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So the (((agenda))) of Trump's apotheosis is important, huh?



I feel like this is a jewish troll.
I'm on to you kikes.

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The second coming is upon us. Repent now.

Also they're both Jews

in which timeline did Jesus fight political correctness?

Just love it when people put in the effort to make these things. It's so much faster to align a meme with reality than create it from scratch.

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Jesus threw out the Jew money lenders you stupid faggot.
Don't ever compare this traitor Trump with our Lord and Savior.

Sure he did. How do you explain jews ending up on top economically in every cuckstian country if that was the case?

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>Nobility from the Holy Roman Empire (cuckstian)

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Trump couldn't even name a bible verse or tell the difference between the old and new testament when asked in an interview.

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>How do you explain jews ending up on top economically in every cuckstian country if that was the case?
Because Jesus was executed you stupid faggot.

Trump is a sexually degenerate retard who supplies muslim extremists weapons to target christians. He also sucks zionist cock. In what ways is he like Jesus retard?

Whiter than you, Muhammad doesn't even apply here: the prophet Muhammad was probably unironically whiter than jesus.
>bible: jesus has skin like copper
>quran: muhammad has skin pale like paper

Trump is definitely a Christ figure. He gets piled on as the surrogate for all of us who support him. The modern political establishments are pretty good analogues for the Pharisees in Christ's time

just watching avgn while chatting on skype wondering wtf all the dumb new flag emojis meant.
10/10 laughed and joked til my nuts were numb

So cuckstianity was good between "year 0 and year 30something" and then it's been a jewish mind virus ever since? That's cool. Glad you agree on that much.

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We've seen the current world without Christianity. It's filled with sjw faggots and 37 genders.
Jesus = best
Christianity with Jesus dead = good
Christianity and Jesus dead = fucking disaster