Imagine having a police system that profited so heavily from a plant that legalizing said plant would make hundreds of...

Imagine having a police system that profited so heavily from a plant that legalizing said plant would make hundreds of officers lose their job. Imagine.

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imagine being a FUCKING LEAF

>lol muh DOGGOS

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sounds like a good way to end up with a bunch of feral dogs with rabies that freeze to death every winter

who gives a fuck, fuck them. They are just glorified tax collectors and I'd rather have a pothead at least have a shitty Mcjob rather than waste away in prison sucking taxes.

Most dogs are better when they can expend energy rather than stay inside all day with a fatass owner that doesn't give the dog simple task to do. All the retards that have a dog and don't walk them daily I hate with a passion when they act like that. They usually have rats for dogs as well.

They can spend their time sniffing for illegals, pedos and heroin.

What a cunt. Some dogs love working and doing jobs.

They can retrain them to be judges at the High Times Cannabis Cup and the like.

K9 units are actually shit at their job. Only 15% of the time they correctly detect drugs; those dogs are practically walking probable cause machines.
Fuck 'em, they are a waste of tax payer's money.

The entire DEA is shit at their job.

Why is pol against marijuana again?

Ok so retire them from the force, the handlers if not niggers would probably adopt them

The war on drugs is a fucking joke the Regan and Bush administrations peddled more drugs into this country and used it to initiate people control. I don't care if it's the hardest drug out there, 2 consenting parties doesn't = a victim. The DEA and ATF are incompetent and morally bankrupt fuck wits.

Good. Road pirates deserve to be homeless and starve and so do their families

all police dogs should be killed.

because jews are definitely pro weed, highly suspicious wouldn't you say?

Niggers like it. If niggers like something, it can't be good.

Jews are pro anything that makes them money. They're pro water too, does that mean we stop drinking it?

Niggers like guns, so is Jow Forums a pro gun control board now?


an adolescent smoking 1 join per week loses 6 IQ

>Illinois will lose cops from marijuana legalization
Oh my fucking sides. Illinois can't even afford its current police force and has a massive homicide epidemic in cook county. This article is ridiculous.

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They’re usually pro-comedy and pro-sleep as well, two things I never partake in as a result.

What about white women?

the marijoana is an important transitional scent to tracking nigger stink

I knew a correction officer who had a dog. They are living a moral compass for blacks. They scared shit and behave like choir boys when german shepards are around. We could replace half the corrections officers with dogs and save billions.

Teenagers are dumb, next at 11 water is wet

nigger control would make alot more sense

Why don't they retrain dogs to bite c*mmunists?

>the entire DEA needs to be abolished
There ya go user. All fixed. No charge.

That sounds like a steaming load of bullshit to me.

Still need those dogs to chase down and bite blacks after they flee from violent crime scenes. Doggos will be fine.

Then why would they go out of their way to keep it ill-legal? That makes no fucking sense.

They can all go work at pot shops. I don't smoke pot, don't really care if anyone else does, and I voted to legalize it here, because it's a waste of time making cops care about it, and it's idiotic people are in jail for it.

K9's real value is running down niggers and beaners. The drug sniffing shit just makes probable cause easier, but they earn their keep every time they run down a nigger.

People that like guns buy them, collect them, they know the difference between models and manufacturers, they keep them in cool displays at home or take them hunting or to shooting ranges.
Niggers just recognize guns as useful for their activities, a criminal "likes" a gun the same way he "likes" a useful car he can get away.

Dogs will lose their job because they won't have the revenue from weed arrests to pay them anymore? Why don't they take all the tax revenue they make off weed sales and use it to pay the dogs then?

The safest house on the block is the one a german shepherd lives in.

legalize drugs, but jail communists.

typical a leaf would post this up, will canada
adopt the dogs.

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Imagine repurposing the dogs to hunt illegal migrants instead.

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You did see where it said they're talking about dogs, right moron?

Dogs, retard. Maybe look at the OP's pic before commenting...

>pro comedy
jesus christ get out

any problem an adult dog has will be solved within ~5 years when it's dead

hey leaf im with you on this one but Jow Forums is full of cops, boomers and bootlickers that love their illegal system of justice and would do everything within their power to keep the status quo

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>profiting and generating jobs from weed is bad

Kill. Yourself.

>Dogs that sniff out marijuana
>Legalize marijuana
>Dogs don't have weed to smell
>Dogs lose job plus less of a tax burden on citizens
>Marijuana legal so pot heads are not going to jail
>Jail costs tax payer dollars to run
How is this hard to understand nigger

“Lose their jobs”, lmao they’ll suffer the same fate as the DHS and be relegated to arresting boomers watching 14 year olds flash their tits on Omegle.

No, because there is still coke and meth and everywhere cannabis is legalized the drug dealers overcompensate by dealing fentanyl. Why does law enforcement have this idea that the black market world doesn't adjust for what the legal market world does? Shit used to be common knowledge.

I unironically want legal weed but fpbp

You underestimate how much LE agencies need weed to even operate. Look at the DEA, up until 2014 (they haven’t published any recent info) literally 94% of their yearly drug seizure by weight was marijuana. What would happen if you eliminated 94% of any industries work load? They don’t exist. It’s not so much weed they are worried about, but the research and studies that will inevitably reveal decriminalization/legalization having much more of a positive societal impact than negative, and thus leading to further decriminalization of other drugs. Look at the mug shot paper at your local gas station and read the offenses. 97 out of 100 will be drug related charges. Drug related charges literally pay our justice dept./ LE’s salaries.

Lol this. Put those doggo noses to work

Hitler would be able to find jobs for these fine German Sheperds. Most Jews are degenerate pot heads so the dog will only need to be trained to smell for copper pennies and he should be a good rat catcher.