So 8Ch@n was a FBI honeypot?

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So they busted all their frens?

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Ay Caramba

eightchins is based out of Reno? Lolz.

was hotwheels a special agent?

Anything posted to the internet is sugary, son. The keyboard is drenched in honey.

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Nevada is a mecha for clandestine intelligence, pleb.

Masonchan was a sting from the beginning. Hue hue.
Funny as how the (((system))) is so retarded, it makes stories up and then hunts for shekels. Just like in clown/jewworld.

Newsflash. All your shit aint real. You cant win. We do.

Agent Pampers.

So since tarrant was from 8 then tarrant must be a fed????

Genuinely want to know

> sitting on double diamond Pkwy at my office shitposting as always
> read this post





possibly, dude spent a lot of time in the ME and general traveling. I'd be surprised if he wasnt

Source is in ops image. See the URL under "Glownigger status".

It was even more censored and repetitive than this Armenian Face Slapping Contest board.

Anyone who posted in that thread needs to lawyer up ASAP.

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page 29 of affidavit


find: 8f4812

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Noted. I drive past that building every morning. It's a corporate services company who provides registered agent filings, i.e. you can use their address as an address to get a Nevada domestic business license. I don't understand what the feds are doing trying to serve a search warrant on a registered agent. It's like getting a search warrant on a suspect's lawyer's office instead of the suspect's home. ???

Not to mention this dumbfuckery where they forgot to redact the (You)s, showing that the EVIDENCE FOR THE WARRANT was actually posted by glowies.

Honestly, what the dick is going on?

This is absolute tomfoolery. What are they doing?

Sloppy job Mossad!

Yeah, posting comments on the internet is illegal.


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Sloppy job putin dick


what does any of this mean

everything you post here, or anywhere will be public knowledge and available to employers soon. tech companies have already sold the idea of a china style social credit system to the state

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Interesting. Anons ability to dissect and get to the bottom of shit must fill them with jealous envy. They lose even when they cheat

>it's real

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So everyone who posted in the thread is now subject to a warrant? Am I reading this correctly?

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reno is well known as a glownigger city.

so lemme get it straight, this is what a glow nigger sounds like?

If they want to pin a crime on somebody they'll find or fabricate one. Everyone in that thread is officially is in their sights.

Does this means 2ch/5ch is compromised too?

You should probably assume so.

Remember when you see a glownigger run them over. It's easy they glow in the dark.

2ch is Japanese. They give 0 fucks. I know "M"chan and Anonib got shut down but I'd be willing to bet they are unaware of more obscure chans.

Well the feds wanted you to blame Russia for his copycat so make of that what you will. Not that you will because you are genuinely retarded, but have a go at it you disgusting limey freak.

The only normal non-police dudes left as soon as the honeypot dudes started suggesting violence. Good on them.

Always assume that people that suggest illegal activities and violence in militias and "far right" groups are cops.

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I still think you retards are looking at the wrong user ID in the thread instead of the linked post which carries the you.

Arrested for wrongthink amerilards. Land of the free btw

Fucking classic and hilarious

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He was either a fed, or a person stupid enough to get brainwashed into killing on behalf of the feds.

Infinitychan is a CIA/MOSSAD honeypot.

Breivik was known to post there. So was Tarrant.

They were both pro-zionist, or at least not anti-zionist.

Essentially, they kill mudslimes on behalf of kikes.

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My social credit is great. My online credit is gonna be kind of low. Im like Mr. Anderson.

Oh sayy can you seee....

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What if they're advocating violins in minecraft?

2ch and 8gag belong to Watkins, i have seen some pro immigration propaganda in 2ch but i always assumed it was korean trolls


I KNEW IT ALL ALONG. so glad I didn't migrate to that shit hole Jow Forums rules all.


To be fair Jow Forums has always openly cooperated with feds and local authorities. Moots testimony over the Sarah Palin email hack was lulzy as fuck.

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We must populate wizardchan. It's the only way

Is that a sub Reddit or something?

Absolutely hilarious. Oldfags remember this. The most ridiculous thing about it was that this was a HOTMAIL EXPLOIT that was bumbling around in the wild. The person who got caught just happened to use it on Sarah Palin's personal hotmail account. You would think Microsoft would be the ones in trouble for making an email system where you could literally change one of the querystring parameters in the URL and read their email, but NO, it's the guy who used it and posted screencaps of her emails. Christ.

Just migrating to another website fuck that. I've been spouting stalinist bullshit and participating in happening threads for so long I don't even remember. I JUST WANT A JOB OFFER FOR FBI ALREADY.

