A prominent Confederate monument in Tennessee was defaced today with red paint and graffiti reading "They were racists." Hate will not be tolerated in Tennessee or anywhere else. You're on the losing side of history, Jow Forums.

>'They were racists' Confederate statue vandalized in Nashville's Centennial Park

>A Confederate statue has been vandalized in Nashville's Centennial Park.

>Graffiti on the statue says, "They were racists" in red paint. Metro Police Capt. Chris Taylor said it happened sometime overnight Sunday.

>The statue is in remembrance of Confederate soldiers and was erected in 1909. Red liquid was doused on the statue and the phrase was scrawled on a plaque with the names of more than 500 Tennessee Confederate soldiers.


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I don't understand. Why were they racist?

Based! I’m a racist as well.

Walked past it earlier. A black and a woman were cleaning it lol

I saw this and it made me pissed. I was even more pissed to see all the Twitter chimps praising this as if it was a good thing.
Isnt it funny how everything they do to combat racism makes me regard them as less human.

Seriously. I hope they burn in their shithole cities.

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>Seriously. I hope they burn in their shithole cities.
They will.

The sooner the better.
Make that shit pay per view and I'll buy it twice.

There are a lot of different monuments in this country, you know.
Most are vulnerable.

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They were racists... the south is such a shithole

I bet that BASED black man is gonna fuck the girl later.

I love TN. Been trying desperately to convince my better half to retire there.All she can say is 'too many blacks'.

And Martin Luther King was a rapist.
He's got a lot of monuments, too...

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Yea, he'll win her heart with watermelon and Ripple...

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You know we have an actual law protecting our monuments from liberal bureaucracies.
So basically vandalism is all they've got left.
Feels good to call the greatest state home.

Most confederate soldiers never owned a slave. They were simple farmers just trying to get by. They joined the war to defend their homeland from invading Northern soldiers.

Stop asking niggers and libtards to think.
It won't work, and all it does is annoy them.

>tfw I actually had ancestors who fought for Tennessee Confederate regiments

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wuz he a racist, Jow Forums?

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Me too user. They had to go to Texas after.

Mine went to Arkansas after, then Oklahoma, and died in California.
His granddaughter was my ancestor. Her other grandfather fought for the Arkansas confederacy and was killed my a bushwhacker. His surviving son who became the husband of the daughter of the Tennessee Confederate soldier was less than one year old when he was killed.

and WYTPPL did this

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Someone writes "And that's a good thing" below

Or even better, participate in the lynchings!

>They were racists
The Northeners too. And the people fighting the Nazis. Damn, they all hated niggers so much.

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One day the backlash to all this will be ferocious when the white man takes back his lands

Someone should spray paint and that's a good thing! Right below they were racist.

>One day

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Millions of people died so they could have the freedom to do this.
Shameful really.

I wish we could just get Civil War 2.0 started, I'm getting real sick of this shit.

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>Thinking it can't just be washed off

Why is this two separate sentences? What did they mean by this?

Confederates were traitors who betrayed the USA for the express purpose of enforcing slavery
I have no idea why anyone on Jow Forums admires them

Pretty much every white American was racist back then, but only the Confederates were degenerate enough to try and keep slavery legal

I did work on someone's house recently that was an nypd cop around when 9/11 happened.
He had one of those flags with the blue stripe on it.
His wife was Jewish and apparently a government worker.
1 this secured my belief about the jews.
2 he couldn't be racist.
Also the confederate flag was flown many times by southerners when they captured enemy outposts by marines/army in the pacific and European theater of WW2
These fucking idiots don't know shit about history.
They're disgracing everyone that actually fought "da ebil nazis".

>for the express purpose of enforcing slavery

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>Association of confederate veterans
Some of my early fraternity brothers are probably on that statue.

I fucking hate bugmen. You're absolutely right, we are racist.

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>He had one of those flags with the blue stripe on it.

Sorry, I am at a loss, which do you mean?

>only the Confederates were degenerate enough to try and keep slavery legal
sign Emancipation Proclamation
>don't free slaves in the North (only in the Confederate states that seceded)

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So current Democrats are pissed at past Democrats, I can see this cycle repeating on and on and on.

Lincoln was "racist". The Founding Fathers were "racist".

Sounds like "racist" isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

Because they were alive back in the day, Nazi detected

>Sounds like "racist" isn't as bad as people make it out to be.

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Probably written by a group if niggers with a """white""" basedboy who met his current "girlfriend" through them.

Reminder that South Africa's downfall started with niggers defacing apartheid-era statues. It will only get worse from here.

>Muh Democrats
This is the logic the eternal boomer has to offer while his country is flooded with nonwhites.

This. If I lived near this thing I’d bash it repeatedly until it was no longer recognizable.

IS there a way for them to clean this up? Can that paint be removed?

>they were racists
>confederate army literally fougt side by side with tribes of indians
>blacks voluntarily enlisted in the army, including slaves
>war was fought primarily in response to border raids
>south was well on it's way to ending slavery as it was
>non-slave blacks were reasonably well respected, basically integrated into society if they weren't born slaves.

retard. Majority of slaves in confederate states were owned by northerners (and also jews)
Primary reasons for war wereborder raids, and that confederate states were paying the majority of taxes for the union and getting shat on in return. Northern states encouraged these border raids, and protected the perpetrators from the law once they were back accross state lines.

Just spray paint "lol niggers" on it

Without those "racists," these entitled little shits wouldn't have the freedom to bitch about the men that gave it to them. But they're too fucking stupid to even comprehend that.

