Don't go to Venus goyim! Go to Mars instead!

>Don't go to Venus goyim! Go to Mars instead!
What are (((they)))hiding there Jow Forums?

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Precious sulfuric acid. Shit thread.

Based and Venus pilled

are we really having this thread now

The most habitable place in the Solar System outside of Earth

That you hit the dome when you go up

>2019...I am forgotten

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(((you))) are hiding the related pic.

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Neither planet has a breathable atmosphere, neither has a magnetic field to protect from solar UV. You can't build on the surface of Venus, you'd have to engineer large-scale floating structures to work, live, and land/takeoff from. The proximity to the Sun means the UV that does get through is at 230% the intensity of Earth and 450% the intensity of Mars. It has roughly the same mass as Earth which means its just harder to get back into orbit than it is with the Moon or Mars. A day is 116 days long so you have to spend 58 days in blazing, relentless heat and 58 in freezing pitch black night.

Etc etc etc

That's just what they want you to think.

I've seen something like this before. Can you explain in detail what this means and how it works or are you just gonna shill a picture and vanish to cause chaos

Quit fucking around and someone post the proposed process for the hypothetical terraforming of Venus, it's interesting none the less.

Something along the lines of "raining out" the toxic gasses from the atmosphere in stages

don't forget the ammonia hydrosphere.

It's out of fucking focus lol

Have you ever used even a cheap shitty telescope? If it's out of focus it'll look like the pics below if you actually focus it correctly you'll see a nice crisp Saturn better than the ones on top. I've never had the magnification to see Mars well though but I'd imagine with the right magnification and the ability to focus the fucking telescope you too can see the red planet and maybe even it's icy poles

Does this look like a wasteland to you? Its obvious that there is "something"

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Floating cities WHEN?

space is fake and gay

>Its obvious that there is "something"
Uh huh, and what would that be?

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the picture is self evident. thats what these "planets" look like with 82x zoom

do they look like anything you can live on?

looks fake and gay, like everything from nasa

Venus = allah

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You dont want to know.

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> “does this look like a wasteland to you?”

> posts a picture that literally looks the stereotypical hellish wasteland of Venus

Based retard

>go to mars
scifi threads go on /tv/

They don't want us to get bigger penises, they're sending us to Mars because women need candy bars and shit. Fuck feminism.

Venus is probably inhabited. It’s probably not inhospitable and rotating very slowly backwards upside down. It definitely wasn’t a comet spit out by Jupiter, a theory promoted by a psychoanalysis jew. And the inhabitants might be fucking with us

its not as hot as they say it is...

The jews fear the protomolecule.

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planets aren't illuminated like that in any way or shape
not a Flattard but they were called "wandering stars" for a reason

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A QRD is that under electrical stress saturn would ignite into a star - i am assuming the attached pic is suggesting Neptune, Venus and Mars would do the same maybe?

Isn’t Venus closer to the Sun? Wouldn’t people burn there quickly? What would the Jews hide? Beautiful women?

There's a conspiracy theory that is made by some uneducated retards.
They took some off the shelf camera named coolpix iirc, which has nearly x100 zoom and they started taking pictures of the planets.
What they don't know is that the sensor and the shitty zoom creates artifacts when looking at faint objects. They claim that those artifacts are there when looking at planets because planets don't exist or something shit like that.
It's something between flat earthers and 5gtards.

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>hot venusian bitches
nah fuckhead, you’re sliding or legit retarded

I am going to read this later. Thanks for bringing it to my attention.

"They're not rocks" is not the same thing as explaining what something is. If they're not massive spheroid rocks then what are they instead? Even if you don't know, what do you THINK they are?

>does this look like a wasteland to you?
>Post literally looks like the glowing sea from fallout 4

It's really annoying that they think out of focus lights are anything special. I mean shit I take off my glasses and a street lamp looks like that.

I still don't get what impact this has for us if the earth was flat.

