Angela Merkel ally shot by right winger in germany

The fire rises

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Why not Merkel?

Probably (((securety)))


Also he kinda became a symbol for everything wrong in this country with what he said in 2015


Mossad is truly /our agency/

You could have prevented this.

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>Every act of revolt by a white man is a mossad psy op
user, I don’t even...

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Is this related to Mohamed Morsi and Gloria Vanderbilt?

he deserved worse.

So we have this guy dead, Morsi dead, Vanderbilt dead. Don't forget the dead US politicians investigating child sex trafficking and the 3 NYPD that "suicided"
Rumors WL is about to drop some of Hillary's emails and South America blackout.
Occult faggots have the full moon tonight (ritual sacrifice) and the solstice on Friday (more ritual sacrifice)




Shut up retard

and nothing of value was lost

There is a famous video where he is talking to a concerned man that said that he is scared for his families and Lübcke told him that if he is against taking in refugees he is free to leave germany.

This sparked quite a lot of anger and had his home adress leaked

Well understandable why he's dead then


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Sounds like a justifiable murder then.
Who knows how many German lives him and his ilk are responsible for ending.

Well his home adress was in the public address book, so I would not say that it was leaked.

>The fire rises
Pretty inevitable. Probably going to see more of this. And it might become an absolute avalanche after people start seeing shit like this and start copying it.

Picture of the suspect.
Press F to pay respect

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He had it coming


Then the guy who ended the traitorous cunt's life is a hero. Politicians need to fear their citizens.

That is the actual danger. If he would have avoided to probably: take his cell phone with him, search for his location or "how to hit job this specific guy" and/or talked about the attack, it would be very nigh impossible to find the killer.

And if then people notice that they can kill politicians that they dont like and the state cannot protect every mid to low level politician.... well than we might see a number of killings.

Didn't this just happen to another German politician? They're gonna start to get scared. Especially since every German probably has a lathe and CAD knowledge to make weapons.

Actions like this will probably have a far greater effect than actions against muslims/jews/etc, because before this, the people actually making the decisions may have felt like they didn't have to be afraid.

Now, they may react harshly, but this puts fear into all the actual decision-makers.

I'm a bit afraid the west might descend into chaos and China/Russia might move in and play a role in ensuring the chaos is terminal.

What did he say?


F. A hero who did what was needed.

Politicians will definitely get scared, and they know they deserve it. But they'll simply start describing white people as terrorists. There will be a point where it's white people against traitorous politicians (and (((politicians))) of course) and their non-white pets.

The invaders are going to be their armies.


>That is the actual danger. If he would have avoided to probably: take his cell phone with him, search for his location or "how to hit job this specific guy" and/or talked about the attack, it would be very nigh impossible to find the killer.
Yeah, this is the thing. It was suicidal for people to support the demonization of white males. White males are everywhere. Chemical plants, airports. What could a mechanic do to a plane? There are countless positions in society that could do ridiculous things.

And they decide to try to destroy, publicly, white males.

Literally all a person has to do is keep the plan in their head and it's completely undetectible and unpreventable, but hey they had to try to fucking destroy their own countries.

And to be honest, they hold some share of the responsibility for society going to shit.

And the ones who are likely to benefit from all of this? Just China. China is probably going to tear us apart and rule the world. Sad.

>And the ones who are likely to benefit from all of this? Just China. China is probably going to tear us apart and rule the world. Sad.
So true. People think jews are going to benefit a whole lot from this, but what the hell are they going to do once their western european empires die? China will certainly not accept them, as they are the Jews of the east.

Last time, they just memory holed it. If they make a big deal about it, it just shows the politicians deserved it.


Stephan Ernst, the patron saint of political assassinations

It just speaks to the non confrontational nature - and still good living conditions in Europe - that it did not happen. There was only one case–10_Malmö_shootings but you never heard of him. This guy was able to operate for over a year. No one heard of him in the media, no shooter frenzy, no nothing. Because tptb fear copy cats. And once you have a couple of those operating at the same time, all bets are off. So the security forces need to stop this from happening at all costs to avoid that this spirals out of control.

