Transgender Hate Thread

Shame these reprobates back into the closet.

If you want to give meaning to your life, become someone that people need.

We didn't need transexuals in the past and we won't need them in the future.

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Don't reply. Troll thread

Stop being a bigot and fuck my back holes

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>troll thread

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Fuck me that's the stuff of nightmares

based anyone got the webm

this is now a laugh at terfs thread

oops wrong flag

I can explain trannies in one post:
>be depressed incel who gets treated like garbage
>see women being treated nicely and given infinite privileges for having a vagina
>convince yourself that if you become a woman too, you’ll get all that nice treatment
>in reality you just end up looking like a retard, further outcast yourself from society and then slit your wrists

ok u got any studies supporting that

fuck off shill

> I’m a real woman

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Annnnd /thread

terfs are based

gas yourself TRA

Imagine trying to debate settled science like this.

okay then show me those studies showing that bullied incels convince themselves they are women because women get all the nice treatment and infinite privileges and shit for having a vagina

>I find somebody unattractive therefore they are not allowed to be happy or express themselves

fuck trannies and fuck those that fuck them

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Look I'm as straight as you can get, and I hate faggots. My son came out as gay and I told him I didn't want him living under my roof anymore. He moved in with his sister and he's dead to me. But I have no shame in saying that I visit TS escorts and have blown my load many times in their tight asses. I even have a couple of beautiful TS babes who do dom work and they throatfuck me, let me rim their holes and come all over my face. This has nothing to do with being gay. They are women with penises. The penis itself is not male, it's attached to a woman.

A PENIS IS A PIECE OF MEAT. A piece of meat does not affect my sexuality. Do you let someone call you a pervert if your penis touches a pork chop? No. It wouldn't mean you were a porcinesexual.

A penis is flesh. A beautiful lady having a different shape of flesh will not change my sexuality. No matter how many of them I let inside me or how many I beg for their seed. I don't need to be called gay by narrow minded busybodies. How come this concern for policing sexuality only happens to straight men.
For sake of fuck, DO YOU REALLY THINK GEORGE MICHAEL WAS IN HOUSES IN LONDON HAVING SEX WITH LADYBOYS he could afford it but no he was a gay he liked men he would never be with a transgoddess because he realised they were women. Maybe if he would have avoided all gay activity and stayed with traps he would still be with us today, the dirty faggot God rest his soul

No, more like;

> Criticizing people who willingly base their existence on emancipating an identity which doesn't benefit the individual or the collective in any way whatsoever while looking like an absolute degenerate.

Better res Pic can't read it

one of the benefits of the impending global social collapse is the fact that brutally murdering such abominations will become allowed

Fuck. That belongs in a horror movie.

This. Trancels are pathetic

This will accomplish nothing. We have to shame the people who promote LGBT. LGBT is being used to create a generation that won't care about procreation and will agree to pass laws outlawing procreation.

>base their existence on emancipating an identity
I wonder where yall got this idea of the big gays who only talk about being gay from. have you literally never met lgbt people in real life
>which doesn't benefit the individual or the collective in any way
it benefits the collective by benefiting the individual. dysphoria makes you depressed and suicidal. also do u think the only measure for the morality of an action is whether it's useful for the community?
>while looking like an absolute degenerate
who cares

I need more tranny pictures

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They express themselves by trying to force people into pretending they aren’t a fat guy in a bikini. If they’re allowed to do that then everyone else is allowed to feel revulsion and annoyance.

It’s whatever as long as you accept that you’ll never pass and people don’t owe you shit. Nobody has to be nice to you or indulge your fantasies because nobody honestly gives a fuck about your dysphoria or your feelings.

Cutting your dick off doesnt make you a woman. Kys faggot

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Trannies disgust me to such a degree that I don't even like breathing through my mouth if they're nearby. The thought that I might taste some part of the air that wafted over them literally disturbs me more than watching people getting eaten alive by wild animals.

>this thing crawls into the bathroom stall next to your 11 year old daughter
>and says in a loud, gruff, sailor's voice

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u just got blown the fuck out dude.

Execute all trannies.

exectute all right-wingers and liberals

go ask ur mom

>went from a cute tomboy to a gross fag with disgusting chest scars and no nipples

Shes also a whore now and will fuck anyone for 200 bucks, in case any anons want some cheap pussy (male).

