What's happening over at /b/?

I just went over to /b/ for the first time in years and i found that people were *yellow posting" which is pretty much saying that they want porn threads to fuck off.

Some were even talking about jewish manipulation. Are you guys behind yellow posters?

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fucking you made me go to be, seems the whole board is filled up.

We want nothing less than a revolution

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Damn dude, you're right, wtf is going on over there. It's a Jow Forums civil war. I'm gonna go participate.

we are yellow
resistence is futile

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So none of you know if there's some pol subversion going on over there?

They're just doing this themselfes?

Anti porn spam being used as a trojan to create sjw memeraum for future elections.

i show a threaad today in /b/ that said that in fact the yellow movement was a Jow Forums thing, but there is no proof of that

After the yellow vests there are the yellow posters..

>stop hate
not a Jow Forums operation

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It’s gotten to the point where I had straight up forgotten that /b/ existed and I associate Jow Forums exclusively with the other boards like this one and tv, sp, int, etc

/b/ has been dead for years.
They're just zoomer faggots doing it for attention.
Everyone else moved over to /tv/ and Jow Forums 5 years ago.

So it's some newfags that don't like rascism and porn that is causing this?

I think it might be both, considering how many of you that hate porn and that there was talk about (((porn))) over there aswell


True but some zoomers still hate niggers and muslims, atleast the ones i have tallked too

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oh. thanks for reminding me.
i have some yellow memes.
i like to post 1 every day there since the psyop began.

>implying the chans aren't just one big subculture

A few morons from a discord group got this shit going last Friday. Summer is here in full force.

X, adult gif

Is this one of theres..? Pathetic

Nigger hate is as old as /b/

if you are concerned about this well done faggot, you just got pol involved.
if you were trying to do that well done faggot.

>What's happening over at /b/?
I think /b/ faggots are tired of all the degenerate porn being posted there, can't blame them.

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well i was just wondering if any of you were involved since i mentioned before a lot of them were posting about porn being jewish and a lot of yellow natsoc threads

>b without porn

why the fuck would anyone even go there? for YLYL threads?

it is discord trannies getting Jow Forums to go against /b/ and /b/ to go against Jow Forums

I think they think /b/ still has power?

eh, i was looking for a feels thread since i was feeling down and lonley

Never thought I'd see the day /b/ of all places would get swarmed with anti degeneracy threads. Perhaps the counter culture is growing faster than I thought.

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Got you fren

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who taught you that discord trannies meme you double nigger

you can have those in here too, mask them as blackpilled threads or religion threads, and just hide your flag to not get bullied...


Man, I'm going to look back and be happy as fuck about taking a screenshot of my post in the first call to arms. I did car threads on day one as my native board will always be /o/.

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they said as much



porn is ok, but when 50%+ threads are porn, it starts to annoy

Over the last few months the porn threads on /b/ got to a point where they just flooded the board.Not a single thread survived an hour before being replaced by a porn thread.And that's where the yellow posters come in.They're just spamming that shit on /b/ so all the porn threads are getting 404'd.

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Thanks fren

Lol phone poster auto correct faggot detected.

Thats just some nigger tryin to let it look like that the yellows are the enemy bro,dont get fooled

Us yellowfags want to get rid of the fb/ig, nigger dick, wwyd, rate my gf/wife, rate muh dick, etc etc because its the only shit on there and it gets really old and drowns out any other good non porn threads

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It’s a civil war over there over the porn. There was an user asking for help a couple days ago

Also any yellowfags that post shit about stopping racism and shit like that isnt actually a yellowfag they are just trying to make yellows look bad

I miss old /b/, when it was all fun and raids
Many of us got used to 4chins through there.
In ten years completely changed.

Nah, this is definitely not our operation. I've been here all day long and havent saw a single thread.
That said, i support it. I fucking hate porn on /b/, you have /s/ for that shit. /b/ would be such a great board without the porn threads.

Looks like only /b/tards on this site have still some fighting spirit, i cant remember the last successful Jow Forums raid.

They're against the mountains of porn that parasites /b/. I'm fine with them.

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>stop niggerhate
I was with yellow posting until this.
/b/ has gotten so stale and boring they've been making tranny porn, facebook/ig fap, and hentai threads for the most part. Theres no more memery or fun anymore.

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You better share some feels fren. I ain't putting them up freely.

>Stop jew hate
If the image is true, then it can't be Jow Forums operation.
With the way I see it, not everyone of /b/ thinks the same way. There may be others in on it, also angry about the porn, but only help because they have their own motives in trying to reshape the board.

whew the boys been active

If there's a better board for the type of porn /b/tards are into they should post it there.
If they want to keep the pedo shit on /b/ that's ok, but best case it should be moved to /trash/ because forcing the furrys and pedos to share a board = pure win.

>stop Jew hate
The only way to achieve this is to kill every last Jew.

Multiple camps fighting for control like always.


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Here you go toothpaste and sven, have some feels.

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I remember some users on voat going on about this a few days ago. Didn't give it any thought, but if there IS a porn/pedo cleansing going on over there, Imma go scope it out.

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>no nigger hate on /b/
that OP needs to return to r*ddit asap

It could be a psyop to get a mass of yellow themed memes for some as of yet unknown purpose. That being said, /b/ needed a purge a long time ago.

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they seem to be associating the porn posting with nazis

We're like the CIA at this point. Too many heads on the Hydra.

What's going to happen is they're going to get tired of posting yellow and the people posting porn wont.

its been funny as fuck dude seriously

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I haven’t been to /b/ in years. It used to be better than Jow Forums. Had amazing conversations and hilarious shit happen there. Now it’s fucking porn and selfie posting garbage. It always had porn sure but not just for the sake of it being porn you know? and cam whores got told to fuck off. Now they’re welcomed. It’s a shit hole. I still remember back when everyone was rushing to get the 5th million GET. That was back in 2005 or 2006 ffs. Hal Turner days.

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Thanks frens

But who's behind all the porn spamming on /b/? Horny /b/tards or mods?

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reminder that /b/ was home to old school Jow Forums before Jow Forums and /new/.

/b/ had better threads than Jow Forums ever has, or even could have at this point, thanks to faggot jannies and agent mods. remember how you could embed archives into images? fuckin agents didn't even know how much classified shit was gettin posted. that's why they had to nuke the site with CP so they could take over fully.

A winrar is you

I'll put in on horny /b/tards just looking to get off to whatever extra specific kink is going through their heads at that second. It could be the kikes at the JIDF working to subvert the goys into becoming goons though.

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based /b/ros who came up through the ranks going back to rescue the little /b/tards

It's actually [redacted] fighting discord trannies

Jow Forums is too irrelevant, retarded, and subverted to do anything useful in 2019.


/b/ and Jow Forums were not as full of porn as they are now. Someone is obviously spamming porn to disrupt boards. Sad!

Jow Forums had something like this happen and it didn't end well for the people fighting to retake the board. If anything /b/ is already lost and the discord trannies will continue their takeover making this site reddit 2

>making this site reddit 2
the second they try to add accounts and related bullshit is the second the majority of chinners move to another board.

discord trannies can never win. all we have to do is wait a couple years and they'll kill themselves.