Why do the political left and the political right hate centrists so much?

Why do the political left and the political right hate centrists so much?
Do you guys not like reason and understanding?

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There have already been too many retreats, too many compromises.

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This far! No Further!

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Because the more extreme that the sides get the more that centrist try to stand neutral, making them further away from both.

It's like being an agnostic. You can't say you're an agnostic over EVERY religion, you're an agnostic of a certain religion. You might not hold all of the values true of that religion, but you would be considered either just 'unorthodox' or a 'moderate' but you believe in that religion, you just don't have the balls to OWN UP to those convictions.

centrists have no real opinions, they just want to maintain the status quo

Centrism isn't about getting either side to the table.
It's about leaving the table altogether.

Centrists have strong opinions on how much they can suck off corporate and globohomo cock

Jow Forums can only think in extremes, just like most stupid people. an opinion that isn't either white or black scares them

Worse yet, if one side grows more extreme and not the other than as a centrist you will be swayed more to the extreme while still claiming falsely you're not a part of them. At this point you look like a shill or a baiter.

We all have reason and understanding and we might not agree on everything, but fundamentally there's either the view you serve society, or society serves you. It's either the short term or the long term. There's' no medium term goals or temporary goals.

To say that you're trying to compromise with the KKK for example would make you a KKK apologist. There's no coincidence that maybe some blacks are nigger that need to be purged, but some are ok in my books. You're either are or are not a racist.

There's no center compromise to this.

>centrists have no real opinions, they just want to maintain the status quo
That's a fence sitter. A centrist is someone who believes in certain things from both sides.

>Centrism isn't about getting either side to the table.
>It's about leaving the table altogether.
This is just retarded and untrue. The left and the right are the ones leaving the table centrists are the ones waiting for you to stop crying, sit down and talk about things.

>centrist try to stand neutral
No, centrists believe things from both sides. Abortion for example: A centrist might say I believe it's wrong but under certain circumstances a woman should be able to get an abortion.

so all the left needs to do is paint the entire right as group who want to inflict physical harm on the others (a preposterous claim) and then they can argue that compromise is not an option?
sounds legit

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Muh Centrists. You don't know what the fuck your talking about you fucking slave of the jew.

the Tim Pool and Dave Rubin type "centrists" are just reactionary grifters feigning ignorance of their blatant right-wing leanings.
and as for why white nationalists hate them, they'll probably inform you in replies to this.

The issue is that in multicultural societies, different races fight for both power and resources.

You cannot break identity politics with altruism and nice words. We are too far gone now.

The klan hasn't been a mainstream political movement for nearly a fucking century. What fantasy realm do these retards inhabit?

>an opinion that isn't either white or black scares them
Now im waiting for a Based Jap to reply

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centrism cant exist in US, the country has become way too divided

>A centrist is someone who believes in certain things from both sides.
Pointless definition. Nobody believes 100% of what “their side” believes, to the extent that can even be defined. I believe the government should get the fuck out of my and everyone else’s life, so I’m a conservative. Do I agree with everything that falls under the “conservative” umbrella? No, not at all. But it’s the foundation that matters.

Planting your opinion squarely in the middle of the overton window doesn't make you a centrist, it makes you a conformist. If you are a centrist is just means that your views are constantly adjusting towards the center of acceptable conversational topics. To be a centrist for any length of time simply means that you are completely lacking the conviction that people who are further right or left have, because if you believed in anything your views would slowly shift towards and eventually end up outside the acceptable range of views.

having no conviction does not make you intelligent

>Tim Pool and Dave Rubin type "centrists" are just reactionary grifters feigning ignorance of their blatant right-wing leanings.
Being pro free speech and anti SJW isn't right wing and that's what I see tim talk about most. Also, leftists hate centrists just as much as the far right, as if politics is a game.


Centrist = hurr durr obviously 1+1=3

>No, not at all. But it’s the foundation that matters.
It's not a pointless defintion at all. You'd identify as conservative because you believe most things conservatives believe, you don't have to believe all things. A centrist has a natural balance and tendancy to believe things from both sides and it doesn't have to be a perfect 50/50 split it can be 60/40 or 55/45.

