Is this what election night 2016 was really like?

Is this what election night 2016 was really like?

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>muh nostalgia


I sure hope so because it was all downhill from there

It was more like the Chappelle skit

well i wasnt humping my tv
and i was with friends
i was pretty happy about it
1 guy was really pissed off like the cuck he is
and the rest thought it was pretty funny

It's an exaggeration for sure, not like liberal really cared about it outside of posting on twitter about how sad they were.

It was better. The writers at FX have no idea how awesome it was, since they were stuck at the Hillary defeat parties.


Not really. I think most people went to bed. The media delayed announcing his win until the early morning hours to rob Trump of a large audience for his victory party. And most reporters just cleared out to go hide and/or cry after the announcement. Milo's footage is pretty telling.

When I saw Infowars call it for Trump I went to bed. I woke up the next day to a world filled with zombies. They were all in denial, and lashing out viciously at anybody they thought they could blame. I've never had so many people bitch me out and unfriend me on Facebook in my life. It was actually at this point that I deleted my "real" Facebook profile, and deleted all of my "real" social media accounts. I knew what was coming.

It was magical, a truly electric experience. My pals lined up to admit that I was right all along and my family has since held my political opinions with a greater esteem. Don’t know if we’ll ever have such a high again but I’ll always remember.

>look at our friends on the couch and tell them that they might lose their rights as a married couple because you were too busy on etsy today to go VOTE

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American Comedy Story

holy shit facebook was so miserable the next day

I fell asleep watching Trump's electoral votes catch up but still pretty certain that bitch would win and we would all suffer. Woke up, opened my phone, saw the final count.
>"No. Fucking. Way."
Good times. Went to work, coworkers are bitching and moaning. The world was different that morning.


lost 4 friends of 25 years because I said I'm happy avoiding war with Russia and not voting for an unindicted felon. cancelled email accounts and haven't talked to these four "friends" since, feels bad man.

For me it was

It was more like this

God damn it, you beat me to it.

I remember it like it was 951 days ago

I was a freshman in college and literally the only person on my floor who voted Trump, I was smug as fuck for like 2 weeks

Pretty close to what it was like for me.

You can tell this was written by SNL writers and not Chapelle. Utterly devoid of humour.

I stayed up all night shitposting and watching a CNN livefeed. Comfytimes

>feels bad man
Bro, think about it. Obviously I'm speculating, but they're probably massive fucking faggots who are A-okay with unchecked migration and funneling billions to third world shitholes. Taking care of literally fucking EVERYONE but our own. I'm sorry you invested a collective 100yrs into those people, but if you're honest with yourself, you're probably better off. If they wanna trash decades of friendship because MUH ERNGE MAN BAAAHHAAD, fuck them.

I avoided watching it with other people, as I was pretty sure Trump would win based on the amount of crowds he pulled everywhere. Had 5 different streams up, but favorite was TYT. When Florida flipped red for the last time, I knew it was over and that Trump actually pulled it off. Most people that I knew were devastated, but I was highly amused. Knew it meant nothing, as both parties are out to fuck us over, but still fun to watch the Dems get a reality check.

thanks user, you're right but damn it takes awhile to get over it. getting easier every month. luckily I still have 2 friends left who were not totally pissed about trump. If I ever see any of these people again I'm going to go scorched earth on them.

It was. It was magical. Seen the establishment slowly seen reality dawn upon them. State by state.
Then reality came for us too and in the last 3 years we have learned there is no difference who is the president of the strongest military force in history is nothing more than cardboard cut figure.

Stop fagging around usa.

Probably for many.
I was at work though.

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I just sat on my couch dumbstruck for like two hours.
Didn't even crack a smile until I came here and heard the song.

for me, yes

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I don't know. I was at a house party eating chicken wings with my college friends. Funny enough, the guy who hosted the party was more of a friend of a friend and thought/hoped Hillary would win. He took it pretty well.

I'm not so sure. I don't watch SNL, but from what I've gathered they lack the self-awareness to do a skit like that.

It was glorious. Us west-coasties stuck in libtarded shithole commiefornia had the sublime pleasure of coming home from work just in time for the real shitshow to begin. We cracked open the finest bourbon and toasted most vociferously when poor Vannie Johnson made his infamous 'whitelash' comment. What a grand day.

Of course since then Zion Don has been nothing but a disappointment, and the satanic illuminati banksters continue to win, so there's that.

