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>impeached but not removed
What did they mean by this?

serves that jidf kike right

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>2% difference pro/halfpro v against
>plus or minus 3% polling error
oh look it’s fucking nothing.

>still believing in polls

that’s how impeachment works

it's annoying that technically the meaning of impeachment is to put someone up for a vote on whether they should be removed. we need a word for "impeach and convict," but there isn't one, so this confusion will persist indefinitely.

Being impeached and removed would be the only way to save his legacy at this point. He can become a martyr after stabbing his base in the back. Otherwise hes going to lose the election THEN go to jail and no one will care.

maybe if this kike puppet would actually put America First instead of Israel first, he might not be getting the full court press on impeachment.

Fuck TRUMP and his kike pushing ways. All he does is push Israel first policies instead of fighting for America.

Where the fuck is my wall Donnie?

Impeachment =/= removed from office
Case in point: Bill.

I know but why would someone who wants him impeached not removed?

imagine still thinking polls mean anything at all, if you want accurate polls look at the odds for the bookies

>fox "news"
That's like asking fat people if they prefer McDonalds or carrots.

The Dems are on team Trump or else they would have had him killed, imprisoned, or at least removed by now. More accurately, Trump is on team (((Dems))) or else he’d have them arrested by now. None of them are on your team.

That 7% is made up of high-IQ Republicans who realize that a failed impeachment would boost Trump’s approval and be a disaster for Democrats

Impeachment doesn’t specifically mean removal from office. It’s the formal charging process in which Congress May vote on such removal. Impeachment has been pressed against 2 presidents before: Andrew Johnson and Bill Clinton. Both times Congress failed to vote them out of office

impeached and executed wasn't an option? fake poll

>why would someone who wants him impeached not removed?
He’d become a martyr in the public’s eyes without anything actually happening to him.

is it over maga bros?

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Didn’t the polls show that Hillary would win by a landslide? kek

All impeachment means is to bring charges against.

she won the popular vote and lost the EC by 80,000 votes spread over a couple states

on what charges?

Obstruction, Collusion

>he might not be getting the full court press on impeachment.
No it's because he's not cucky enough. Sorry.

Do we still not know what "impeach" means?

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if you subtract LA county alone from the totals trump won the popular vote too

Don’t you need 3/5ths? I can’t remember the specific rules and I don’t care to look it up.