Does anyone seriously believe the FBI would waste their time posting here? In b4

Does anyone seriously believe the FBI would waste their time posting here? In b4
>muh glowing dark
Grow up Jow Forums. We have better things to do with our time.

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>better things
Like posting this trash?

>1 post by this ID

Nice try, agent Rick.

Hi there, I'm from the GNAA. How can I help?

Yes and you faggots stand out like sore thumbs.


You would get btfo sit down limp dick

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post by this ID
>Nice try, agent Rick.
why is everyone on this site this retarded?
here. let me spell it out for you

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Yes they do waste their time here. They have to do a jew's jew job. All mutt employees have to.

Imagine being paid 1/8 of a shekel for every shitpost and bait thread you make.

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>Imagine having a (((shadow government))) that hates you and wants you dead. Oh wait.

impersonating a federal agent is a serious felony

you already know they do

that's why you posted that pic

totally not FBI here looking for a qt trap (jewish heritage prefered)

Imagine being this new

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Fucking mutts. I hope your all dead soon you fucks. lel

shut the fuck up glownigger

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You seem confused and upset, agent-man.

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ɹǝƃƃiu ʍolפ

my cat will beat your cat up

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They literally browse 8ch and expose themselves for being cringey boomers.

Lmao there’s no fbi here

TO: S.A. Thompson
MEMO: Check with the IT guys to see if they can get a faster method of changing proxies. Ask Bob if he can group proxies by country and please limit it to US and Canada addresses.

it's actually terrifying how little intellectual stock these organizations command.

fuck off and thanks for letting me know you use war face images as reply images, excellent work mulder

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way to use anti government images as a cover, fucking try harder
>originally was only gonna reply with checked but yeah


Anyone with half a fucking brain knows intelligence agencies are all over Jow Forums, specifically /pol. There are of course many reasons for this, but primarily because of the power /pol has to generate and influence culture, it scares the fuck out of the "establishment"...

Like set up Parkland

>fbi wouldn't waste time posting here
>... while posting here
Wow, I didn't believe only two-digits iqs may apply for the fbi, but here we go.

They do and it's literally in the news today

still on nupol

This is a way in which diversity initiatives work in our favor. They've got nigger monkeys and gender-confused communists LARPing as Special Agents.

>seriously believe
You're right, we don't believe, we know it.

>"originally was only gonna reply with checked"
>checking a reply commenting on what a fucking retard you are
Look at this fucking retard.

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"Why would the FBI waste their time in what they see as a right-wing extremist fingerpainting forum?"
To learn the rhetoric, calls-and-responses, and ever evolving political stances of these "extremists."
Unfortunately they don't see Jow Forums for what it is, a board of peace with just a few bad eggs. It's basically the Islam of the internet. ;)

Please stop

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U R Rarded, Agent Smith.

We legit got trump elected. They're deflecting with the russia narrative so that the feds can attack the real americans who got him elected.

Someone post the screencap showing this user being a furfag.

so i'll pretend you're not just larping as a glowie
what are you gonna get me for, saying that political ideologies are retarded? for trying to spark debate rather than follow the 'lol jews did it' narrative
fucking pathethic

>Grow up Jow Forums. We have better things to do with our time.
Haha! I have caught you! You have admitted it! The game is up!

Classic CIA pic. Stay classy.

CIA posts here.
FBI and NSA lurk here.

I'm convinced somewhere at the FBI in one of the basement levels is a X-Files-esque department tasked with investigating activity on Jow Forums. Most people assigned to it recognize it for the "we can't legally fire you for your fuckups, so we're sending you here instead" assignment that it is, but then there's that one guy, the Fox Mulder of the group who takes everything seriously and has a big corkboard up behind his desk with grainy, scanned photos of memes and screencaps with bits of string connecting them.

The truth is out there, fedfags. Keep searching.

ok, 'agent'
btw, you do know that thread was just CIA telling Jow Forums to use a new common term so that they wouldn't glow so much, right?

>can't even figure out how posts work
Why would I bother?
You dumb nigger.

