecture
The biggest cities are filled to the brim with commie blocks. Every good looking building built when we were ruled by the Empire was either destroyed or badly remade. Blame that cunt Oscar Niemeyer.
If you honestly believe Brazil isn't a dangerous shithole, I'm not the one delusional.
Virtually anyone knows english nowadays, doesn't really help that much.

Oscar Niemeyer thought "huh what if we make something not only look bad, look cheap and also be innefective while also being expensive" was a great idea, as Brasilia has shown us, it obviously wasnt

Just commit mass seppuku you macacos

Brazil is OP

I know that feeling, user.

If you honestly believe the statistics aren't as unbiased and legit as the Holocaust ones, I'm not the one brainwashed.

Average IQ in Monkeyzil is sandnigger-tier. What are you going to develop?

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>lula put so many welfare policies all of our spare money was given to some lazy fucks
Our president is doing the same thing right now, seem like i choose a perfect timing to leave.

i would leave but i think it would be too much hipocracy on my part, seeing as i hate immigrants flocking to better countries

Well at least your women are fine.


I kind of know this feel.

>want to be patriot, help Germany
>remember that this society fucking hates me

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I would say move here, but we don't want you, nigger.