Why is the government now acknowledging that UFOs exist?

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Trump just said they didn't you lummox

to hide that they are actually fallen angels and demons which they communicate with through childsacrifices and rapings.

because those niggers are in collusion with demons.

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maybe contract with ayys?

To draw attention away from serious matters.

Technology cover up

Like that fat orange retard knows anything or has any control over anything. He was kept in the dark about the Pentagon fucking with Russia's power grid. Like they are going to give him all of the details about aliens. It's being revealed to him at the same time it is revealed to us.

Um sweaty, a UFO just means you can't identify it. If I create a flying drone out of dildos and people can't figure out what it is, then its a "UFO".

They know the veil is about to be lifted. Same reason the Vatican has hedged their entire religion by saying Alien life existing does not discredit the church.

really whats the difference? darkness is darkness. why is it so impossible that other intelligent life could exist within the near infinite vastness of the universe? why is it so unimaginable that some of that life would not have your best interest in mind when it comes to their own?
aliens angels demons. all the same thing to me. why does it have to be majestic and not based in a physics bound universe for these things to come to be. fallen angels? watchers? i dont see why one has to be distinct from another in the ways in which they got here. seems like lack of knowledge in religious mindsets have to believe that these things were just spawned in when the very creator they represent is so beyond understanding it could have set all of this in motion based on physics set in motion before there were two particles comprising the entire developing universe.

so when did this start happening?

only one of those groups, ays or demons and angels, explain the childsacrifices and rapings. so not the same.

The stories of alien abductions and demonic possessions are all pretty similar They often run in the family, include violent sexual acts (like anal probing), unableness to move or speak and a general sense of being scared. Also both are reported to just stop when calling out to Christ for help
Now there are people that claim aliens come around and give us knowledge and technology. Think of Paul Hellyer, former minister of defense of canada
or Podesta rambling on about alien disclosure. Now I assume everyone knows about Pizzagate here, which brings me to the next person talking a lot about ayys giving us technology, Boyd Bushman
at 2:36 you can see the pedotriangle dangling in the background.
What did the demons and fallen angels do in the past? They gave humanity knowledge we arent supposed to have yet, same the ayys do now.
And if you know about Pizzagate you also know how its all about satanism
So we have satanic sodomizers talking about (((ayys))) giving us technology. The sodomy supposedly makes one also more receptive to the spiritual, kind of a shortcut, but probably like falling off a cliff is the shortcut of getting down from a mountain. You can be sure that the higher ups underwent the same practices as their victims (just without the murder at the end) which results in
a) Brainwashing, they will eventually thing this is normal behavior, especially the kids, and later will continue the practice
2. Blackmail, one steps out of line you expose the crimes they did during those rituals
III: Shortcut to spirituality.
>cruz said demons told him to shoot up the school

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I believe:
Grey Alien= Demons aka spirits of dead Nephilim
Reptillian=Fallen Angels, like Satan, the fallen angel that appeared in Eden in form of a serpent (reptile) and later the dragon
Nordics/Tall whites/Pleiadians=angels/inner earthers
Remember that the UFO community claims Reptillians created the grays. In this case it would be the case too as the fallen angels mated with humans, creating the nephillim whose spirit traditionally are the Demons. Thus the reptillians created them by mating with humans.
Others i have no idea about

Interestingly ritual abuse, as well as demonic possessions, as well as ayy abductions, all feature sodomy
"Coincidently" around the area of the anus there is the rootchakra located. What is the purpose of this one?
>Security, safety
>Basic needs (food, sleep, shelter, self-preservation, etc.)
>Physicality, physical identity and aspects of self
>Support and foundation for living our lives

Remember how rapevictims often are left Traumatized their whole life? Same area.
They trap their victims in an endless feeling of being insecure and vulnarable to have them controllable by corrupting their Root Chakra, and do this by sodomizing them as well as other forms of torture. This seems to be specifically done in satanic brainwashings where the subjects also are forced to be fucked and get fucked by animals

