Funding NASA

Why the hell are we funding these guys? They haven’t done anything legit for almost 3 decades. Every other industry or government program has been expanded to hell and back but BASA just takes money and gives us nothing.

>trust nasa and give them bullionsa year in taxes goyim
>they went to the moon
>you’re not a moon landing denying conspiracy theorist are you
>only loners and incels doubt the government tells the truth

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Those are the inner boots on the left. The outer boots left the print.

outer boots:

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>when people believe humans went to the moon over 50 years ago, multiple times, yet can’t even attempt a manned mission today.

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Isn't it a fucken-nothing slice of your budget
Aren't they revving their engines up for lunar bases

>billions a year
>trillions in debt
>nothing slice

We’d be better of pocketing it

>let's make a strawman argument
>we prove that it was wrong
take that rational people, (((nasa))) always wins


It's a cover for your real space program, which is all about spy satellites.

A good example is the Hubble telescope.
Which is a smaller version of a class of spy satellites build for the secret service.

op is a fag

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Billions are nothing next to trillions though
You know how numbers work right

lot more blacks now

Billions a year add up to trillion in debt.

well because its either give money to (((NASA))) or to wellfare niggers (and spics)

If the moon landing was fake there would need to be 400000 people in the cover up.

Do you just believe anything you see on the internet without doing any research? Gullible fucktard.

>kike spreading kike propaganda
Like pottery.
Moon landing was faked because the eternal yankee and his jewish masters couldn't cope with the fact that the mighty soviet union with superior german technology managed to beat America in the space race

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WTF so we did actually go to Nevada for real?
I always thought it was a hoax.

>if child-sacrificing canaanites were ruling the planet today, there would need to be 400000 people in the cover up

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There is a race for space and the Chinks and Russkies that post this shit want to try to hold the USA back in that race

good post, OP shoulda done more resarch

now explain the flag waving, no dust kicking up when the lander takes off, van allen belt radiation and squirrel in the mars photos


>German tech
Uh I think you got it the other way around fag boy

Moon landing take 400000 people to cover up

They're planning on going back by 2024 if they get the budget increase from trump. You need to understand NASA doesn't have complete say over what they do. They need to be approved by the government.

How about you stop giving the military $600 billion a year then. Nasa only gets about $20 billion