Homemade Weapons

Are there anyways to make home made weapons other than chlorine gas and molotov cocktails?

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Jow Forums is a board of peace

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Slamfire guns.
Potato cannons.
Flame thrower.
Sparkler bomb.
Idk... i guess not really.


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has everything you are looking for

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Hello federal agent this is a board of peace. I would like to take the oppertunity to disavow any acts of violence and make clear my pacifist nature. Furthermore I want to point out all posts made through this signature are made in jest and parody and do not necessarily represent my actual views. I love my government and am happy with the current state of things. Thanks.

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Don’t respond to these glownigger posts anymore.

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Sorry Mr. Agent, no weapons over here :^)

im not FBI lmfao, just underage

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>NatSoc Memeflag
>Asking for Homemade weapons
>Not Fed “underage”
Step up your game FBI

if you dont know how to make bow or crossbow, you should be shamed.

It doesnt need to be Quality 10/10 and to last 10 years active use.

It only needs to fling arrow with enough force to penetrate people...i mean animals...

so first you take a stick
and then you take a knife
and you use the knife to sharpen the stick

long sharp sticks are super effective weapons
trust me on that

For retarda, this is how you blow yourself up.
The compounds and method sounds legit, but the moment you connect it to the battery, with no timed switch link, it will be over before you could blink.

Nope. No such thing. Move along.
Pic unrelated.

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Just torrent the Anarchists Cookbook, faggot.

Yes, this is a peaceful community about the joys of bucket weaving and we wish no harm on normal people, minorities or women

>FBI is so demoralized by shitposting they aren’t even trying anymore

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I’ll give you my secret: I chow the fuck down on refried bean burritos and tacos the night before a Young Democrats campus get together. Slink in and don’t stand out. Hand out flyers whilst releasing the most deadly SBDs the human race has ever seen. You know you’ve succeeded when people start throwing up. You’re welcome.

Spread that shit on Antifa sites, hilarity ensues

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Hot glue 2 storm matches to the side and put a cap on the bottle. A storm match will burn for 10 seconds after lighting and will stay lit when thrown.

This also allows you to throw the bottle by the neck, giving you greater distance.

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Anarchist Cookbook is fed bait and chemistry is just wrong

I know something more dangerous. Jews. They can enslave a whole nation.

>Are there anyways to make home made weapons other than chlorine gas and molotov cocktails?

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lots of them in this video.


skip to 10 min and start from there...

Follow up for the Glowies: These Molotovs are used for recreational and entertainment purposes only. When burning the brush pile on the back 40, it's just sometimes fun to pretend it's a T-34 and I am but a humble Finnish ski soldier.

>this *sounds* legit

read: I dont really know how the fuck this shit works or if it really even works but let me give you some expert advice on operating it

is everyone from Estonia fucking retarded or is it just the same guy spending hours here?

>is everyone from Estonia fucking retarded
Swamp Elves are just slow, not retarded.

Q: How many Estonians does it take to change a lightbulb?
A: Only one, but it takes him a week to notice it burned out in the first place.

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>antifa "members" with easy access to guns have yet to use them

>but they'll surely make a bomb using instructions found on the internet

kys you fucking retard, is everyone here braindead? do you faggots think before you type?

If you have ever picked up a chemistry book then you are already far too dangerous to allowed to walk free.

I have books handed down several generations detailing the art of sharpening a spoon into a knoife. back then they called them knoons or noonies and they were a great example of british middle finger to the beaurocrats as they evaded knoife loicenses. Sadly since the 'dont carry a noonie you loony' media campaign of '78 followed by the subsequent legislation they are all but a lost art form.

We can make some together fren if you bring your own spoons - unregistered, grind off the serial numbers, pref import - german steel is good. dont tell the fuzz or your mum either as i dont need her hassling my mum and me getting grounded.

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havent seen a spoon in years

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Hillbillies have been making home made guns with scrap metal, a drill press and a a couple of files for a good long time. Now days I would add a cheap battery powered grinder to the mix.