>Of course since then Zion Don has been nothing but a disappointment, and the satanic illuminati banksters continue to win, so there's that.
I wouldn't go that far. There's a reason (((they)))'re running a 24/7 smear campaign against him. (((Their))) time is running out and Trump's bobbing and weaving. The longer they don't have a full blown Shabbos goy in the in the oval office, the legislative procedures to prevent the goyim from waking up are effectively halted.

I wanna go back... Why did Trump end up being the biggest kike?

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If that's true, why are
>(((they))) running a 24/7 smear campaign against him

The US President either boosts the Jews here, or the Jews there. The only silver lining being that at least the Jews over there serve as an example of what we need to be doing. That's my cope.

Because they need to continue the anti-white hate narrative. If Trump was really our guy he wouldn't have vetoed e-verify. Now there will never be a Republican president ever again.

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He's helping both sides though friend. Sorry to inform you but the kikes all have the same objective. Whites will be replaced no matter what. Trump was probably one of our last hopes. Since he turned out to be a shill the only chance we have left is day of the rope.

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I know.

>Because they need to continue the anti-white hate narrative
So the idea is no carrot all stick for the president who you considered an existential threat before? Are you sure you've thought this through?

I never once considered him a threat. During his election, he promised to build a wall and stop immigration into the country. You do remember his original "America First" promises right? You're both kike shills and it doesn't matter what either of you niggers says now because we know your slimy tactics.

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>I never once considered him a threat
I see you're functionally illiterate to the point where you can't understand context clues. Considering what I quoted, are you continuing the anti-white hate, i.e. are YOU the one giving the stick to the POTUS?

Fucking monolingual idiot.

And yeah, Finland has 1 Jew per 5000 humans, so your argument about me being a kike shill makes perfect sense.

Wow, are you feeling okay Schlomo? Did you forget to take your schizo medication again? Pretty much everything your writing is incomprehensible. Am I giving a stick to Trump? What are you even talking about kike?

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>bitch at my work the day before "you know hes not gonna win, right?"
>my face the next day

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That show also mentioned Jow Forums.

Jesus fucking christ you are one cringey insufferable retard

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It is time to stop posting.

How do you like the taste of Trump's Jewish Dick boomer?

>Please stop insulting Trump! It doesn't matter that he's selling out the white race to jews
Sure thing Mr. Goldstien

It was a salty night.

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>noone posting NEVER COME DOWN
How new are you people?

we got a U.S president elected.

think about it guys.
our little cambodian basket weaving forum changed world history for milleniums.

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I count myself lucky in not losing any family, but the loss of friends was unreal. I gravitate toward the arts and nerd culture in general, so most of my good friends were artists/nerds. We never agreed on politics, so we had agreed to disagree. Boy did that change. I lost a good friend that I trusted with my life. I lost a friend I’d had since second grade. I lost many high school friends. I had other artist friends dump me and essentially black list me from future work. I was told I wanted to execute all Muslims and put all Mexicans in concentration camps. I was told my vote was literally going to get women murdered. I was told I hated gays and wanted them all sent to re-education camps. And on and on. At first I was crushed and confused. I felt so betrayed, abandoned, and I though the world had gone mad. I’m a VERY different person than I was in 2016. I do not associate with lefties, at all. You absolutely cannot trust any of these people, not a single one of them. None of my conservative friends or middle of the road folks treated me like this. The first thing I do now is sniff out a person’s politics before letting them get to know anything about me at all. I maintain no social media. I keep my politics to myself. It’s such a different world now.

>Is this what election night 2016 was really like?
If you were an emotionally retarded liberalwhos very exostence hinged upon a man winnig a 4 yr term in office...HAHAHAHAHA fucking shitstain liberal retards HAHAHAH


2020 will be even better when POTUS WINS AGAIN!!

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Talking about the classics, here's one that still cracks me up every time

MY NIGGA! Can't wait to do this again in 2020

>not like liberal really cared about it
youre kidding yourelf if thats what you think
it wrecked their lives
they are still crying about it today
they are still protesting
they have tried EVERYTHING under the sun to hurt him and its bounced off...

We really did. And the entire Internet is being forced to pay for it now. It’s a shame our congress does nothing about big tech censorship. Trump might actually lose 2020 between letting the censorship continue and the hoards of illegals invading our country.