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the root chakra is your survival instincts. only if you rose above the constant fear of death you are able to actually process new experiences and evaluate them, see them from all angles outside of the threat they pose (sacral chakra), after that comes the solar plexus chakra responsible for our self esteem and self worth for which we have to see us in context of the new experiences and how we handle those. only once you love and value yourself you can start loving others (heart chakra), and love goes through the stomach, solar plexus>heart. next comes the throat chakra and the best speaches are those done by talking from your heart, what you truely care about and communication is the job of the throat chakra. Once you can formulate the truth properly there comes understanding and insight, the third eye chakra, and from this understanding you realize that everything is connected with another, the crown chakra

by putting you in a constant state of fear and anxiety they lock you in the lowest state of conciousness, occupied only with survival unable to really process any experiences. Early traumata like circumcission can alter your brain enough to effect your entire life.
All the fear propaganda all around merely is there to lock you into the lowest state of conciousness controlled by fear.

There is also the reptillian brain in charge of pretty much the same as the root chakra, survival instinct. Some people are "entirely" controlled by this area in the brain with every act only being there for survival. Stealing money from some guy, or even murdering people that threaten your lifestyle. The temptations of the flesh. The abuse and sodomy affecting the lowest chakra which is the easiest effected (iE through sodomy) due to its connection with the material.

The Serpent is a common symbol for evil because just as this chakra and conciousness is the lowest so is the snake crawling at the lowest on the ground representing the conciousness of the individual

What is MKUltra? It is the CIA program working on mindcontrol methods which (((officially))) was stopped in 1973. They kidnapped drunks, prostitutes, homeless, and whoever else they could find from the streets to perform these experiments on them (next time you see a crazy hobo, maybe you realize why he is so crazy)
How is it performed? Basically they torture and stress you until your personality breaks into multiple people and you develop a dissociative identity disorder also known as multiple personality disorder. These methods include outright torture, waterboarding, sleep deprivation, being forced to look at strobing lights
and basically everything else that induces stress and Trauma. They furthermore aid it with the use of drugs (likely LSD or something similar). Eventually they build in some trigger, like always having a certain picture (like the monarch butterfly) on the wall during the process or making the subject wear a special shirt making it aware that the torture starts resulting in a certain personality they desire to come to the front. These new personalities can be then shaped pretty much freely and often dont know about the other personalities. It appears that the younger the subject is the better this works.

Is this still being done? You tell me
Some possibly are just druguse or fake (like the first one possibly is) but I advice to check the Britney Spears one at 7:25

Pic related an artwork of Kim Noble who underwent heavy abuse resulting in her personality being split. Extra attention on the Handkerchief below the kid, likely "drawing" the Pizza related map on it right now
Catching fluids as kind of a souvenir

Some more on MKUltra

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ayys aint real, mate

rollling for qt (good) reptilians

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This can all be summerized to "weakening ones mental and spiritual fortitude in whatever possible way" to make them controllable. If they are controllable to humans they also are to spirits and at that point the rituals and symbols come into play to call demons, as they are not omnipresent and otherwise would just miss the opportunity to take control

Some anons account on something related
>I have this early childhood memory and I am swarmed with fear currently when I write this. It's hard. I remember that it was night and I was probably 3-4 and I was in my room alone. I saw this classic flyng alien plate stop in front of my window.
>I also have another memory. An alien pictured on the wardrobe again in the middle of the night, it was only made from light.
>Also around this time I started wanting to be alone and perform this weird sexual thing where I would prostrate so that my ass is up and vulnerable.
>I am not gay to this day and I remember doing this once.
>WHAT THE FUCK totally mindfucked atm.

>Last year I have this weird dull pain between my scrotum and anus, couldn't sit without a donut pillow. 6 weeks of antiobiotics, lot of painkillers, nothing works. In january I had an Ayahuasca ceremony, in the deepest of the journey had this strong urge to pee, I don't know how I reached the bathroom but remember that the urine was dark green almost black. Since that the pain disappear. Weirder part is that the day before the ceremony I had lot of synchronicities and strange things happened. I think that root chakra was retaining some emotional stuff and Ayahuasca help me to release it.
>So, I think there's some truth in the chakra thing.

also in >It appears that the younger the subject is the better this works
pic related

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based and redpilled

I'll just leave this here

To be honest, calling Christ does help but in my experience just politely reminding the entity that they were not explicitly invited to come and asking them to leave if any harm is intended works just as well in my experience. The thing is that to do the later you have to stay calm, while the first is probably easier to do when you are in despair or if you regret inviting the entity.