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Yes, look at the two shootings in the USA. Parkland where they visited the guy a dozen times and that shooting in Texas at the draw Muhammad contest where they took pictures of the guy doing it (think they were sued for this). Obviously a false flag

Fuck off man

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t. FBI

Anyway, you guys absolutely suck and are transparent as fuck at this. Hire me and I will help you. I have been here for 13 years, all boards, started on /b/. I unironically started the Bane memes on /tv/.

I will explain everything to you because I know everything that goes on here. Memes are easy. I can instruct your agents to blend in flawlessly, how to post, when to post, which memes to post, etc.

10k USD per month and I will betray Jow Forums. Contact me asap, niggers. Ask hiroshimoot for my IP.

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Hahahahahahahahahahahaha. Please go on tinkerbell.

eight chan is a fed honeytrap but Jow Forums is not

You have to be lobotomized to be FBI. Lest you start thinking dangerous thoughts. That's why they suck so much at this.

ooooh big government man uses naughty word so he can feel powerful and escape the reality where he's just another desk dweller like the rest of them
>ok retard

I'll just be a "third party hired in an advisory role".


Bring back schizoposting, Mr. Lawman.

Getting hit by a car is more important?

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well you missed your get and your vpn isn't very good, boomer.

That's cute, especially considering Jow Forums runs the memes now.

Comey will go to prison. Pedos will be exposed. Straight up autism is the new FBI.

I'm not saying they don't but is there any actual evidence that isn't pure speculation

I just pictured that and couldnt stop smikring. Imagine what they have to go through during discord tranny raids. Trannies piss into the ocean of piss, glownig has now double the litters of piss to swim through

do you know the difference between shitposting and schizoposting?
one of them pretends to be sincere, the other is blatant.

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Well they’re no different than Mossad.

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You’re a boomer.

Again, look at this fucking retard and laugh.
>throws random board insults around and keeps yammering on about "gets"
I guess they didn't prep you very well for this assignment.

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Newfag can’t into saving images.

yeah because of the number of times incels tried to change the world with fake heroic...they mostly lurk moar

That makes no fucking sense, nigger.

you have any more of these, user?

>Glownigger thinks I meant shitposting
I know the schizoposts were you all, bring them back, they’re funny.


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as if trying your hardest to seem like a supremacist is any less obvious

10/10 slide thread
fucking boomers and retards

Of course (((they))) post here. Its not money the people in power are after. Its your mind. All they do is psychological warfare to control your mind. The people in power are like machines in the matrix feeding off human mind and energy

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A what now?
I thought you thought i was a fed.
Get your autism sorted out you stupid shitstabbing homo.

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Not right now since I’m phoneposting while away from my PC at home. Sorry, potato user.

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They were here before 2016 desu.

its amazing how retarded our govt agencies are

>Glownigger thinks I meant shitposting
mission accomplished

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How much of the stuff here is just shilling. What is true and what isn't. Where will the truth go when this place becomes unusable.

They are the products of our universities.

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Thats just an act. Deception. Givernment agencies are insanely good at spying on you

>"The stories and information posted here are artistic works of fiction and falsehood.
Only a fool would take anything posted here as fact."

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Half the shills will run away in tears while the rest will either leave redpilled or straight up stay and join us. Pissing in an ocean of piss.

no they arent, corporations are selling the data they collect to the agencies

Dear FBI:

Keep up the good work.

The world needs to be safe from assholes like Tarrant and those who worship that scum.


Concerned Citizen

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if they do post here,,
1 or 2 months later they are just shitposting and fapping to ponies like everyone else

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last post, but just so you know
>calling op a fag doesn't make you one of us
>always posting pics in replies doesn't make you one of us
>trying your hardest to seem like one of us doesnt make you one of us
and btw, anyone who takes anything on this board seriously is retarded. chikin wang

and yet the thread has 85 replies and OP, in fact, only posted once.

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Pic related
>"last post"
Doubt [X].tiff

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>Where will the truth go when this place becomes unusable.
user, I...
Now this is copeposting.

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PS: FUCK Vladimir Putin.

>95% of posters ITT don't recognize the significance of that cat
sad state of affairs

Cat posters are Cia niggers
Nice try glow faggot better get your boys out of iran