All of Jow Forums was in unilateral celebration for days. Worthless libshits were, as always, as they are now, crying about fucking everything. Pretty sure a few at my uni killed themselves over it. Fucking savored every single tear from those faggots and will not stop until more off themselves.

This thread is FBI by the way.

rate my election night snacks.

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Still makes me so happy whenever I listen to that song, even the leftists here were salty in real life.
It was a glorious week.

If you weren't a worthless piece of crybaby shit you would be crying like a gagging bitch. Bad for you, better for everyone else. Please stick a gun in your mouth.

>thinking social media wasn't an alphabet soup agency ploy to begin with

You know the existed years before the one we all know about, right? It had the exact same backstory posted on it too. I'm not kidding.
is your friend.

I specifically watched them when I realized Trump had a chance and their meltdown was EPIC

>This thread is FBI by the way.
dis trreed isth fuhbeeuhiuh by ta way...derrrrr herrr

Pretty awesome night to be honest.

>Rachel Madow is the only one I trust.

LOL I forgot about this.

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did we ever find out what happened to her?

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It's more of a soft representation of how progressives reacted

I was using Facebook primarily for networking and getting work. Then “friends” started adding me and the headaches began. Facebook had pretty much become more trouble than it was worth. I realized how little actual work I was picking up through Facebook, and quickly realized it would quickly become a liability if I shared any content that would offend anybody, which is pretty much EVERYTHING these days.. So, I nuked it. And I nuked everything else. Twitter, Pinterest, etc. Poof.

>tfw you really believed things would change on election night

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That's what it was like for me. My friend's Mexican neighbors came over crying too. It was great.

I was playing The Division with a packed teamspeak server that was all following the election.
There was a single hilldawg on the server that was a fucking brony, who we only tolerated because he was a good player and it was fun to make fun of him.
That was a fun night, lot of laughs.

i don't give a fuck how sappy or queer it sounds, that night was fucking amazing and i'll remember it to the day i die. the banter was honestly the best probably ever on this simple basket weaving forum has ever seen, the TYT threads especially had me almost hurting myself from laughing so much. i STILL chuckle remember threads from that night these 3 years later. so to all the glorious veterans of the memetic warfare divisions... thank you for that night. o7

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lol babbys first election

>tfw also fell for Obama's hope and change script
I've been a pawn of (((them))) since as long as can remember
I've been such a predictable goy having me hate Trump now was probably all part of the plan so I don't vote and they can finally put in their communist democrat of choice

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So unnatural.

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oh yeah, we're just getting started on this whole authoritarian liberal backlash. it's like all those years of repressed aggression from people who have to "oppose hate" came gushing forth after the election

went home to her two black bulls and got fucked in both holes

easy there, mr.badass. i voted trump, i was referring to the bellyaching the filled up my feed

When you think about it, it doesn't make sense logically.
>the government is controlled by the swamp and are going to just let someone they don't like win
It's like, either they control it or don't, and if they did they would never actually let someone who stands against them win. It's like women constantly bitching about the patriarchy without realizing that if the patriarchy was real, they wouldn't be able to bitch about it in the first place; except in this case, the corrupted government isn't a fantasy.

Mixing all of that sugar and booze will fuck up your stomach.

Could you imagine what would've happened if Hillary actually won?
We'd have WWIII with Russia right now at the least

>Nope pic related
Pretty much me on election night. Every Liberal I knew was more or less like that though. Heard a neighbor (loud from New Jersey) complaining about it and bitched about it for a few days still does too.

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3/10 at least make some dip, or something.

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That was a smart move. It has turned out Faceberg is literally nothing short of a crow-funded service where people create their own dossiers for the intelligence community, plus now there's a random social media outrage/liferuin component. It's supposed to form a psychological hook on you to keep you coming back for more, I'm glad to hear some are immune to it.

I never got into it in the first place - in fact - it was 12 years ago when I said I'd refuse to do free intel work for the CIA. People looked at me weird back then, needless to say they don't anymore.

My god, 3 years later and still coping.

I think I lost at least 100 Facebook friends during the 2016 election, fucking awesome, the salt flowed like never before, it was great, now everyone knows where the battle lines are drawn and who stands where.

It's all just phd tier psyops. The top levels of the govt/army are filled with some extremely, extremely smart individuals who are not only motivated and incentivized but given all the tools and resources they need
there is no 'beating' them at their own game.

As autistic as this whole big joke is the guys reaction was more normal then the other people bursting into tears.