Is there some game (preferably FPS) where you fight grays face to face? I know of none and it's kinda surprising...

pretty sure the anal probing shit is a meme user
far as child sacrifice or rape goes ive seen about as much evidence of that involved with ufo's as ufo's themselves.

entities of that kind feed on your fear, hatred or any of that kind of emotion, but ultimately God gave us dominion over everything on the earth, and the fallen angels and demons are on earth, as such we are free to command them and they cant do shit to us. So if they realize they cant manipulate you they probably just fuck off. If you call on christ they see they cant corrupt you and basically you call on his authority so they have to fuck off.

the childsacrifices happen with the politicians and finance and media people, the satanists, which are the ones shilling the ayy narrative in the media. however sacrificing children to ayys doesnt make sense, but to demons and fallen angels it does.

>aliens angels demons. all the same thing to me.
STFU (((Gnostic))) retards. Go try on a new dildo with that tranny shit

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Of course not. The grays are our Neanderthal overlords. Seriously though, cone-heads, grays and Neanderthals appear to be genetically linked. youtube.com/watch?v=UBHEWrLc6aw

I specifically said they are not the same thing, merely the same phenomena. what we call ayys were back then the fallen angels and demons, but the gods of old, and those are spiritual beings, not visitors from another planet.
Also im not a gnostic. I agree with a few of their teachings, but others are complete bullshit and at the end of the day I try my best to follow Christ

Fuck off you fuckin idiot.. demons ain’t real nor is god go kill your self and see for yourself

You probably don't even speak Latin.

>being this mad about the notion of God existing
He still loves you user, waiting for you to return

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Unidentified flying object =/= alien spacecraft

Flybros know better than to engage them because they know there will be an extremely salty and spooky colonel that doesn't t3chnically exist waiting to chew their ass when they land for fucking with the latest prototype testing

Possibly because they are gearing up for Project BlueBeam.

The final step in the NWO.

People are wakening up to the Jews. They don't have long left to get the entire world under lock down.

Not saying they are going to be successful but they might try. I know it's nuts but they are nuts.

I read somewhere that Alister erased the original, larger eyes he drew on there and made them more human looking after a close friend told him to do so stating it wouldnt be taken seriously otherwise.

You can see the outline of the originals if you look cclosely. Dont have a source to cite, but it makes sense.

Nobody ever said UFOs don’t exist. UFOs are real. They’re literally unidentified flying objects. Once identified they’re no longer UFOs. Many of these objects have never been positively identified. Denying any of this is fucking stupid. As is assuming UFO=ET. The two are not synonymous, only incorrectly so

Aliens aren't real. Space Nazis and demons are.

Anyone who studies this shit knows its not ayy's, it's top secret government projects being spotted by ordinary people. Government is hiding KEY technological advancements from the public and indirectly implying it's aliens.

By the way, reminder that Nazis already had flying saucers

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the government has admitted UFOs since WW1.

they tend not to declassify it for a few years because there is a chance they could be spy drones from a foreign country.

Because people aren't afraid of terrorists anymore.

tons of disinfo in this thread, basically proof that the deep state is setting us up for project bluebeam soon and want us to be afraid of aliens.

beware all shills that talk about aliens being demons it also has the effect of discrediting discussion on ayys by shitting up the entire thread

humans, namely white people are closely related to nordics because thats where we share our dna.

our godparents are coming back home don't be afraid

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Reminder that Nazis didn't even invent this tech, they got it from Czechs. There were news articles before the war about the flying machines some group was making, fit your saucer UFO to a T.

Because after repeatedly testing the idea in focus groups, they found that normalfags overwhelmingly don't give a single shit one way or the other about ayyys so there's not even any reason to cover up anymore.

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They've had this technology for 70 years. They're trying to set up an alien false flag attack in order to trick the people in to agreeing to a one world totalitarian government.