Goys!!! They, are hiding the truth from us. Who cares about white people THIS MATTERS LOOK AT HOW IT IMPACTS US. Who gives a fuck about this I don't see how it benefits anyone to even lie about it.

Are the Jews really hiding something in Venus? I’m

Venera 13 was a russian probe

flat earth is controlled opposition. whenever jews want to suppress the truth they create third alternative (stuff like alt right, alex jones, trump, afd)

the truth is we live inside the earth. our reality is a system of tunnels we so happen to live in one of these tunnels cavity - we call it earth

space is spherical and inside the earth. stars/planets are inside the space. earth is spherical. gravity exists but it's force is inverted, it's a push from the above like newton proposed. there are holes in the poles which lead to other worlds/lands.

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too hot
maybe staying up in balloons or freeze the atmosphere blocking the sun
Gravity in Venus is earth-like. I would give it a shot

Temperatures on the wrong side of 400°C, a pressure of more than 90 bars, acidic rain, constant volcanic eruptions and endless lava streams.

Yeah I wonder why no would want to go there.


notice the earths concavity with the sun in the middle

shhh.. goyim can't know, let's push flat earth in the mainstream media and make hundreds of retarded debates

heliocentrism is normie tier, flat earth is reddit tier and concave earth is Jow Forums

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I always felt like this was one of the coolest things Russia has ever done. Building a rover that made it all the way to the surface of Venus and taking several pictures before the lander was completely crushed. Looking at pics from Mars is always really cool but these pics are very special in that they were so difficult to get, whether they really gathered any real information or not.

Hey nigger, Israel won't be getting 5G and it's not very well researched regarding health to begin with.


>degrasse tyson: "if it's [the horizon] conca .." *shows concave horizon with his hand
>suddenly he realizes what he has said and cuts in the middle of the sentence and starts laughing nervously


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It's the same size as Earth and is in the habitable zone like Earth. Venus unironically the best planet to terraform and live on in the future. Also the upper atmosphere has the same temp and pressure as earth.

As far as I can tell Venus is irrelevant. Maybe there is some record of like from before the temperature increase. It is interesting that venus is more similar to earth than mars for habitation if it wasn't for the atmosphere. It really has no consequence to us though because we can't really do shit with it. Honestly all the talk of going to planets isn't even going to be feasible if we don't get rid of all the traitors and non whites anyways.


As in fossils of some type of organisms.

Yes, slide threads cover a variety of topics to distract autism away from topics that matter. That's the whole point of their operation

In the fall of 1901 J.B. Watson, Chief Engineer at the Tamarack copper mine (S. of Calumet, Mich.) suspended 4250 foot long plumb lines down mine shafts. Measurements showed that the plumb lines were farther apart at the bottom than at the top, contrary to expectations.

Again (((Wikipedia))) doesn't even mention this experiment lol. not even one word.

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The balls were expected to move closer together towards the center of the Earth where the center of gravity should reside if it were a pull dependent on mass as Newton said it was.

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Instead, in 1901, the balls moved further apart,

>putting the center of gravity in space making it a push from outside, rather than a pull from within.

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Explain how the concept of days and seasons work if the world is concave. Really curious.

This is bullshit. Venus is like a tropical island. There are oceans below the clouds. They don't want you to know. This is where all the Jews live. The planet is pure beauty and perfection. The images you see of Venus are fake.

Send plumb bobs

You forgot to mention a rotation of +200 days. While the low gravity on Mars indeed is a problem for us, it's still a much better option than Venus.

I'm not denying that we will be able to colonise Venus in the future and that it is a much more viable option in the long run but as of now Mars is the only realistic planet to actually live on.

Fake and gay. Proposed ideas of inhabiting Venus revolve around building floating habitations in the denser than earth atmosphere. Once you go up high in the atmosphere the temperature becomes tolerable as well. The atmosphere could also be farmed for its natural resources. Also, despite not having a magnetosphere Venus is protected againsts UVs unlike Mars which isn’t: Because mars has no such protection you would have to cover your habitations with Martian soil. Living in sky cities with access to 2x solar energy as mars > living underground on mars.