Check out the Brazilian open bolt gun scene designs before they re-legalized guns.

Also you will go to jail if you build any of those guns.

protip: book a flight using one of the more easterny airlines and you get a plastic spoon with the inflight meal. just dont let them see your boarding pass or passport and talk with an american accent and they'll just hand one over.

got one back through customs a few year back. had 2 spotted dick and a crumble before some bugger grassed me up and ended up doing a year inside. Fairly sure im on some sort of flight watch list now too :(

Never tried it before, but I hear nitroglycerin is fairly easy to make if you know what you're doing.

anything is a weapon in the right hands. shanks are pretty easy to craft and quick. lock in a sock will split a head like a melon. heaps of suger in boiling water in someones face is mad, rub their face after and watch there face slide off. and a good old englandistan fav, the acid attack. get some mean dogs and set them on a mouthy cunt.

the worlds your oyster when it comes to maiming your foe

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Anarchists Cookbook is full of bullshit. None of the info it has is reliable.

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If you need to post here to ask, stick to chewing bubble gum.

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I hear homemade rifle barreled breech loading cannons are perfectly legal in Finland. We can only have smoothbore muzzle loading cannons.

I feel cucked.

rifle the round then, like a slug

Not bad but you're only making yourself look/smell bad. How do we feel about the use of pic related at leftist marches and drag queen story times? Drop them on the ground and let someone else step on them when you're already 30 seconds down the street.

Yes, it is just a mixture of nitric acid and glycerin. Just mix em together and give it a shake.

That doesn't sound right. Generally Finnish law doesn't distinguish home-made weapons from factory made ones, and you basically need a permit for anything with more firepower than a BB gun.

Having said that, legal full-fun guns don't cost $15k in Finland.

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pipe bombs, homemade napalm, garage stendos....

All you need is creativity user

Look up professor parabellum pdfs

Have a thank you (you), Im glad my talents are appreciated.

When I was young we used to mix works & aluminum foil together in pepsi bottles shake and throw them at cows.
Driving around on old back roads smoking weed.

Duh, but why are you asking here? Go talk to you local Imam at the mosque.

Eat a lot of beans and fart.

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Mods? You let this obvious Honey pot stay open?? Why? What for?

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Jow Forums is a Board of Peace

If it's a firearm, it requires a permit. Any firearm part that is subjected to pressure requires a permit.

(with the exception of starting pistols / blank firearms)

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In the states you are allowed to make any weapon you are legally allowed to own. Only restriction is you are never allowed to sell it.

my neighbor is finnish and he said he couldn't even carry a screwdriver in his pocket because it's the same as a knife

Made me sad

you can sell them. You cant manufacture them with the intent to sell

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Don't hurt my barbecue you fag.

Other than that, based.
Back roads have no radars and you can basically drive as you father did back in the 70s

Nice lawyering there user.

Also there's a limit to how many you can make per year.

That's not really true. You're allowed to carry all kinds of sharp tools if you're not stupid enough to have a legitimate excuse for one's use. You can walk around with knives as long as you say you had an apple with you before the cops frisked you.

LOL. In the states you are allowed to carry a box cutter, totally legal. But if you call it a neck slitter, that same device is now illegal.

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god gave you hands. learn to make a fist and fight like a man, not a nigger using weapons

It's just really loud & scares the shit out of things.


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"speaks in strong Russian accent" Hahaha man, I have nukes. Come and get it you capitalist rat

There is a deposit of raw materials near Flint Mi.

>Make a wooden box
>arrested because can be weapon

lol good luck after i shoot you fro 25 feet away with my .45

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Only applies to firearms

Your imagination is the limit.
PROTIP: Shotgun shells are legally-purchasable antipersonnel mines and would normally be considered destructive devices.

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Sorry man, you are allowed to make any firearm you are legally allowed to own.

Boxes on the other hand require a building permit and you will go to jail if you attempt to make one without the proper paperwork, professional licenses and inspections.