Natural selection at its best

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Nah just another failed Mossad false flag. Hope you Israelis are ready for war. No US support. You're gonna get fucked.

>wearing a 101st Airborne patch
>during a mass shooting


He dead bruh

>record scratches
>yep that’s me. Probably wondering how I got here, aren’t you ?

Yeah and soon the entire IDF will be dead too!

Someone give me the rundown on this guy

He's the ultimate failure.

is that pic even real? lmao what a faggot

yeah its him, a nazi incel


Sam Hyde

could this be the brave photographer

if you watch the video, several rounds hit the wall next to the guy who hiding, fired by the police

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what a retard he thinks he was going to start christchurch 2 but instead he died like the dumbass shill he is.

Jewish puppet to stir up masses.

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Need social media


Sloppy job mossad.

>Wearing yellow vest in the army.
>Probably doing shit work.
>Bad shooting and footwork.
This is why he probably never got a promotion.

Another dead Qtard. The world is a better place.

His father seems like a respectable person as far as I've seen (I assume it's his father).

I KEK'd user. Enjoy a (you).

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this stupid nigger couldnt even get 1 person, what a fucking failure.

Kid was out of his league. Suicide by autism

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Technically he got one.

That's fucking Sam Hyde

I just noticed he is holding a magazine in his right hand like hes about to reload. which means he would already fired 30 rounds at absolutely nothing

fuck sake i'v seen more tactical people on the airsoft field this guy is a mess

why the hell is he running out in the open with a mag in his hand

Does anyone have his Twitter ?

May the law enforcement, disrespecting open carry and earliest reactions, see the lord. We will win because we are winning.

not really

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Why do they always use AR's? They're such shitty guns.

>Does anyone have his Twitter ?

He was a fan of ANIME. That says it all.

he was also discharged from the millitary after 2 years of service