>If you are a centrist is just means that your views are constantly adjusting towards the center of acceptable conversational topics.

I can accept this definition too.

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Although not me. I'm a RWE and think anyone who can afford backyard nukes should have them

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>is inherently reactionary tho
Who said anyone was freaking out. Being against something doesn't mean they're freaking out. They're simply talking about it. Freaking out is when I dress in all black and start punching bald people in the street claiming them to be nazis because they have a red hat on.

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There is nothing about reason and understanding, there is power, people who hold power and people who want power.

The centrism today is liberalism ideology. Its called "center" because all ideological positions use the dominant ideology as reference. Liberalism would be considered extremism before the french revolution, yet now extremism is defined in relation to the liberal status quo.

Both far-left and far-right positions are incompatible with liberalism. The "left" and "right" positions accepted by the liberal center are those that do not threaten the established status quo.

The enlightened sections of far-left/far-right understand they can only acquire power through revolution/violence. No real political or social change has ever been achieved through democratic means.

let me explain myself this way; My father was what would have been considered pretty liberal in the late seventies and early eighties. Over time, Despite the fact that his views have remained the same, the overton window has slowly shifted left. His ideas (which used to be considered very liberal) haven't changed, but the public's perception of them has; his ideas now fall much further right on the overton window than they did several decades ago!

It is this sequence that leads me to believe that there is nothing commendable about centrism. Either you are a political prostitute, blindly changing your beliefs to remain in the socially acceptable middle of the Overton window, or you are a person of significant conviction in their ideas. In the case of the second, you may start as a centrist, but will eventually slide to the outside of the window and find yourself labeled quite differently than you had idealized.

that's a terrible graph, 99% of republicans would want NO gun control, by appeasing to it you are essentially a weak left side

He who rideth the fence shall get wood inside his ass, and that maketh him gay.

You turn the possibility of a swift, liberating pain into a stillicide of words, words, words and guilt tripping whenever someone makes a move in their own interest.
All of this while actual agendas that centrist faggots fail, or wish not to see, proceed unchecked while politics remain trapped in that endless, useless game of dichotomies, rhetoric and sophistry.

Every day and hour wasted on this bullshit pushes me further into the desire to TREAD ON THEM

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The right hate centrists because they enable evil.
The left hate centrists because they don't embrace evil entirely.

There is no compromise with leftist, they are servants of absolute cosmic evil.

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>a moderate amount of gun control
wow, that's completely meaningless!!

The KKK did nothing wrong. I don't get what that pic is trying to imply.

>Do you guys not like reason and understanding?
why does your mom suck so much cock?

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because when you give a lefty an inch, they'll take a mile
>women's suffrage turns into roasties and fake rape hoaxes
>gay marriage turns into trannies/pedos
>global warming/other weather related buzzword turns into "carbon tax"
>civil rights movement turns into black president that tries to destroy the country

national socialism is a centrist position.

>why does your mom suck so much cock?
>a literal fucking leaf

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independents have the highest IQ
It's jealousy

I don't give a damn what the phrase "freak out" means to you, dumbass.
I'm just saying that the two of them hold reactionary stances on these issues, putting them in the same camp as right-wingers.

>Either you are a political prostitute, blindly changing your beliefs to remain in the socially acceptable middle of the Overton window
If I'm being honest I don't care about much outside of economics in politics, free speech and social justice and because I preach for free speech and against social justice I'm seen as right wing most of the time.

"Centrists" are the new right, as the old right has pushed into extremist territory, the GOP is a terrorist organization

Neither extremist side is willing to compromise, because the other one is not willing to compromise

and for the record, the left is fine with centrists, it's just racist sexist homophobic transphobic bigoted assholes we don't like

why does she? did she get bored pegging your dad in the ass?

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I wish that was true, GOP is full of cuckolds.

Compromise that undermines the very foundations of your country, isn't compromise. I mean, it's great and all to play mediator but only if you're going to be objective and neutral. That doesn't happen and people constantly inject subjectivity into what could be, productive objective dialogues. Powers outside the US influence that subjectivity too, so you're swimming against the current always.

