We need to act quickly mr president

we need to act quickly mr president

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Serious question faggot: wtf did iran actually ever do? They had no part in 9/11, Saudi shitland Arabia did, and usa sells them weapons and does business on a suck-my-dick circle jerk basis pretty much every day since then.

Pakistan hid Osama in that shithole compound for years without telling usa we literally sent a hit squad there to kill his ass and yeet him into the ocean. Pakistan is a main usa ally to this day still.

Pakistan also has nuclear weapons. Not researching them, CURRENTLY HAS THEM, as does india, and saudia Arabia btw.

Granted iranian gooberment is a shit talking group of bearded madbois, they're not gonna do shit with their 1970s era broke ass shit tier russian cardboard toys.

Iranian culture is vastly different than the other sand monkeys out there they do not engage in radical islam terrorism it's not their MO, get an education on culture you faggot bitch and learn something

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Didn't you hear Trump (((knows))) who did 9/11 it starts with a I and ends with ran

It'll happen, too. This is Iran's last chance to attack Israel before their military capabilities are completely eliminated.

It's about punishing Obama and VJ as much as it's about Iran.

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nice 'stache.

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Someone please explain this Bolton mustache meme to me.

They exist

if we do, America's empire is over.
China and Russia will side against us, and they will win.

Ditto that Obama sentiment. Trump just wanted to shit on one more Obama era achievement and Bolton is using the opportunity to push his hawkish Iran agenda. Bad for everyone.

>when goys are at peace and happy

this stache represents what more americans might soon die for



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They've committed the greatest geopolitical crime imaginable, being a threat to Israel.

They are a thread to our greatest ally, Israel.

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they never accepted a Rothschild owned central bank

that is the main beef. North Korea nor Cuba has one either.

They won't do shit.

I think it's good, if a foreign nation uses an even badly undercover asset like VJ to get ahead we should punish them severely.

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we need to go deeper

>We need a decision now! Mr. President.

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>we literally sent a hit squad there to kill his ass and yeet him into the ocean
Whenever I see this assertion, I always have to say: "pictures, or it didn't happen."

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>They've committed the greatest geopolitical crime imaginable, being a threat to Israel.
and not being lapdogs to the Americans.

Saudi Arabia is 10 times worse than Iran, but they have bent the knee to the US and Israel, so we literally let them get away with murder. Saudi Arabia funds terror in Europe and Asia, we look the other way. Saudi Arabia commits war crimes in Yemen, we sell them more weapons.

Daily reminder that Trump's two biggest foreign policy advisors (Bolton and Pompeo) believe it is our RELIGIOUS DUTY to follow all of Israel's commands, and if we don't do this we will be cursed by God. These stupid boomer fucks actually believe this shit and are running our foreign policy.

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Iran overthrew a pro-american leader a while back and they've been anti america ever since. They haven't done much tho.

"we need to bomb the shit out of Iran because they threaten the safety of me and you, your wife, your children, this country, the world... No, the universe, existence.Alien civilizations, potential allies and targets are at risk because of Iran, WE NEED TO ACT RIGHT NOW, GET THE FUCKING NUKES READY NOW"

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(((hand wringing intensifies)))

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>muh shah
>muh embassy

Stop this right now. The Russians, Chinese, Iranians, North Koreans and Venezuelans are shilling in this thread to disrupt the public's confidence in the President and his advisors.

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They had that hostage situation and the thing with the Shah, but mostly Israel REALLY doesn't like Iran.