I've actually been there before. When I was there I was wondering how long I would take for something like this to happen. Turns out about 2 years.

me on the right

They strike an enemy who is already dead and unable to counter. Typical lunatics.

Blue lives matter flag. In support of police

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ah ok. Thanks


there will be no 'backlash'
it'll all fall down into ruin and everythin will become meaningless in the struggle for survival. all of this outrage and virtue signalling will be forgotten, all fires snuffed
then it's conan time, when good men will be forged once again

Motherfucker, this is way too close to home.

This is an absolute fucking disgrace this monument does not celebrate the Confederacy this is to remember our fellow Americans who died and to remember why we should never do this again those who forget the past are doomed to repeat it

Yeah I'm sure most Northern soldiers were progressive suburban whites just aching to supply shoes and watermelon to the poor blacks. Everybody was a racist at the time including niggers. Hell most niggers today are incredibly racist.

>There are a lot of different monuments in this country, you know.
quality post/10

To judge the actions of people in the distant past by modern standards of morality is ignorant, and really quite arrogant.

Beautiful city. First time visiting. I'll go clean it after my interview tomorrow.
T. Terror oscuro

wow this is powerful

I love black people and jews and am sorry for slavery now

what they get for losing the war. fuck em

those adds got to you, good.

the vast majority of people in this country are drooling morons who don't understand basic logic.

By current years standards, almost everyone now is racist. Everyone back then certainly falls into the category.
When are they going to deface statues of Abe? It's not like he granted them equal rights to whites.
Imagine a president today, who wouldn't let niggers vote.
What would they call him?


>burger education
God damnit put a memeflag on when you're spouting retarded bullshit. You give us all a bad name. In reality the south weren't fighting to defend slavery at all, that shit was tacked on after the fact by the union boys and, as a matter of fact, generals for the north were literally the last people to give their slaves up. It was a war for the governance of individual states vs ownership by the federal government who weren't being fair in the eyes of the confederate states. That's all. The slavery angle is an example of "history is written by the winners" and the reality is closer to the opposite of the narrative schools cram into kids minds, much like the holocaust is. Instead of repeating shit from buzzfeed articles maybe try actually researching one of the most prominent events in our countries history for fucks sake.

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What's almost funny about that, if it weren't a sad look at how fucked we all are, is that THEN it would be national news. "RACIST GRAFFITI ON HISTORICAL MONUMENT" all over the airwaves and internets. Immediately. When the message is legitimate culture jamming shit that takes balls and would ruin somebody if they were caught it's "empowered racists fueled by right-wing supremacy and knowing no fear of prosecution" or something, but when the racism being tagged onto shit is anti-white it's stunning and brave despite the "risk" in being caught consisting of a slap on the wrist and $20k in gofundme profits all said. Fucking clown world.

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Not good enough. These freaks need to do it to union and WWII memorials as well, since those men were all racist too.

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Southerns are a lot smarter than Northerns. I live near the city, the amount of retarded, brainwashed, egotistical, sexually confused, completely pathetic excuse for human beings, makes me dissociate. I swear to fucking god when the next civil war starts I am fighting for the south.

faggot kek

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Nice d u b s fellow Nashville bro.

It all makes more sense when you look at it in the right light. I've heard it said the key difference in a leftist/any other kind of person is that leftists openly absorb and internalize propaganda without hesitation. Simple as that. Whatever is repeated the most, whatever the most celebrities are parroting, that's the gospel and truth to them and there can be no dissent that they'll tolerate. It's pretty sweeping a generalization but damn if it doesn't seem like the truth.
It's a cultural empire built on quicksand fwiw, it can't last so the trick is in surviving among those people until their cult dies out. It's a war of attrition and we have all the preppers, literally and politically speaking.

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More like
>they didn’t stop the union from becoming slaves to the central banks at the time to destroy the greenback like they were supposed to so let’s demonize them for eternity just like the Nazis

It's almost like the most hated groups in modern history all have one thing in common that more and more people are picking up on. Surely it's just a cohen-cidence though.

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Trying to cover up the jewish crimes of slavery and civil war of getting poor whites to kill other poor whites for rich jews.

>old America
>the south
>the Russian czar Nicholas II
Yeah no shit

I live just down the road from Winstead Hill in Franklin. About five minutes from my apartment is a plantation where tons of Confederate soldiers were buried.

If it were up to these fuckers we would be having mass exhumings because "le current year"

>giving the memory of traitors any respect
Nuke the south again

go home schlomo no one cares

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>Nicholas II
I actually hadn't read anything on this guy, so a quick search alarmed me with this shit: newsweek.com/jews-killed-russia-czar-ritual-murder-726568
Holy fuck. At this point I wouldn't be surprised to find that proto-judaism, some sumarian sect that later adapted into modern judaism, went around subverting villages and sacrificing babies to the volcano god or some shit. Just when I think I've come to suspect jews an accurate amount in a given situation some new shit comes out and I realize it's worse than I ever knew.

Nothing will ever teach these people respect for our heritage. The people that did this probably aren't even from Nashville. It's hard to find someone that is, these days.

Everyone has in-group preference, and therefore out-group aversion aka "racism." The term is meaningless, and yet that's why they love it. If they can convince you to say something untrue, that an instinct to defend your family and by extension your nation is evil -- they win. Just like in 1984 with 2+2 = 5. The fact that it's untrue makes it a kind of secret handshake among the members of their cult. If the cult agrees upon a truth, it's not a ritual hazing anymore. It's humiliating to force their enemies to embrace it. It's not as much fun. They have blundered pushing racism so much. Revealing their hand. That equality will never be enough for them.

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The liberals I know from Texas all move there

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Niggers tounge my anus