>seen as right wing most of the time.

now you're starting to get it.

by who? amoral, dying, souless corporate nobodies making re-release after re-release of past media? all to capitalize on a new market that is so "oppressed" they can't find joy in anything anyway?
shit companies doing shit things for shit people.

Now look at who's being reactionary.

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Third Position, not centrist. Their view—and the view of other fascists—is that there’s a position outside of capitalism and communism.

Far right sees moderates as people willing to let civilization degenerate as long as it's slow enough to not happen in the moderates' lifetime.
Far left sees moderates as complacent in the dehumanization of the oppressed as long as an "I got mine" mentality is fulfilled.

t. doesn't know what "reactionary" means

The political right ARE centrists.
Faggot libtards just keep moving the goalposts.

Time to move them the other way.

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>me no have opinions so me right!!1!1

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In fact, there are much more than even three positions, and divisions within those positions. So I agree that the term “centrist” is dumb. People don’t want to do the hard work of finding the ideology that believe in and saying they believe in it.

>El salvador
I'd reply but I'd dont engage with animals.

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Anyone got the version of this meme with the guy offering free bats?

Agnosticism is the theological stance of the belief in the nature of A God and not A religion you maple muppet

Political Centrism is in no way comparable

I get it you man dont engage in discourse with fascists

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Quark did it better.

I agree.

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I don’t think the right hates centrists. The commie left hates anyone who isn’t an sjw

If you no longer believe compromise is possible or desirable, you just need numbers. Fence-sitters, therefore, should be forced off the fence and onto your side for when the conflict finally breaks out.

Jow Forums is a centrist board though. And a board of peace. After all the "holocaust" did happen but it's incredibly over exaggerated in death toll and Jews do lie a lot, everyone knows that. That's not an extreme position.

anyone with a scrap of Reason and Understanding who is exposed to the facts becomes Far-Right, not a centrist.

No. Fuck the federation. SEIG ZEON!


"Pick sides!"

segregation was the compromise.

Compromise is a bad thing. What kind of compromise can there be between such polarized positions as 'I want to take your guns/I want to keep my guns' that doesn't leave one side winning a little bit and the other losing a little bit and both sides resenting that they didn't get it their own way?

Unironically this is centrism

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Compromise are for those who cannot land a definitive strike.

You know that jpg is mocking centrist right.

ITT: Retards that think they know what centrism is

Because both sides take issues too far in order to gain political power, the more polar the people are, the less political crossover you will have. Without making a firm stance on one side or another your opinion is worthless because extreme voices has a farther range and stronger public appeal. Being a centralist is basically voting third party, you are wasting your vote.

On the Left, marijuana wasn't even legal yet in California and people were already trying to legalize psychedelics, Trump says more border security and the left who were just fine with our immigration system now say 'NO BORDERS', people start talking about sexual freedom and immediately some are pushing for pedophilia to be considered normal.

On the Right you have gun control, global warming and anti-lgbt and other outdated practices that have obvious problems in today's culture and instead of trying to find a solution to them, they are simply dismissed.

>TL:DR stop being a bitch and stand up for what you believe in.

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That's a bit reductive, but it does. Just the same that you have a belief in God, you believe in God, just like an Agnostic still believes in God. Just like a centrist that thinks that a compromise between be made with people that don't believe freedoms are for everyone, you can't say you're compatible with the left, you favour the right.

Centrist as a part of the right, as much as agnostics are part of the thesis. There's no compromise with the truth. You're just debating on your own personal beliefs than that of a party.

There's no liberal or egalitarian that thinks only some people deserve equal freedoms. All animals are equal but some are more equal???

>Compromise with people who want no borders, kids cutting their dicks off, and want communism in the USA
How about no?

>Being pro free speech and anti SJW isn't right wing and that's what I see tim talk about most.
That would be true if he didn't constantly bash any remotely left-wing figure.

Your pic shows why, the right are all represented as KKK members where as the left are represented as normal people. Majority of centrists are leftists posing as centrists.

Is Centrism the same as having mixed opinions?