(Of course I would never advocate for this...)

>in minecraft

>So the security forces need to stop this from happening at all costs to avoid that this spirals out of control.
Yeah, they had a hard enough time trying to stop muslims. Good luck with a much larger demographic.

This is fucking retarded...
On (((Youtube))) i get spammed with this.. and for everyone who doesnt live in germany: if a refugee commits a crime they say "a german killed (insert dead people here" because he is technically a german citizen BUT if its some nutjob they say "right wing extremist" tired of this shit..and i have noone who shares my views because everyone is so fucking bluepilled... where is our god emperor???

They're playing games for the autumn elections. The current polls are not in their favour.

The call that saved Germany

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Explain the German mindset to me, because I truly don’t understand it. Germans are thought of as having high intelligence, being god tier engineers, world renowned thinkers and philosophers (at least historically), yet it seems like so many but into the current year propaganda and line of thinking. How is this possible?

Thread is glowing bright as fuck

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Not even a larger demographic. But just 10 guys that just decided that it's time for some personal activities. Highly efficient as Germans are. Working on their own, never even met. But who might have lost jobs due to a recession by a crash in the housing / construction bubble. That doesn't need sophistication. But just having that air of danger in the country. Politicians and even more the NGOs should be scared by then. Hitler, the Man who fought the Bank (English).mp4

Germans want things to work, ideally by taking everyone's input into account if it's even marginally justified. And life in Germany is pretty good, so why not give out a bit everyone else. Also want to be seen as the one who can take it. Easily. No problem. Germans hard worker, can do it all.

That politician was a traitor, about one or two steps below Quisling. Quisling met the same fate.

So far I haven't seen anyone advocate for violence. Unlike in the 2x4 chan logs. But it should be no problem to discuss the grave dangers for the security forces that arise from such acts as the luebcke shooting or copy cats.

Feds are here. Say nice thinks about Fraulein Merkel.

She has no offspring's to destroy Germany even further

Thank you Jesussan.

>Say nice thinks about Fraulein Merkel.
The gravitational pull from her milkers seem to attract the most retarded politicians in Germany. If she jumps off a cliff, she would bring the others with her.

Peace be upon her.

2 million north africans --.--
desu i wonder why he is the only politician so far who got killed. we wont recover. nuke us please. congratulations Juden.

they said they found DNA traces on Lübcke's clothes

Germans are not good or experienced at partizan warfare.

74 years of allied occupation with all the consequences can do that. West Germans where brainwashed by your propaganda, East Germans where brainwashed by Soviet propaganda.
So whats the difference between US and Soviet propaganda? Well the former is a soft way of using carrot and stick very subliminal, while the Soviets just went with raw power, no carrot and much bigger sticks.
The end result: more people in the east could see through any form of propaganda and reject socialism/communism, while people in the West don't see anything unless it bites them in the face.
So people in the West don't get shit and vote for Merkel or the Greens, while the East Germans are redpilled as fuck, (at least the older ones like me who lived through this shit).

Notorious Cuckold porn addict slaughtered by hero of the people.

This user gets it.

holly shit a high value target. yellow vests just shot a judge in the face with a rubber bullet too at her home. shit is getting toasty. they think people can get to them? read a history book or soon you will be in one.

yea most people have no idea they are literally surrounded by propaganda. the nature of this place allowed me to see it with both sides.

>Explain the German mindset to me, because I truly don’t understand it. Germans are thought of as having high intelligence, being god tier engineers, world renowned thinkers and philosophers (at least historically), yet it seems like so many but into the current year propaganda and line of thinking. How is this possible?
To some extent, if you are fighting the powers that be you have less time to focus on other pursuits. So the German mind is distracted. If we were to have some sort of viral spread of the idea that you need to be skeptical, paranoid, and understand that literally every media show is propaganda (cartoons, tv, movies), we might get somewhere.

Cartoons? Think about it. Cartoons give people irrational ideas of human behavior, especially how simple and obvious "evil" or "bad guys" are.

