Trump ‘thinks he knows’ who was behind 9/11

"It was not Iraq. It was other people. And I think I know who the other people were."

Is he about to throw israel under the bus?

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I'm sure he knows now. NSA is no joke.

I blame the turks and the Saudis.
If you blame anyone else, you're stupid.

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If he says it was IRAN then it’s GG boyos

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This was planned all along.

It is going to be blamed on Iran.

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>it was iran, fellow goys!

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go back to the (((dailystormer))) migapede

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jet fuel melts steel beams

If they cuck to China, hopefully he will.

oh my god, he made a vague post on his twitter
that changes everything, he isn't a jew puppet!!!

I bet he blames Iran!

>All these current false flags aren't working.
>I know lets remind Americans of the U.S.A's biggest false flag!

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G. Goyim,

it was Iran.

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>Is he about to throw israel under the bus?

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so much wow, you of genius, rebbe

Fuck off boomer Q faggot.

“It was the Chinese” - (((Blumpf)))

the good goy settlement, coming to occupied land near you !

It was Mexico! ! !

Watch the fucking boomer say it was Iran.

"Fellow Americans, it wasnt Iraq, it was the other ira: IRAN! WE MUST GO TO WAR TO END TERROR IN MIDDLE EAST"


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evens he blames Iran
odds he blames Israel
triplets and he blames the fucking aliens

>When you can no longer pull off a massive false flag attack and have to rely on the last generations work to kick start your war.

holy moly boomers need to die off pronto

911 report and their models were full of BS. The three towers were brought down by controlled demolition.

TRUMP knew Truth on 911

The destruction of WTC was an occult ritual.
>the Twin Towers represented Boaz and Jachin, the columns at the entrance to the Temple of Solomon
>Boaz and Jachin represent the two key energies: ying and yang, male and female, strength and beauty, north and south, up and down (duality - like the Star of David)
>WTC builder, Rockefeller, says the buildings are the perfect combination of "utility and beauty"; he also owns Jerusalem museum housing remains from Temple of Solomon
>Luciferianism predicts/wants a new age of transhumanism; Kaballah and freemasonry believe one attains perfection by mastering and combining male and female energies
>Twin Towers destroyed in consciousness altering event at start of millenium to usher in this new era of transhumanism
>Replaced by Freedom Tower where both towers are combined, one up and one down, like a Star of David
>2001: Space Odyssey is about man's evolution to transhumanism - he touches the black monolith and transcends human form to a space baby
>9/11 happened in 2001, next to the Millenium hotel designed to look like the black monolith
>madrid bombing was 911 days after 9/11
>sept 11 is the first day of the coptic calendar, first month is named after Thoth
>2001 was the start of the new millenium not 2000 (there was no year zero)
>33 years from groundbreaking to destruction pentagon groundbreaking sept 11 1941


>it was not Iraq

No fucking shit, Sherlock

If you think President MIGA is about to call out Israel for anything you must be smoking higher crack doses than any of the niggers in the US

Can’t believe there are dipshits still supporting this retard. He’s done more for Israel than America at this point and all his christcuck evangelical followers love that, and the rest of his supporters are just saving face to own the libs

So do kike shills like you, faggot

Why didn't they rebuild the twin towers like Trump said? Americans are dumb

Israel is Christian land

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Noice It only took them 18 yrs to realize it wasn't Iraq.
Way to go 'merica.

He'll announce some new secret Iranian terrorist party even badder than before that has been hidden for decades despite its immense abilities but we know for sure it's operated by supreme leader snoke.

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