Swedish faggotry and a shitskin that killed St.Ebba

Rakhmat Akilov was a shitskin who used a truck to attack Swedish people and murder St.Ebba in the process.
That shitskin was sentenced to life in prison which is a fucking joke in Sweden = to 16 years in prison. After that this shitskin will be deported to his shithole where he will go free.

*clown world*
Life sentences in Sweden typically amount to about 16 years. A spokesperson for Stockholm District Court has confirmed to the BBC that he will remain in the country during this time and is not expected to be transferred to a prison in Uzbekistan. After his jail term he will be deported from Sweden and banned from returning.
*clown world*

Decide what to do.

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>>he will be deported


>Decide what to do.

send him in the same cell Brenton Tarrant is.

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he walks free and then murders another little white girl.

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That invader will go free before Ebba would have been less than 30 years old had she not been murdered.

Poor Ebba. There is no justice in Sweden.


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are you ignoring this post because why?

start deciding in this post now
i order you to decide

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He gets a medal for fighting against oppression.

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Nah,he'll get a free Swedish wife and some property in Sweden.

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Ebba, I have come to say goodbye to you properly. I have been thinking about you, about when you were small. You were so lively, you could run as swiftly as the wind, you were like quick-silver. But then, before I knew it, you stopped running here and there and everywhere and you become still..
At 11years-old you had the stillness and the calm of a fine woman.What white children you would have produced! What joy... that would have brought to all of us.
Dear child, Ebba, you are not gone because you are always in my heart.I knew very well that you are with the gods, but I will wait here awhile

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Do what you must.

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The gods? Are you some pagan cuck?
This whole thread is cringe

Sweden will collapse before 16 years is up

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umm no, he was a gook

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Who cares, It's a woman who died. She would have rode sand nigger dick anyway. You cucks just suffer from the "women are wonderful" effect. Non-whites love white women so much....

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If it's anything like Norway they'll just continue denying him parole every five years or whenever the reviews are. I can't imagine they'll let someone who just runs masses of people over in a vehicle walk free after a legal-but-arbitrary period of sixteen years.

Same shit in UK really. I was reading about someone who was stabbed to death in an unprovoked attack and the killer only got 17 years. Pathetic "justice" system.

Anybody who kills a child should be executed on the spot

Also to mention it was another case of a shitskin killing a native.

it is like Norway but it's already been said by court officials that he will be released after 16 years and sent back to his shithole. so.. there is no question about whether he's going to be held in prison indefinitely. plus in any case. Swedish prisons are like 3-star hotels just like in Norway.

that shitskin got a deal of his life ffs. it's beyond ironic. it's not like he's held in some insane violent harsh prison where he's beaten and raped with a nailed broomstick every single day

it's a clown world.

tortured every single day for a couple of years first until losing his senses and mind, then slowly killed over a period of a couple of months. all this time tied and monitored so the faggot wouldn't be able to off himself or herself.

seems there is a pattern in all western countries.
obviously (((who's))) behind it all.
also race traitor judges and police are on the list

Sounds like a misunderstanding or a 'court official' speaking out of turn. Parole boards make these determinations when the time comes. It's not decided by some court official/judge/prosecutor sixteen years before his first parole hearing. He was sentenced to the maximum under the law, but surprise, there's more!

trips of truth

I'd rip his eyes out and send him in his desert land, see how long he lasts over there

About Ebba... She was too beautiful to die.
Fucking sandniggers, killing us and multiplying like rabbits, no matter how many times their shitholes get bombed by America and Israel.

I would bang her desu.
It's okay, I'm a 7/10 pale asf guy with blue eyes. Pedo, yes, but a wholesome one

Also, also
Lmao, if only. He'll walk off free, and rape another white woman, or little girl. There is only one solution for a cancer like that, and it is to get rid of him for good

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Sadly however, the Muslim is in Sweden and Tarrant is in NZ, both countries will treat them like human beings although they are not.

At least they have hell to look forward to.

well, still it's way too light of a sentence for that animal's crimes. he should be tortured and his whole kind should pay for this eternally. it really doesn't matter what kind of punishment he gets under a cucked law system.

St.Brenton Tarrant is a hero and you're a fucking degenerate faggot. You're excommunicated from this thread..

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hope they force lots of cock on your saint while he is in prison