Why should i, as a woman, vote for right-wing parties when leftists offer me better protection for my rights?

Why should i, as a woman, vote for right-wing parties when leftists offer me better protection for my rights?

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You don’t have rights. Everything you have is a privilege granted you by men.

I do have rights

Keep voting for the left and this will be you soon:

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Nice slide htread

you did this thread last night

all political ideologies are nonsense, and all politicians deserve nothing better than a long drop. none of them offer a damned thing. they're idiots and/or subversives.

Because a functioning society is more important than individual rights

left isn't good either. If you don't want to vote right vote centrum

The left cares less about your rights than the right. Some things, such as abortions, aren’t rights.

tits or gtfo.

You shouldn't be allowed to vote, period. Problem solved.

Fuck off tranny. You are not now nor will you ever be a woman. Deranged faggot.

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Have sex roastie

Your men have failed you. They stand by while your fellow women and history are raped by Muslim invaders. Voting is useless. Your children will not know peace.

Voting in a democracy is a responsibility that requires you to think beyond just yourself, roastie. Now tits, or GTFO

you shouldn't.

They offer better protection, but they only give baited hooks. Whamen and soibois are selling their souls to a society that offers them empty hope.

>the state can protect my rights.
Meanwhile they’re lucky if they have your finger prints. Amazon has your voiceprint and can tell where you are while listening in on other people’s devices you’re just around. They have all your counseling sessions recorded where you took your kindle in or your iPhone. You’re being spied in every second of every day. But yeah sure your state with it’s linited reach and resources will protect you. Uh huh. They may put up a valiant fight, but I seriously doubt it. Vote however you want. You’re on your own no matter what at this point.

what rights?

slide thread, sage and close boys


because the more you vote for the left the more likely you are to get raped by foreigners or have your rights violated by foreigners. You vote for the 'right' whatever the fuck that means now you're atleast assisting people from your own tribe who have a vested interest in your security and prosperity as well as being capable of securing said things.

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How do they do that?

says who?

because right wingers are more attractive

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You shouldn't. In general, only men are willing to vote against their own interests in favor of what benefits society. Females do not usually behave that way.

Thus you should continue to support leftist policies.

>thot status: patrolled

You’re right OP, women shouldn’t vote.

Why should I vote for leftists that ARE steeling my rights?

because you exercising your rights leads to societal ruin.

why should you, as a woman, be allowed to vote?

this thread again??

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I mean I could repeat the same thread too.

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Don’t - get back in the kitchen and make me a sammich.

>Internet picture
>2 replies from OP then gone
Slide thread? Slide thread.

Like to murder your child? Some rights. You feminazis are absolutely ridiculous.

You shouldn't vote at all. You're too stupid to recognize what is and is not a natural right

If abortion are "rights" to you, then you're an idiot that was brainwashed.


Because women hate other women so you know it's a bad idea to let women influence shit .

Its always a slide thread. Do they not count on anons being on this shitty honey pot day & night

Yes keep voting for the parties that made rapes skyrocket but i guess you want that.

Post tits or gtfo

Because your country is getting flooded with illiterate 3rd worlders who dont work. Eventually your government will no longer be able to afford it and your government will collapse. People will keep voting for the left parties because they get free stuff. Notice how all your muslims who have a reputation worldwide for hating gays and jews continue to vote for leftist parties despite disagreeing with almost all of their policies? Probably in our lifetimes sweden will collapse.

She’s cute

> why should I, as a woman, Vote....


The answer is you shouldnt. Or vote like your husband/ father / son

because you judge what they promise you instead of what they can offer you so you can't make a reasonable decision.
that's why woman must listen to her man in order to be happy

You’re not a woman.
You’re a fucking larper

Why should we allow women to vote? Or to own property, or to decide who to have sex with for that matter? It's absurd we allow them to think they have rights. We don't allow that shit to 13 year old boys, and 13 year old boys are far more mature and responsible than adult women on average.

Can I see your hymen? Need to inspect it with my cock.

>Why should i, as a woman, vote for right-wing parties
you as a woman shouldn't vote at all. you're unfit to take such responsibility. women shouldn't be a part of a political structure.

you can't better the society politically. you can only do it harm.

also, you can't refute this by saying that women in sand-nigger countries can't vote and therefore they are mostly retarded. they are retarded because they are sand niggers, not because their women can't vote. if sand niggers allowed their women to vote, they would quickly turn to such levels of retardation that it wouldn't be even possible to measure.

just get it through your undeveloped brain.. you're a woman and shouldn't have a chance to effect any policies directly.

you can talk, sure. and you have a right to be heard on some matters, why not. you can even make demands on certain subjects.

but contribute to actual politics directly by making an actual decision is not something that should even be considered.

unfortunately.. you're too dumb to realize this and those who rule over us, learned how to cleverly use female easily controlled minds to tilt the politics any way they want, in order to control men, and subsequently ruin our lives.

so.. thanks a lot, you dumb bitches, for being the tools in the hands of those who are out to ruin our lives.

females are the ultimate useful idiots. it's so fucking ironic and sad at the same time.

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>votes for party that wants to import thousands of savages that will rape, rob, and murder you
>"B-but they offer me protection for my rights!"
You know your "rights" don't mean anything to them, right? They'll hurt you anyways, one because you're white, and second because you're a degenerate.