>torchwood season 3 (spin-off show of the gay ass doctor who show)
>government are in contact with aliens who return once every X number of years
>demand a schoolbus of children
>government comply
>aliens literally torture the children to produce drugs for themselves (adrenachrome)
I believe "aliens" are just fallen angels but the parallels to adrenochrome are uncanny, I cant believe the BBC had the balls to air this.

That show was pure homosexual indoctrination but it eventually painted fags as traitors, it's ironic.

Trump works for the aliens in the sky.

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reason I believe why mainly children are used in the ritual abuse and sacrifices:
Children have a stronger connection to the other world. think of the monster under the bed, imaginary friends
Now what additionally increases this is stuff like near death experience giving with many people reporting the very same things, usually meeting deceased ones or God which they instantly recognized. Also strong torture leading to dissociation (Out of body experiences for example like pic of depicts, painted by kim noble who was heavily abused as a child that she depicts here and developed MANY different personalities. [note the handkerchief/pizza related map] This principle was also used in MKUltra which is just the age old satanic ritual abuse refined with modern chemistry and psychology to subdue others). You lose connection to this world and thus increase to the other world.
Now you probably heard of "you are what you eat". Similary they try to then gain the vision the child has by ingesting its pineal gland (thought to be your 3rd eye and seat of the soul) or drinking the blood, like the believe that you gain potency when eating the balls of a lion or something)
this is but one aspect of course. there is the symbolical meaning behind the sarifices, blackmail purposes, and the fact the elites just likes to fuck little children.

So not really some drug is what they seek, but their abillities to see and contact these beings, which maybe happens through the adrenochrome even.

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Blizzard tried to warn us
>Fellow Terrans, I come to you in the wake of recent events to issue a call to reason. Let no human deny the perils of our time. While we battle one another, divided by the petty strife of our common history, the tide of a greater conflict is turning against us, threatening to destroy all that we have accomplished. It is time for us as nations and as individuals to set aside our long-standing feuds and unite. The tides of an unwinnable war are upon us, and we must seek refuge upon higher ground, lest we be swept away by the flood.

>The Confederacy is no more! Whatever semblance of unity and protection it once provided is a phantom, a memory. With our enemies left unchecked, who will you turn to for protection? The devastation wrought by the alien invaders is self-evident. We have seen our homes and communities destroyed by the calculated blows of the Protoss. We have seen first hand our friends and loved ones consumed by the nightmarish Zerg. Unprecedented and unimaginable though they may be, these are the signs of our time.

>The time has come, my fellow Terrans, to rally to a new banner. In unity lies strength; already many of the dissident factions have joined us. Out of the many we shall forge an indivisible whole capitulating only to a single throne, and from that throne I shall watch over you. From this day forward let no human make war upon any other human, let no Terran agency conspire against this new beginning, and let no man consort with alien powers, and to all the enemies of humanity: seek not to bar our way, for we shall win through, no matter the cost!

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lets have a real scientific talk about ayys (greys in particular) for once.
assume they exist so we can possibly find their origin.

it is quite literally impossible that they would be from another planet, as they have evolved almost identically to humans.
seeing a bipedal alien would be strange enough, but the greys have identical facial structure to humans too.

i would say they are members of an ancient human race that left the earth and colonized another part of the solar system, or they time travelers and no more than 10,000 years evolved from us.

UFO isn't exclusive to aliens moron

other way around, humans are genetic creation of ayys

the origins of the humanoid type come from the lyran constellation


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Because time is running out, earthtard.

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There are other humanoids from other galaxies though that are similar. Humanoid is a pretty common type in the universe for advanced species. I believe it has something to do with the divine evolution of life.

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but how far back did they do it?

10,000 years ago?, 1 billion years ago?

did they find a planet with bipedal lifeforms already existing? or did they start multicellular life on earth as we know it?

The humanoid form goes beyond life itself.
It's like with roman architecture, people with NDE's saw exactly that in heaven. Roman temples and so on.

this is a crazy theory to think about.

that there is possibly millions of other planets full of humanoid creatures at varying levels of technological advancement.

i need to do shrooms already.


