I'm going WMAF and none of you can stop me

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''White'' male

Ok bye.

Pick a pretty one at least. Not a gook goblin like Zucc.

Ok, have fun with your subhuman kids if you even get that far.

This is why I could not go WMAF. Happas are usually ugly and always miserable.

i don't give a shit

I want a Korean wife!

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>beta asian males

Holy fuck you all come out of the woodwork as soon someone gets a incentive for it.

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No one wants ugly wh*Te women anymore.

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Your children will be hideous mongrels with identity issues. Enjoy.

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She dosn't love you.


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Look at these faggots, trying to discourage WMAF. LMFAO!

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Daily Stormer faggots can kill themselves, you're all emcels waiting to be genocided.

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>promoting race mixing
>calling us Jews


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>being this angry over WMAF

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Imagine having mongrelized offspring on purpose

No one want wh*Te whores anymore, let the niggers take them we don't do that shit around here.

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Whiter than you.

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Whiter than (You)

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Have atleast some decency and choose a Hapa girl and not a full blown Asian


Imagine having that flag and calling others mutts! LOL!

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I really wish jannies would make this topic just an insta pern ban on submit.


You call this beautiful child a mutt?

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What were you saying?

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Yikes and oofpilled. Jungle nigger lovers are pathetic KEK

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>angry roastie
Kill yourself. Your vagina looks awful.

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Back to plebbit.

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Looks like a literal downie.
If this is what you have to look forward to breeding as WMAF then...ouch

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Yeah I am sure a ton of us "roastie white whores" browse Jow Forums.
Go take some meds and lie down you coping incel


look at your flag

Imagine throwing away your identity like this roastie.
We all know the only types of wh*Tes that use
are wh*Te women that feel like they have there femininity stripped form them when they look at a Asian Goddess with a White ALPHA God.

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Says the Jow Forumsasianmasculinity faggot

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You will regret it when you see your children’s faces.. if u want to fuck Asians go for it just don’t reproduce with them


memeflag posters are irrelevant. Neck yourself faggot


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Whiter than you.



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That you should better take an already hapafied woman as wife. We already have 1/4 Vietnamese here and their life doesnt seem as bad. Hence take a Hapa so your children are Quapas and it wont be as shitty for the boys

and so are asian males using the US flag
neck yourself

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Enjoy your bug babies until the rope comes.

Burn the rice, pay the price.

Also sage goes in the options field don't let the slide Jew get his bumps.

Hope your son is a social outcast who commits suicide and your noodlewhore divorce rapes you

>subhuman filth asian beta males

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