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imagine using a chan funded by the FBI, and fronted by a fucking blue pilled cripple faggot. is the final solution to all of our chan problems.

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Your (((logo))) sux

Woah thanks for the new chan mr fbi

Sounds like a charity to help coloured people. Thanks but no thanks.

A fucking (((cube)))

>tries to cover his glow from leaking with "cool sunglasses" but the rest of the body is glowing
Dude, i used to do this in elementary school, nobody will jump in if you shill this way

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>when you "fight online extremism" by radicalizing people

Reminder the FBI is considered a legitimate LEO org despite limiting agent actively to gaslighting and entrapment.

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>cripplechan was a honeypot all along.
>They probably saved everything posted there for research purposes.
>Mfw now know that there's furry porn I drew archived on gov servers for decades to come.

My work will never ever be forgotten even if the mainstream internet goes down.

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fuck Clinton and fuck the CiA!

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Isn't that cripple fuck a jew or property of a jew? I know there is some Jewry going on with him.

Yeah he worked for a Chabad dude then Jim stole 8 chan from him, something with flip hookers and underage IIRC.

8 Chan is no longer owned by a kike or the crippled faggot?

literally mossad

To all CSIS/RCMP/NSA/CIA/FBI/MOSSAD who are reading this thread,

Any post ever associated with an IP I have or have had was entirely satire and/or a prank as I am working out my psychological problems. I have never supported violence. I have always supported the right to life for all peoples and creeds. I will never post on Jow Forums or 8ch again.

I'd also like to remind all law enforcement viewing this thread, that most of the posts on Jow Forums are not satire (you can verify post history by searching on GCHQ's Tempora system, which is easily accessible by Five Eyes' intelligence agencies).

My post history is satire but several Jow Forumsfags (not me) have called for assassinating politicians, such as shooting 2016 US presidential candidates and murdering Republican senators who wouldn't vote to confirm US Justice Kavanaugh. This board is the equivalent of an ISIS propaganda site. I suggest investigating those Jow Forumstards.

I will now become a productive member of our multicultural, pluralistic society and work to erase bigotry and hate.

I am so ashamed and I am so so sorry.

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We heard you the first time, leaf. Holy shit canadians really are remedial.

user they thought they were going to get their Great Public Shaming like the Chinks did. That's the whole point of all the captchas.

Just use the audio captcha and type nigger for the second word

No it's owned by some glownigger named Jim who worked for Level 3 Communications before this gig.



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>eightchins is based out of Reno?
No, it's unironically mil.

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So what are some examples of glownigger cities?

>"If ignorant of the almighty
Time Cube Creation Truth,
you deserve to be [kissed].
[Kissing] you is not immoral -
but justified to save life on
Earth for future generations. "

But what does it mean?

kek, feds are newfags.

Time for 8+1chan


Nigger, how new are you?

something about how he was basically paid slavewages due to his employer also being his landlord or something. cant remember

And it was a chabad house...


it's a cryptocurrency scam you retard
no alphabet agency, just discord mongs who got fleeced on a ponzi scam called p3d and are trying to create their own to recoup their losses

8ch was shit anyway. Especially the layout of the site. It sucked.


Makes you wonder about how many posts here are from glowies too.

Ok. I remember when he wanted his site to be the last free speech left on the internet. "Come over to my site and I won't censor anything you say" ...

Tarrant is an Irani

The one's talking about Putin's dick for sure at least kek

i went there and made good topics, like about shutting down copyrights and they would immediately ban it. any time i made a good topic.
everyone would talk on it like how that fbinigger did, always some of that oathkeeper type shit but not real like good ones, more like the usueless assholes that like most of them were

so they're the ones who took down the Federal Reserve Act link on
now that makes sense

hookers and spooks, and ne'r can anyone tell which

Whatever he was, he did his nation well. Shame that NZ is letting the twat in office take their weapons over that act of national defense.
>hey guys, this group literally believes that a book that teaches them to lie to your face and kill you with assassinations is holy, and those acts are ways of getting bonus points in heaven,
We should let more of those types in, what do you say??

I trust this guy

I imagine 75 percent of the posts here are from them. I spend my day entertaining turds like me and talking shit to people well above my pay grade.

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>FBI baits incels in killing people so the jews can advance with their control of the web with the excuse that the internet is filled with "dangerous content that radicalizes rootless white males"

I really wish we had the COINTELPRO and the shilling tactis stickied at the top but nobody will read it

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You’re not fooling anyone

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The website didn't even exist back when ABB was doing his thing.
Fake news.