(turn on subtitles)


i think the current human species is about 300,000 years old but there were attempts at the divine human experiment twice before.

I heard that the first attempt were giants and very destructive, the second attempt were long headed and can be found frozen under antarctica but they were too evil and heartless, the third attempt, current human is much less intelligent but much closer to god so to speak, we are basically god's children.

not so crazy when you do the research. check out this video regarding our genome.

damn i can't find the video anymore i think it was taken down. a lot of really good information i saved on youtube is gone now.

basically this guy is a geneticist and was saying that its basically impossible for humans to evolve the way they did in the short amount of time and that the junk dna that science can't point to being to any animal on this planet is actually extraterrestrial. it was a really good video.

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i cant help but think he exaggerating the strange thoughts and images you get in an epileptic seizure (which is common with almost all head injuries).

t epilepsyfag

This. Big distraction needed

blue beam will flop hard, people are ready for it

but they'll do it anyway

Why is the humanoid type associated with the divine evolution of life specifically?

the problem is really very, very simple.
we, modern humans, have been here on earth for 300,000+ years.
you could literally drop one of us back 300,000 years ago and we wouldn't look out of place.
yet we only have a historical record going back 4000'ish years.
we just accept, and worse do not question, why we apparently did nothing of note for 296,000 years of our existence.
it should be extremely worrying to everyone why we have so little history as a species.

creating is the most divine thing you can do
how are you going to build anything without hands user

The slate has been wiped clean a couple times already. The Sphinx predates the egyptians and before it was disfigured it was a lion. The last ice age came after a global flood that wiped out the old ancient tech. Remember antarctica has frozen civilization beneath the ice.

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there are records going back further that are being kept secret by the vatican and egypt

Haven't been on /x/ in a while. Goddamn you guys are fun kek

There was probably an ancient human civilization at one point but then we destroyed ourselves and had to restart everything from square one. There are accounts in the Hindu Bible for example that sound eerily like nuclear weapons.

Someone please talk about the retrofitted ufo debris warehouses robert bigalow have in vegas?

FBI listening in lend a brother a hand and patch us in. show us some cheeky math and specs for ftl travel. Cmonn

Finding the retards to remote neural monitor torture

Someone please talk about the retrofitted ufo debris warehouses robert bigalow have in vegas?

FBI listening in lend a brother a hand and dig up some dirt? show us some cheeky math and specs for ftl travel. Cmonn

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Humans lived on this planet for millions of years.
Other humanoids before us probably for billion of years.
Some evolved and left earth, others got extinct.
We are just containers - the soul moves on.

Don't forget the massive cities that have recently been found in the Amazon rainforest through the use of Lidar. We're just barely starting to scratch the surface.

seconding this

Havent heard about that got any links? I have heard a bout the sunken cities found off the coasts though.

Here we go again with the insanely low-IQ christcuck ramblings.

>FBI listening in lend a brother a hand and dig up some dirt? show us some cheeky math and specs for ftl travel. Cmonn

hahaha. He thinks light has a speed!

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Depends. If there's an 'alien invasion' or the threat of such, it's a false flag to initiate a new world order and it's your duty as a free man to resist.
If actual aliens show up demanding worship and our finest women, the Annunaki have returned and it's your choice whether you want to defy the (effectively) gods that brought us civilization. The rich and powerful have been worshiping them already so expect no succor from them.

The vatican is a hypnotism cult of old clowns theyll do everything they can to stay relevant.


Joe Rogan's podcast w/ Graham Hancock. Absolutely riveting.

The economy is collapsing, society has been stretched to keep the economy going, and that is also collapsing and harder to fix. The Empire's main concern is not losing a civil war. The main tactic is distract and divide.

AYYLMAOS, are great distraction. Confusion.

don't be mistaken they are glowniggers or jewish shills trying to shit up the ayy discussion or warm us up for a new "threat from space"

this is pure disifinfo and its obvious because of how common these things are said on these ufo threads.


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the original hancock JREs are the best.
when him and joe were just getting to know each other and hancock smoked weed for the first time in 10 years or something.