All media is garbage. Germans can become great again, all of us can, but we have to have a true awakening. And we need to be independent of each other not merely trying to out manipulate the elites. We need to be independent, have solidarity, and cooperate to convince others to see what is happening.

based and redpilled

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We need cooperation, not manipulation, because we cannot possibly beat the elites at maniuplation. They want to keep people stupid because that is the only way to control them with mass media. We have to enlighten them to resist mass media and then the only way to harness their power is to cooperate with them whereas the elites only can manipulate them.

do you know how hard it is to kill a first-world leader?

Escaping popular media is one of the first things a person must do. There is no other way to effectively break the conditioning unless you stop bombarding yourself with the messages.

Germany is lazy, people with new Ideas and Innovations getting ignored the Goverment is full with old Dudes its no wonder that the engineering ist becoming Bad
The fact ist they helped france to Ban memes in the EU.
EU is Trash now, Sweden as a Buzzfeedcountry, Germany with letting arabs and turks doing how they want France has the Same Problem old politocans are deciting the Future of new generations

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All politicians by definition are jew puppets therefore traitors.

F for now

We will free him in 27 years once we get Tarrant out

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Good luck, brothers.. Send them to hell.

Quit shilling that mossad nigger here you retard mutt

Is real communism based?

Take your meds schizo

Didn't Merkel round up a big supposed ring of "far-right" military officers lately?

sloppy job mossad

I feel odd asking this because I’m not the type at all, but I really am curious. How hard is it? I really don’t understand. It seems like they are in vulnerable positions all the time. There are always buildings (I.e. Potential sniper nests) everywhere they go and speak. They are always in crowds shaking hands. You can make knives and guns out of nonmetal objects. It seems like any well studied lone wolf would have a reasonable chance of success.

My guess is that it there really are not a great deal of people who both fit that criteria and have a death wish at the same time.

when they brought up connections to the NSU (a so called rightwing terrorist group with lots of government agents involved and lots of mysterical death of witnesses and the "investigations files" officially closed to the public for 120 years) it seemed to me like a "we have elections soon, make it rightwing terror" action.

placing dna "proofs" somewhere is easy, also it is easy to sell one of the many neo nazi undercover agents as perpretator.

I wonder what his positions on Iran and Russia were.

we've got one who can see

So this guy killed a politician 2 weeks ago and then nothing? What he did after? Did he try to go for more targets or did he just waited to get captured?1

Good job Hans

Good! The global elites should pay for what they did to Europe.

That’s the WORST part of this entire Jewish farce, at the end of the day they don’t even get anything out of all this. In fact, they are causing their own destruction.

It’s literally pointless, fucking schizophrenic kikes.

What if all those "Mossad did it" posts are by Israelis? Like they want us to think that they're more powerful and manipulative than we can possibly imagine.

No one is afraid of them when their shitty falseflags get exposed. It’s impossible to be afraid of a Jew

I would also like to know.

you cant murder a traitor

It really is a lot of shit happening in a very short period of time.
Don't forget the bullshit with Iran.

Take your meds schizo

Undue reverence for authority, even when the authority is your blood-enemy.

It takes a lot to break out of the mold Germans are subjected to. Americans are no different. Imagine the mental bridge you would have to cross if someone said to you, "Policemen are agents of our racial enemies. Their authority is invalid because they are carrying out the orders of a tyrannical regime. Let's go arrest a cop for pretending to hold authority when he doesn't have any legitimate authority over us."

That is a rather big mental hurdle, is it not? But something similar to that has to go through a man's head when he commits an assassination. Very few people make that leap.

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they're not helping

All those buildings are full of police/security. The rooms with good vantage are cleared out weeks in advance and staffed with snipers. There are dozens of scopes checking out every possible angle at all times. If you look and don't see cops, then at least 50 cops see you.

The people who want to improve their country tend to want to live to see it.

Nailed it.

>user doesn't know about the special jewish role in communist china
user, I...

I've got a screencap that says that Jews don't think long term. Owen Benjamin says so, too - I forget the reason he gives (who knows but that pic rel was Owen). I think it was my own interpretation - they're just so smart that they 'surf' circumstances, whatever they are.

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