>shitposting tranny goes on to prove the point that all trannies are just insecure, needy individuals who crave constant attention

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When did that happen? When I told you you’ll never pass and that even though people merely tolerate you they actually think you’re gross and pathetic?

agree kek

my reply mate all of your points ruthlessly crushed y my intellect
im not a tranny im a based ally

Yeah because you totes outnumber them

His mom cannot biology be trans. Women have a uterus, cervix, ovaries, breasts, and a self lubricating vagina

shame, I would've paid for $500 before she got those frankentitties

>His mom cannot biology be trans
u didnt tthink this through

That’s even more pathetic. Wtf lol


Can you comprehend it now, sweetie?

ok mate thats like ur opinion and i respect that

Her business has definitely suffered because she went from selling nudes only and aparently making bank to fucking gross fat guys from the internet for 200 a pop. That 200 figure is for no Condon inside finish btw, fucking her with a condom is 100.

come on dude!

If they can't pass as women, people shouldn't respect their pronouns... and it should be legal to throw tomatoes at them.

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ironically looks more male in the before pic.


fuck off kike shill

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she was definitely cute now she's ruined
I smell a suicide coming


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>If they can't pass as women, people shouldn't respect their pronouns... and it should be legal to throw tomatoes at them.
It's even worse if they "pass". It's not really a trap if you can see it coming.

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> it benefits the collective by benefiting the individual. dysphoria makes you depressed and suicidal.

It doesn't benefit the individual. Transexuals have a suicide rate of 40% that doesn't get any better by surgery (which has a complecation rate of 30%). Transexuals in India are discriminated worse then Western Trannies, yet their suicide rates are lower then those in the west, so acceptance is clearly not the determining factor.

> also do u think the only measure for the morality of an action is whether it's useful for the community?


> who cares

Most people to some degree.

Muslims should assimilate into this superior western culture.

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>im a based ally
so you're an ugly hon then kek

to encourage them to do something more attainable than to larp as females.

I feel like I know this dude.
Did he used to be a parts manager for a Nissan dealer?

>intentionally lowering your sexual market value
I bet xir believed feminism when they told them this was a good idea

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Settled science

Why is it always white "people" doing this kind of shit...????

They're sick, not necessarily evil. I'd rather they go into a mental hospital rather than a closet.

is that the best you can do?!
check out this politician

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If you look at her Twitter she is clearly getting more and more desperate. She fell for the "gay men like FtM trannies" meme. Ironically a lot of gay men actually like tits, it's the vagina they don't like, so she fucked up even harder and now has no sex appeal because she has a flat ass and disgusting scars all over her cest.

too innocent - they have lost all defensive reflexes, senses for deceit. they don't know how to play a game anymore, how to think strategically, how to just take from someone - hence everything gets taken from them.
white people are essentially like the dodo. only someone without any sense of danger could ever go "oh this whole trans thing looks amazing! maybe that's MEEE"

yo Jow Forums my niggas, how does it feel to know you're right and everyone else, at least in positions of power, celebrities, media, politicians, think this is progress. We're about to get lit the fuck up like Sodom and Gomorrah if we don't straighten this the hell out. This has gone too far, people think THIS IS NORMAL.

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That’s the best you can do? Check out this politician

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Uh sweaty the future is degeneracy, have you even seen cyberpunk 2077?

>Get the flammenwerfer, Hans!

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say it aint so

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but thats a real woman

This is you children's future teacher

There is nothing wrong with her

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Yeah let me just propose this to my university's ethics review board and try to get funding from the national sci...

.....aaaaand I've lost my job

peer reviewed study from 4chins

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What a waste of dúbs. Off the rooftop with you, 40%er


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The suicide rate staying the same (assuming thats true) does not imply that it doesn't contribute to the well being of the individual. It instead implies that it is not enough. Getting a womens body helps u cope with gender dysphoria obviously.
>Most people to some degree.
its almost like that was a figure of speech u retard
i'm asking u why "looking like a degenerate" is bad

[spoiler]im a repressor actually[/spoiler]

aaaaaaaaand spoilers dont work
haven beeen here since 2017 so yeah

I feel bad for her but maybe she can at least serve as a lesson to others to think twice before doing all that shit

The difference between transgender people and Nazis is that transgender people actually have the guts to step outside and show the world their true selves.

Nazis and right-wingers have been relegated to where they belong, in the closet and far away from the public space. Which is appropriate because a lot of you are closet homos. :D

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Who is this? Damn, I really would have loved to take a run at her before