Thank you user for the consistency, I've been lurking these threads for a few weeks now and keep tabs on your posts.
I myself have found most of this information from other sources as well and can agree with most of what you've uncovered, despite how completely insane most of this must sound from those unfamiliar with the subject.
Here's a few breadcrumbs that I can add:
Search the works of these individuals:
>Fritz Springmeyer
>Valdamar Valerian
>Robert Morning Sky
>William Cooper
>Jordan Maxwell
>Stephen Jacobson
>Myron Fagan
>David Icke
>Ted Gunderson
And these:
>The "Greenbaum Speech"
>Conspiracy of Silence (1993)

There's and endless amount of others as well, and it's sometimes hard to tell who's shilling what, but the overall web of intrigue is there right in front of our eyes. I've been amassing a private library for about ten years now and only recently have I actually began to make the connections. In the coming weeks i'll attempt to pool together some of the information I've found over the years.
Bill Cooper's Mystery Babylon series seemed a little far-fetched to me at first, having not read much into the history of Freemasonry, but after I'd listened to the 40 or so hours I picked up a copy of Morals and Dogma by Albert Pike and found the proof. An interesting history was also presented in William Bramley's "The Gods of Eden", and the works of Zecharia Sitchin. You'll find the same story in modern occult works of the O9A, the TotBL, Tempel ov Blood, Temple of Set, ect, ect. Also in the works of Aleister Crowley and his lapdog Kenneth Grant. It's everywhere around us, and it's VERY real.

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Collapse the economy then offer the one world currency as a solution. Next step is a false flag alien invasion to usher in the one world government.

I hate this seemingly recent trend of tying everything to ufos and/or aliens.

People doing it with "aliens are actually demons" or "bigfoot is an alien pet"

They're all totally legitimate subjects but they have nothing to do with eachother. Especially the demon thing.

By the way I have no doubt that demons and bigfoot are real, I just don't think they have anything to do with aliens.

Look up 'electrogravitics'. I can give you a couple links if you want but the tl:dr version is that mass is an electromagnetic phenomenon and not a property of mass. Polarized voltages (like a capacitor) create a sort of 'gravity lens' by attracting the object towards the positive pole by basically creating an artificial gravity (which is also an electromagnetic effect) and with high enough voltages pulsed rapidly enough a combination of mass reduction and an artificial gravity waveform can propel the object at very fast and apparently even greater than light speeds (since the object isn't moving in a typical way subject to inertia)

I don't think I've seen those. I'll have to look that up.

Alien demon will be revealed in 2024 on the day of the eclipse on the US
Just after trump’s reign is over and the dems get back power.

what if the proper question isnt "are aliens demons" but "are demons aliens?"

i've read that a lot of negative ETs are 4th dimensional (good ETs are the only ones who can get to 5d) and 4d beings are able to do all sorts of strange things by interacting with people's minds in the astral plane

For example i've been having nightmares that seem less like real nightmares and more like "attacks" because it feels like im being visited by entities that invade my dream and often they take form of violent black men but when i lay down to sleep in a hypnogogic state i often have flashes of visions of scary stuff often with big teeth, but i've also have visions of ets in these states.

interstingly, sometimes during these dreams that feel like "attacks" i have been given messages written in text somehow (the first was in the form of a world of warcraft whisper complete with whisper sound but the text was red not purple) and the text said "its draconic btw"

the second time i was attacked i heard the sound of a highi pitched possibly female voice say "hello!" and a message in big letters said "we limit the Q" but the Q was overly large as if it was not supposed to be there perhaps placed there by negative ETs trying to mess with the message. i believe they were trying to say "we limit the [nightmare or attack]" as thats what i intuitevely believed they were trying to tell me.

So yes there are negative ETs but perhaps our guardian angels are good aligned ETs that try to help us in the 4th dimensaion (astral plane) and that the reason we dont get as much interaction with these beings is because good aligned ETs i hear believe in free will and try not to interfere with our natural development but do not stand by idly as we are attacked by bad ETs.

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This. I welcome my Dom alien gf

>UFOs exist
if you are aviation illiterate, everything is Unidentified FO!
the government showed a video of a literally UFO, and the conspiracy theorists started shouting: interstellar travel!