So we're actually INSIDE THE EARTH. Holy fucking shit, we are INNER EARTH?!?

The idea in concave earth theory is that the sun is the outermost body near the center of the cavity and spins the slowest. The rest are inside the sun’s orbit a little bit closer to the center of the cavity. Sometimes when a planet gets too close to the sun/moon it is attracted/repelled to or from that body (or maybe other planets as well) which slows the planet down, or speeds it up. Something like that

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If your in a floating habitation there’s nothing stopping you from moving into your own sweet spot between night and day.

You really think it would be easier to build floating cities than it would be to build something habitable underground?

One of these things we can already do here on Earth, and it's not building floating fucking cities.

So we're on a sphere, inside a sphere?

So.. uhh, maybe I'm just being an idiot, but I'd assume the local gravity would be disturbed by the fact that there was a removal of mass between the plumb lines. Gravimeters are relatively available and not actually all that complicated to make if you have even middling skill in hobby electronics and some money to spend.

The difference is that sky cities on earth require lighter something lighter than air to keep them afloat, on Venus all you need is air.

bitch lasagna

>Holy fucking shit, we are INNER EARTH?!?
yes. we don't see the horizon, because the light bends upwards at long distances. it sounds unbelievable but it's true. i mean first of all, there is no evidence the light travells in straight paths, second nature hates straight lines, third the (((people at top))) know this

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I'd still have to argue it'd be a lot easier to find a cave or dig a pretty sizeable cavity to build dwellings in, than try to build a city in the air. How do you even START to build a structure in the sky? Do you need to start on the ground and than elevate the city once it has been fully constructed? Or do we build it here and fly it to Venus?

Or we could dig a hole and build a bunker on Mars.

In Riedern A.S. in Klettgau on May 24 2001 between 11 and 12am, the engineer Wilhelm Martin (deceased since 2009) conducted on experiment (which was witnessed by Rolf Keppler) with a theodolite (leveling device) called a dumpy level.

No.1. (The control) Two measuring poles were placed 1000m from each other. The dumpy level was placed in the middle of these two poles at the 500m distance. The built-in plumb line (spirit level) was then used to make sure the device was absolutely level to within 1 arc second, which is an accuracy of 0.5cm to 1km. Wilhelm then looked through the telescope and with the cross-hairs marked the zero mark on the measuring pole. He then turned the dumpy level around 180° and did the same for the other pole. These marks are now used as a control for the future measurements.

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No.2. Wilhelm then positioned the dumpy level 4m from the left measuring pole and adjusted the height of the theodolite so that it was level with the zero mark made previously when the dumpy level was located in the middle of the two poles. The dumpy level was then turned 180° and the cross hairs on the theolite were used to find its position on the right measuring pole 996m away. This was 12 to 14cm higher than the zero mark in the control.

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No.3. The exact same procedure as no.2 above was carried out, but this time moving the dumpy level 4m from the right pole, sighting the zero mark, rotating the level 180° and sighting the position on the left pole 996m away. The result was nearly the same as the other pole with a deviation of over 14cm higher than the zero mark.

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the site is in german but it's extremally valuable i suggest you use google translate and read few articles if you're interested

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Dinosaurs and half nekid hot cave chicks


typical shilling, admitting the truth but trying to create (((alternative solution))) for what's happenning

Fools. there is no heavens above. And no planets. You are all living in a simulation.

