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they are a tiny country with a manlet for a leader.

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*removes britain*
eu and china switch places

>not PPP

What is it even useful for?

Mail order bribes
Funny Videos

>Almost the same as Canada
Not bad

I asked for GDP.

These are totally fake numbers based on the scam of currency manipulation.

The real numbers are those of the PPP GDPs and they show Russia as equal or bigger than Germany and China as the first world economy (by far).

They have like 10 million people lol

Eh, it still feels nice

Yh must be nice when an economy is undermined by the cucked westies at every turn, only mutts and the boot lickers are allowed to make money

Wypipo being 7% of world population still produce more than the rest of the planet put together. .

They have 40 millions and enjoyed American capitalism since the beginning. By PPP, Russia is still quite important.

Higher per capita GDP than China despite sanctions and none of the billions heavy investments China got from the West since the 1970s

They have about 36 million, but that doesn't really help Russia's case as theirs is about 145 million.

Dude have you even been to Russia? It's pure fucking cancer. The Jews, azns and shitskins have all the important positions. And Putin sucks their dick. Heavily. Ethnic Slavs are fucking dying out. It's a low social trust, corrupt, chauvinistic, stoic (but really it means nobody gives a shit) shit hole which survives on propaganda alone and selling all their resources. They have to save for like 2 years to get a fucking washing machine.

bigger the economy, faster the environment is destroyed, retard.

Half of that 36 million is either chinese or indian

I'd pick all of that over Germany, a country that's devoid of any charisma, humor and attractive women.

Yeah I know we're pretty shit.
This doesn't make other shitty countries less shit.

Russia has a huge almost-rural population and very few cityfags to inflate the numbers without actually producing anything of value. Meanwhile shitholes like France have most of the population working in services/government and live off the backs of less than 1/4 of their population.

If you wanna compare gdp of different currencies you gotta PPP right? Also why do krauts obsess over a number that at the end if things doesnt mean much

>On 24 July 2014, Canada targeted Russian arms, energy and financial entities.[42]
>On 5 August 2014, Japan froze the assets of "individuals and groups supporting the separation of Crimea from Ukraine" and restrict imports from Crimea. Japan also froze funds for new projects in Russia in line with the policy of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.[43]
>On 8 August 2014, Australian prime minister Tony Abbott announced that Australia is "working towards" tougher sanctions against Russia, which should be implemented in the coming weeks.[44][45]
>On 12 August 2014, Norway adopted the tougher sanctions against Russia that were imposed by the EU and the United States on 12 August 2014. Although Norway is not a part of the EU, the Norwegian Foreign Minister Borge Brende said that it would impose restrictions similar to the EU's 1 August sanctions. Russian state-owned banks will be banned from taking long-term and mid-term loans, arms exports will be banned and supplies of equipment, technology and assistance to the Russian oil sector will be prohibited.[46]

You see where I'm going with this.

Same reason "gets", "dubs", etc are popular on Jow Forums or the Jewish Kabbalah. Autism.

I'm sorry I don't speak Yiddish

Yeah? What you want?

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>WAAAAH! The STROOOONK Russian economy would be FINE if we weren't punished for illegally invading another white country!!!!!
You see where I'm going with this.

Post the PPP, schwarzer

>even with the benefit of free trade and being US's cuck Canada cannot outperform Russia

Chang things he knows about European politics. POST THE PRICES, CANADIAN.

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Ukrainians aren't white, though. They're slavs. If russians invade slavs, it's a non-white affair.

>kraut being concerned about Slavs dying out
You need to ga back Janusz.

NA/EU economies are on the edge of collapse though.
Russian one is much healthier as they have almost no debts(they had shitload just 30 years ago?) and are much more self-sufficient
>reeee they are poorer

also pic rel

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Wait, HOLY SHIT, sweden and norway are just a hanging penis.

You fucking idiots.
Using PPP to compare the total economic output of two countries is like comparing the weight of two people by using the metric system for one measurement and the imperial for the other one.
By that logic a person weighing 100kg weighs less than someone who is 150lbs because 150>100.

PPP is right one since an Indian can get enough food to survive for $1 per day but a swiss cannot


Did someone say Russia?

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>italians routinely send astronauts in space

And thats why you have to use the same currency to compare GDP numbers.
Otherwise the economic output of a country with a weak currency gets distorted because of purchasing power.

Thats exactly my point, brainlet.

They're not protestant anglosaxons, so they're by definition not whites. And nobody should feel proud of being "white". Be proud of being a mediterranean. Or an Aryan. Or a nordic. But don't ever make the mistake of letting yourself get subsumed by a globalist anglosphere term like white.

>mountain jew flag
you have no right to talk about italians.

Бaнaнoв тeбe, в дыню, bro

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Of course not. Your best Italians are part of our country, while the rest is shittalians. But you can still be somewhat kinda proud.
Until your government implodes and changes again in two years.

Jesus you're dumb. Mountain Jew is definitely on the money in this case.

I do not like this image user.

>Your best Italians are part of our country
i frontalieri sono dei traditori bastardi che vanno a succhiare il cazzo agli svizzeri d'oltralpe.
blinded by your jewish lies of high salaries and well-being, those traitors are constantly bitching about italy yet at the same time working factory jobs in switzerland, often in poor conditions and with very little rights.
i wouldn't call starved terroni hopping the border to work as plumbers in switzerland yet making the same money a doctor does in italy "the best italians".
get fucking real, you alpine kike.
stay out of this portobro, this is a border issue.

A skilled tradesman is worth his money.

your argument is absolute brainlet level. russia's economic output suddenly decreased drastically because the ruble lost in value by your logic?
PPP is there to remove the currency/price difference issue for the most part, so if anything, then it's actually easier to compare two economies, especially if they're the size of China, US or Russia...
11€ gets me a restaurant visit for 2 people in russia and barely one in germany... So, was the "economic output" equal in both situations despite the restaurant in russia putting out twice as much of the same thing?

>Using PPP to compare the total economic output of two countries is like comparing the weight of two people by using the metric system for one measurement and the imperial for the other one.

Do you realize that $1 in Switzerland gets you different quantity of products and services than $1 in India does, right?

If your goal is to compare real economy sizes (ie how many actual goods and services are produced in each country) then comparing nominal numbers is meaningless, you have to adjust for purchasing parity (ie what $1 actually gets you in real products and services).

When comparing economies PPP is the most accurate.

>By that logic a person weighing 100kg weighs less than someone who is 150lbs because 150>100
and that's retarded as well. the analogy doesn't represent any given issue and PPP isn't necessarily higher than nominal. Norway for example has a higher nominal than PPP GDP.
Instead of actually addressing any actual issues present with PPP, you pull out some bs out of your ass and try to sound smart...

Who sets the prices that go into GDP? Answer is jews, which is why 90% of the west's GDP is composed of useless degenerate garbage. reminder that pornhub and camgirl earnings counts for GDP.

Think you're mistaken here m8. Anglo-saxon protestants are crypto-jews, and therefore not white. Only slavs, celts and scandinavians are truly white.


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papaya and banana?