Now, do you think that the big scary "far-right parties" will hurt you? The parties that want to preserve women like you, the parties that truly cares about your well-being? I mean you may not get muh-abortion and you probably won't get to fuck thirty different guys but if that's the reason why you can't support these parties, or rather sympathize with them. Then you truly are an evil person, and I hope you reevaluate your life.

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We'll see how protected you are when your neighborhood is overrun by third-world savages who want to rape and murder you.

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also, only 2 post from that dumb bitch.
she wants to vote, but she can't even hold her own in an argument..

women are so fucking pathetic when they try to project their infantile opinions. literally like children who just want to want and cry when they don't get what they want but can never explain why they want it. they want it just because. no fucking reason at all. it just appears to them as something to have for no fucking reason at all.

a woman will literally try anything. this is the ironic part of their mentality. literally retards who would put anything in their mouth even if told that it's shit.

in all fields, lads

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Your best protection is your husband and you should vote for the party that makes his life easier.

And this happens when right wing men make the laws. I'd rather die.

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Women shouldn't vote........for right wing political parties.

Killing babies is not your “right” you whore. Just get on the pill and fuck off.

>posting threads with this image on multiple boards
god I hate swedecucks


I don't know.

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Right wingers think women shouldn't have the right to dump their husbands in the case of marital violence and/or rape.

OP, you know the drill.

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The vast majority of divroces are just women trying to steal money from men

Talking out of your ass just means you spew shit not arguments

Post tits or gtfo

Vast amount of women don't understand the concept of pride. That's a good mountie btw saving that son

>hi femanon here
here (you)whore

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The only right you care about being the right to kill your own child at will, yes? Because we’re big on rights like free speech, religion, self defense, property, due process, things like that. You know, actual human rights.

White women like you really are tripping over each other to get raped and beaten. Sounds like nature correcting itself.

And this is what happens when you vote left. You girls really are just suicidal maniacs and there's an innate reason your freedom means civilizations death. But don't worry, when you destroy one, another comes, keeps you for the womb you are and you're back to square one. Still funny to chuckle at you.

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>Reusing this pic from a thread from a few hours ago.

Based and b8-pilled

Why do you want to murder babies so badly?


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Every time you hear a man making excuses for the husband who beat up or killed his wife, it's a conservative man.

>You girls really are just suicidal maniacs and there's an innate reason your freedom means civilizations death.
I owe no loyalty to those who need to enslave me in order to thrive.

Right. So the option is to not give you rights. You're a womb, and you go to whoever conquers. That's how it goes.

There is a difference between making excuses and observing mitigating factors. If men started beating women just because they could the moment they felt women were bad, cheating etc... you would have been extinct millennia ago

explicit rights vs implicit rights
the left promises you free healthcare, equal pay regardless of skill, other gibs, sexual freedom without being judged, and so on
on the other hand, you lose the ability to walk at night safely. you lose the ability to pairbond. you gain endless worry about paying the bills and making your own decisions
what's more important, the right to self-determination or happiness and safety?
this isn't a trick question btw. many men will pick the right to self-determination, because it makes sense for men due to the way we're wired
for most women, it doesn't work so well. for the last two generations, women happiness has steadily decreased in all major western countries where women's rights have gained way
you can of course find some meme graph plotting unrelated trends, and claim "correlation is not causation"
or you could realise you're sold a dream that was never yours, by cynical and psychopathic billionaires who see your entire gender as hyperconsumers

Note this: Women have never been a driving force of any society. Therefore your wants and whatnot are largely indifferent to us men, who are the main actors in life

You shouldn't have the right to vote. Don't worry, we will get there.

I wish you had your artificial wombs and leave us alone. I'd rather die than ever have anything to do with a man like you.

Tits or GTFO.

>protect your rights
All it cost you was being a mother.
All your rights cost us was being a father.
KYS roastie.

I wish you post your tits or leaves alone aka GTFO.

You dont really want to be left alone. What you mean is to be taken care of, but still have enough power to dictate society. All matriarchies are largely pre-civilization level and for good reason. Literally no functional or even semi-functional society has let women loose. The jews have let you loose and the consequences are being left

You will likely die anyway regardless.

Wtf bs is that
If anything the cucks and the passive aggresive tend to be higher on this list because they larp as if they tolerated your bs while in fact they are torturing their instincts.
Go for honesty even if you hate it.

Well assuming you could name any rights, they'd probably all be wrong.

Your rights might be protected, but so are the rights of the men who wish to invade your asshole with their lubeless dicks. Vote for the right and you might wind up back in the kitchen, but at least your asshole will be safe from niggers...


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because far lefties openly want to rape your kids after confusing them into thinking they are tranny drag queens, and lefties defend them.

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But that's the point. Their actions by definition always put them in the place. The problem is that it comes at the cost of a destroyed society. They are like a pendulum that will go left and right until they have settled in the centre where they always do, regardless of how strong and independent they think they are

I cant wait to fuck this trap ass in 6 yrs from now...

Bagel dialectic. OP LARPs girl, but whatever. If you have the same flag as this user, you do not have a right wing option. Vote Bernie.