Degeneracy General

NOT for shitposting and NOT for degenerates.

I'm mostly looking for what most people consider to be, "degeneracy".

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Actions/behavior that 'degenerates' a civilized society.

For example, anything that undermines marriage and family is inherently degenerate, because marriage and family is the foundation of human civilization.

>inb4 queers
There's literally no harm in being gay

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You probably also think being a jew is okay. Btw, what’s the weather like in Tel Aviv?

My list:
Piercings anywhere besides ears on Women
Anal sex
(((Modern art)))
torturing animals

Fuck the FBI niggers

No harm until you tell anyone about it or ask for special privileges. As long as no one knows you are gay I can tolerate it.

>when the slippery slope isn't just a fallacy

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is liking brown italian girlfeet degenerate? Or even pale feet?

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you guys put a degenerate in the white house lol

Liking brown anything is degenerate(if you are white), so is being a footfag.

i am italian already though, and most italians are footfags.

I will continue to like them.

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Women are to blame or infidelity, not men. Also
>implying Obama and his husband Michael weren't peak degeneracy

literally a straight, Christian black couple.
also, "men can't be blamed for their sexual misconduct" sure is a convenient stance to take.

if there's a jew who advocates it, it's degeneracy. every single time.

you should be filtering memeflags

Well you get a pass on liking browns, but foot fetishes are fucking weird, i cannot comprehend it, i have seen ugly feet but i would never become erect over not ugly feet
.Micheal is a man, do not assume his gender, and women are the gate keepers of sex, but they are not to blame, society is.

categorical imperative. you don't need more to define degeneracy. just ask yourself, what would happen, if whole society acted this way. would society decay or collapse? then it's degenerate. simple

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Girls think my feet fetish is cute. I even got a german girl to show me her feet for being italian.

Italian girls still have the best feet though.

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True. But most of Jow Forums can’t tell the difference between homosexuals and attention-whoring lispy faggots whose only sense of identity comes from being gay.

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Yes, men and women are literally different. Get over it, faggot.

Obama is none of these things. He was raised as a muslim in Indonesia, by his White mother, and married a man in a dress named Michael.

We have let kikes erode white identity. What needs to be done is a new glue that unites whites together

That's a good way of putting it

What if a Jew advocates against degeneracy?

But why feet and not hands? Or both? I can understand getting off on a girl grabbing your dick.

what about a girl grabbing your dick with her silky soft feet?

also btw, brown feet > white feet

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Then he advocates against being jweish.

Anything that is a destructive or destabilizing force to the family structure that has enabled civilized societies to thrive and prosper throuout history. There is a reason that this has been relentlessly attacked in the media for decades. If they break down the family structure, the children are more easily conditioned.

>grabbing your dick with her silky soft feet
We are moving from brown into monkey territory, but maybe thats the answer.
There are disgusting fetishes like scat and piss, but feet is just confusing.

Having lost the physical, mental, or moral qualities considered normal and desirable; showing evidence of decline.

I think you secretly enjoy mud colored medgirl feet bred from moor rape. They are soft from stepping on the sands of north africa all day.

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Her big toes are probably longer than her thumbs, those are ugly feet.


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still cuter than manly nordic girlfeet.

Wh*te women aren't suited to stepping on grapes barefoot and making wine like medgirls are.

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Chan has plenty of forums for this quest.
/r9k /b /lgbt to name a few.
Happy hunting!

Ill check 'em out

based kraut Kant-poster

What if a nuclear bomb is detonated two kilometers above the center of the Pacific ocean?

What point do unrealistic hypothetical questions serve?

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if the Nazi party involves any form of socialism than fuck that shit.


Anything that undermines the collectives ability to survive and thrive.

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national socialism is more of a do your thing but strive towards the greater good of the nation or get the rope
marxist socialism is just a prog shitfest