You're still not explaining how days work. How can it be day here and night in East Asia if the sun exists "inside" a finite space? Whether light bends or not it continues indefinitely until something blocks it. What is blocking the sun from view during the night?

intolerable heat

of course you're right, this experiment has to be repeated many times until all external factors are 100% sure to be eliminated, BUT the problem is that ...

tamarack mines (((collapsed)) not long after the experiment was published lol

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The upper atmosphere is the most earth like are outside of earth.
Oxygen and nitrogen are lifting gasses that will lift you above the clouds
There the pressure is close to earth's
Since you're closer to the sun and above most of the atmosphere your solar panels will be that much more efficient.
Cloud cities over Venus when?
Just don't crash.

You’re right, we’d need to develop the tech to harvest materials out of the atmosphere, I don’t know the feasibility of this bit if it’s possible Venus has some good stuff. Alternatively, and probably less possible would be building machines that can withstand the incredible pressures at the surface and farm for materials there. I wouldn’t discount asteroid mining as a way of getting materials in also. I believe there are some tall peaks on Venus too which might make surface harvesting more doable.

Because Chad Valiant Thor said not to go there. He is based AF. Also, the Earth is flat and space is fake and gay.

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>What is blocking the sun from view during the night?
nothing! look at this picture light rays hit only part of the surface. some concave earthers believe there is a glass sky, perhaps that's why the half of the sun isn't shown to reflect light rays i'm not sure BUT!

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Just like home aint it? Just like home! Stick around, might run into one of your cousins or something.

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>New Zeland

Eratosthenes experiment where he measured circumference of the Earth is 100% compatible with concave earth version. there is also a good explanation why the light is bending breddy gudd

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just noticed it

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Ur anus

Based retarded Pole

I can see Venus being a giant mine in space full of robots harvesting valuable resources that we could use somewhere else, but actually living there with a sizable population doesn't seem like it'd be even close to worth the effort. Don't get me wrong, we are technologically growing at an exponential rate but I can't see us being able to build a floating city in the atmosphere on a neighboring planet for hundreds of years. It'd take a ton of commitment, a global effort, and multiple generations of humans sharing the same goal in a stable society. I just don't see us ever getting to that point.

elites like to fuck around with people by hiding the truth in symbolism, understatements or humour

news pic related has 2 components, first it tells us that moon landings are fucking bullshit, never happened. second it confirms concave earth (moon is in the earths atmosphere)

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watch this and your faith in official model will be shattered lmao

nasa is basically disney shit, just cgi

So would going to mars.

People underestimate the difficulty of mars.

>Based retarded Pole
bolan can't into space, because it doesn't fucking exist kek

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Holes near the poles

The book The Smokey God is one of the weaker pieces of evidence. The author was the survivor of a trip through the north pole with his fisherman father. Both Norwegians had heard of the story of a warm land beyond the north pole and decided to attempt the very perilous voyage in their small fishing vessel. Lucky to survive the trip, the two 19th century fishermen were eventually picked up by another wooden vessel with Caucasian giant men (+/-12 ft) on board who had only heard about our land inside the Earth through their own legends. The giants were supposed to have some rail system of unknown propulsion and so in some instances their technology was “ahead” and a bit different to ours, certainly for the 19th century. The Sun was a dull red colour and looked “smokey” hence the title of the book. There was no night, only daytime and they believed in a God in the sky. There is possible video evidence of this dull-red sun revealed in the documentary below


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2. The Macuxi tribe
According to various websites which have cut and pasted the same story (source unknown), the Macuxi tribe of northern Brazil routinely visited the “other side” of the Earth through a windy cave which changed its direction of air flow every few days. The passage through to the other side became increasingly quicker the deeper they went, until halfway through there was no more gravity. Then gravity started to increase again until they were on the other side. The race of the people on this new side was unspecified, but were said to be giants 10 to 12 feet in height. The vegetation and animals were said to be huge also and plentiful, both points corroborating The Smokey God. Telling the secret to three English explorers who also visited the other side in 1907 put an end to the passageway, with the giants traveling in the reverse direction to the jungle in order to tell the Indians the bad news. The Indians who stayed on the other side grew in size to between giant and normal.


