Brown guy praising white genocide in (((NYT)))

When will whites say “enough!”? This is getting tiring. They want to take over every white homeland and leave whites with nothing.

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>will continue
>we already won
This is what people say right before history changes and things turn out much much different

How do they do it? How do these people write articles like this and then turn around and call white genocide a harebrained conspiracy theory? I wouldn’t be able to handle that level of mental gymnastics

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>in a few decades, the country itself will be majority brown
Show me one prospering "brown" nation that's not running on temporary oil reserves.

Also leftists celebrating race mixing always reminds me of pic related.

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whites deserve it. Fuck white people. I'm not even trolling, I'm dead serious

They already won.
Watch pornhub's THE BBC EFFECT, Women are wanting Black Kings sperm in there womb.

You will get what is coming some day.

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> can't create own country
> Gotta go to what the white man creates

Minorities are losers

canada is already fucked. it's only "majority white" because of old elderly white people. look at any elementary school, you'll see 2 white kids and 500 browns.
it's already over, I'm trying to figure out where to move because I refuse to have kids and send them to a school that's all brown kids.

It's hilarious how these people are more than willing to say that blacks are good at basketball. What do you suppose they would say that whites are good at??

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Stay. Fucking. Away.

The shit skins twitter who wrote that nonsense

Austria, Poland

We can use some good white Canadians in America. Just move to a majority white town/suburb.

Isn't blacks playing basketball cultural appropriation of a sport invented by whites?

Same shill in every thread, just ignore it and he will go back to dilate

Those (((White Canadians))) are the faggots who enabled the mass importation. They deserve it. I fucking hate Canadians because the vast majority of them are cucks, just like boomers.

Fuck off we're full.

Fuck off. They will wreck America just like they wrecked Canada.

Fucking disgusting and enraging at the same time. They're like this hostile species that wants to infect our genepool with their filthy, inferior genes.

Enjoy your civil war. You will be boiled in oil or gutted int he streets by the time it's over.

Old white baby-boomer leftists are COMPLETELY divorced from reality and both refuse to see what they've done to this country. They are so perfectly brainwashed that it's terrifying. It's as if the kikes knew what type of discussions would lead to them waking up before hand and pre-conditioned them to emotionally reject all of it.

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It was just a suggestion, jeez. You think they're that cucked? No chance of them redeeming themselves?

None, zero chance of redemption, I live in WA state and deal with Canadians all the fucking time. They are cucks, with the most ZOG brained ideals on the planet.

FUCK ALL OF THEM. They are coming here to America now because it's so fucking disgusting up there.

It's the same thing, always.
>Destroy area with leftist policies
>Abandon multicultural shithole for white area
>Immediately begin denouncing white area for being too dissimilar to shithole of origin
>Repeat first step

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Their behavior is completely retarded. Whites are still in the majority, so why are they openly promoting all the "fuck white people" bulllshit?

If I was in charge of cultural marxism in the west, I would have told my minions to lull whites into a false sense of security, and then start openly hating on them once they're already a minority.

>basketball championships
absolutely niggerbrained

it's comical how shallow minded they are. Both jews and their dark skinned golems.

The golems don't realize that if we disappear so does civilization? Everywhere they dwell becomes a craphole and without "evil" whites to put the upkeep for it, it will just completely fall apart.

The jews are not any brighter, they don't realize that those enraged dark golems are going to turn on them, thinking they are white and for the gibs.

Even at best the jews will control a run down third world craphole filled with niggers. Yeah good job kikes!

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Tick tock. The time is coming. Who gets the honor of the ropes first? Journalists or politicians?

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>verywhere they dwell becomes a craphole and without "evil" whites to put the upkeep for it, it will just completely fall apart.
Singapore exists redneck

didn't know Singapore has niggers and spics...
Silly me thought they were asians. My bad

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It has lots of poos.

Here is one where based pajeet fucks a beta based yt boy in the ass.

viewer discretion advised:

it seems I struck a nerve on you, my little jew slave friend.

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Yeah, and the sun will eventually die and your shitskin Globohomo-Gayplex will be purged by fire, unless someone sets off WW3 and Russia does it.

redneck gets utterly destroyed with his nordicist only civilization theory.

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same reason why the villain always tells the hero his evil master plan in excruciating detail only to buy the hero enough time in order to foil said plan - conceit

aw how cute you're seething

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>The golems don't realize that if we disappear so does civilization?
The golems will just pivot right back to low-tech high-poverty jungle life without even really thinking or noticing. The only one here that is truly psychologically invested in civilization is you.

4 people shot at basketball parade lmao
>toronto isnt canada

yup, they will chimp out once their nice things/gibs are gone and some will likely kill each other off and some might even starve afterwards but you're right the ones that survive will revert back to their primitive lifestyle and maybe see some remnants of civilization and try to emulate it in the same way a child would play pretend without grasping how things work.

All in all, even if they win, they still lose. Just hope we survive it.

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95% of these posts are the same half a dozen autistic Turks and Pajeets