The true aryans

The amount of hate directed towards southern Italy is uneducated and way too much to bare. Real Aryans originate from Naples, Sicily, Rome and Calabria. This is real fact and not even disputable.
>inb4 get out Muhammad
>inb4 get out shitskin
>inb4 burgerfag reee’s

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Any other Canadian shit post

>t. The Calogero plan shill

Fuck off

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southern italian and sicilian girlfeet are white.

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Fuck off we're full

bear. a four letter monosyllabic word and yet you somehow managed to fuck that up.

True Aryans come from the center of the earth.

medniggers are not white and never will be white.

Fuck off we’re not aryans, we’re meds.


italian feet are white.

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it’s a common error dr grammar

Ladies and gentlemen, British education

Factual information

Adding zero meaningful dialogue to the topic. Thank you Cletus

Speak for yourself. All the Italians in my community are southerners, and whiter than the average German or Anglo

You just didn't the answer you wanted. Fucking deal with it, you utter faggot.

Southern Italians

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Oh NONONONO!!! They are colliding!!!!


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Interesting and irrelevant point since they're all sand-niggers now, same with most Frenchmen.

Absolute bullshit.
t. Aryanism aficionado.

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>Italians aren’t white but I am
Hans, I’ll say you got a nice cope but your country is being run by women, shills, and traitors.

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I think all g*rmanics secretly enjoy brown italian girlfeet.

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At least my country is being run by a leader with a higher T score than Justin Trudeau.

Oh, but I posted an Arab, but you literally can't tell the difference, because Southern Italians are Arab rapebabies.

actually i always thought that americans are the most degenerate humans on earth but reading here on Jow Forums makes me want to change my mind.
why are canadians so retarded? are they even humans?

There's nothing wrong with having moor feet.

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you're that It*lian nigger from St*ten Isl*nd, right?

Grew up with Italians. Very cocky people who can't back up their words. I still consider them white, but not a fan. Modern day Italians have little to no connection to the Romans of the past. You guys are cowardly, at least here anyway. Plus you're like literal nigger tier at times. I recall the wops hooting and hollering a lot back in my school days. Learn to be subservient to your master while you occupy our land. You are guest, not a Canadian.


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>southern Italians are Arab rape babies

Why is this every kraut’s cope?

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Southern italians are actually Nordic.

sure, pastanigger

Then why are they genetically European? (R1b)

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Those “Italians” are probably not real Italians, but mutt barbarians from Austria or Croatia. Real Italians are intelligent, strong and far superior to your average pig nosed Anglo

Your sheer existance is a cope and afront to humanity.

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When I encountered you a few times other the last few years I just thought you were a harmless freak who liked his Germanic cousin's feet.

Now I realise you're contributing to d&C threads, and for that, you must die.

south italians are as arabs as they are nepalese, like zero. They are mostly neolithic farmers.

based pastabro

>Toronto team just won championship in basketball against AMERICAN team
>free healthcare
>no acid attacks
>able to carry small pocket knife without being thrown in jail

Sounds like you’re just jealous Hans


Cope. You're inferior, you've lost your genetic heritage long ago. Anglos don't have pig noses. Those are the Britons which are known as the modern day Welsh, you uneducated greasy black haired spaghetti nigger.

>black hair

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Aryanz is literally the european version of kangz. The aryans you want to believe existed never did

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Interesting how your data conveniently excludes southern Italians.

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>Italians are white

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I’m Italian and every year during the summer my feet have a pungent yet delicate and persistent smell.

When I take my slippers off I can immediately feel that smell rising in the air up to my nostrils, sometimes I even take a sniff from the slipper to enhance the sensation.

I’m both disgusted and aroused by this smell.

Think someone's on the verge of suicide tonight. Don't kill yourself user. You're still partially white.

my blonde/blue likely came to me through my mother's grandparents who are from this region.


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Retard, southern Italians are white even your Somalian refugees know this


Right after you buddy

>clusters with Jews

Run in the kitchen take a knife an cut your throat open.

Even if there are arab or norman genes in Southern Italy, the culture is Italian , which is superior to both

niggers shot up the parade and many were trampled lol

kys faggot

>tax evading, fake invalids, disrespecting every single law possible, being rude ignorant peasants and always trying to fuck and scam the person who you’re doing business with is a superior culture

Nice delusion Calogero

you are all those things Jacob

do you even know what a firsts is?

Northern independence when?

soon Kamerad

Keep seething in your crusty milanese apartment Alberto

Welp found the traitor. How do you like it knowing that you’re a Austro-German slave?

He likes it. He faps to it every night

I've got good things happening in life. I'm not on a Mongolian mortal kombat tips and tricks forum attempting to justify why spaghetti bandits are whiter than northern euros. I think you're depression is out of control. Should go take some seriquel or something, and calm down. Schedule an appointment with your psychiatrists and work on being a productive member of society.
You're a winner, and you rock baby!

Terrone di merda.

Yeah you're a useless dehydrated cuck

Take your pills schizo

>me on the right

>It’s Da Jooz it’s Da Jooz!!!!!!

Incorrect and don’t give enough of a fuck to research

Pick one and only one.

Italians are obviously based though, they fought the good fight, as did the Japanese

>non white

Imagine being this big of an idiot

The abo came to teach what europeans are

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Doesn't Caucasoids come from Caucasus?

having visited italy numerous times:
sardinia, apulia, campagna > lombardia, piemonte, liguria
veneto is really nice tho.

>veneto is really nice
redpilled choice user