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Abundance of temperate climate species

(Source: TerreCreuse). In the book The Open Polar Sea, p. 413, explorer Hays at 78.28° north observed “a yellow-winged butterfly, and–who would believe it–a mosquito…ten moths, three spiders, two bees and two flies.” In his book Three years of Arctic Service, explorer Greely at 81.82° north reported birds of an unknown species, butterflies, bumblebees, so many flies they couldn’t sleep at night, and temperatures between 8 and 10°C. He also found plenty willow to make fire, and much driftwood. A Swedish expedition under Otto Torell found trees floating with green buds on them and among them was found the seed of the tropical Entada Bean which measured 2.25 inches across… and all this near Trurenberg Bay in the Arctic Sea. At 81° north, explorer Sverdrup found so many hares that they named one inlet, Hare Fiord. Also nearly all expedition parties found enough game to keep their exploring parties well fed with meat. These included herds of musk-oxen and reindeer. Captain Beechey saw so many birds on the west coast of Spitzbergen that sometimes a single shot killed thirty of them.

Migratory patterns

Then there are the observations of birds and animals migrating north in the Spring and Autumn (Fall):

Explorer Kane reported seeing several groups of Brent Geese, which is an American migratory bird, flying north-east in their wedge-shaped line of flight at 80 degrees 50 north at Cape Jackson, near Grinnelland in late June 1854.

Explorer Greely makes this statement of the northward migration of bears, “Lieutenant Lockwood, in May, 1882, noticed bear tracks (going north-east) on the north coast of Greenland, near Cape Benet in 83 degrees 3 N.,” and commented, “…I cannot understand why the bear ever leaves the rich hunting-field of the ‘North Water’ for the desolate shores of the northward.” (THREE YEARS, p. 366)

Greely also wrote about the Ross Gull, “…the observations of Murdoch at Point Barrow show that this bird, in thousands, passes over that point to the north-east in October, none of which were seen to return.” (THREE YEARS, p. 383)

Explorer Adolf Erick Nordenskiold, leader of a Swedish expedition, recorded in The Arctic voyage of 1858-1878, that on May 23, they saw north of Amsterdam Island (by Spitzbergen), “great numbers of barnacle geese…flying towards the north-west, perhaps to some land more northerly than Spitzbergen. (There is no such land on our present-day maps) The existence of such a land,” wrote Nordenskiold, “is considered quite certain by the walrus-hunters, who state that at the most northerly point hitherto reached, such flocks of birds are seen steering their course in rapid flight yet farther toward the north.” (Gardner, p. 160)

Higher temperatures further north

There are many more of these reports on the source website as well as numerous findings of higher temperatures at the north pole than expected:

On Jan. 18, 1894 at 79 degrees N. Nansen wrote, “It is curious that there is almost always a rise of thermometer with these stronger winds… A south wind of less velocity generally lowers the temperature, and a moderate north wind RAISES it.” (FARTHEST NORTH, Vol. I, p. 197) Two months later on March 4th, Nansen also wrote, “It is curious that now the northerly winds bring cold and the southerly warmth. Earlier in the winter it was just the opposite.”

In Roald Amundsen’s First Crossing of the Polar Sea, by dirigible, May 12, 1926, this rise in temperature toward the pole was also recorded. Upon leaving Spitzbergen the temperature was -8° centigrade. Then the temperature at the altitude of flight sank steadily from 5° below freezing over King’s Bay to 12° below zero on 88° north on the European side of the pole. from this place it began to rise slowly. The temperature at the pole was 2° below zero. That is an increase of 10°! (FIRST CROSSING, p. 230)

In the soviet flight of Mikhail Gromov, of the Soviet Air Force, in an article titled, Across the North Pole to America, he recorded a similar increase of temperature at the pole. Flying above Franz Josef Land at 13,000 feet, the temperature was minus 16 degrees Centigrade. But at the pole at 8,850 feet the temperature was recorded at minus 8 degrees C–an 8 degree increase in temperature.