The whyte race is superi-

>the whyte race is superi-

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None of those countries have niggers


and spics

IQ means nothing


Maybe not to a Slavic monkey.

Italy has tons of niggers and they are the descendants of Sandniggers on top of being turkish rape babies

>implying IQ scores matter
>implying countries like China can't fake results
>implying IQ judges superiority
>implying population doesn't matter
I'm arab and I can see through this

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you are a subhuman mongoloid monkey with a 5 cm penis

All those asian countries fake the scores, they literally have securtiy when placement tests are taken.

>two digit iq slavnigger calling anyone subhuman
Lmao at you untermensch. Hitler considered my race honorary Aryan, while yours literally equal to dirt. Stay mad white nigger.

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I guess we will never know

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Who are responsible for over 90% of the world's inventions?

I can guarantee you, they weren't yellow.

Import 13% of their countries population as niggers and test them all again.

Wow, the difference...


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a much bigger dick is more important than a slightly higher IQ according to Asian women though.

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Says the dumb amerimutt offspring of literally who knows what


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>have high iq
>still have shit societies that operate like ant colonies

IQ + will to power


notice how italy or iceland doesn't have blacks and jews? Wonder about the demographics of the rest of the countries

>Hong Kong is highest
Based capitalism

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Whites have a higher standard deviation. The mean is just one statistical measure. While the average Asian person may be slightly smarter, most of the smartest people are white.

Neither do Italy and Iceland. Yet they are still inferior to the Asian countries IQ-wise.

I'm from the deep south.
Our average IQ is a lot lower because we have a high concentration of niggers.

is that why the yellow dogs got nuked?

>implying +8 iq difference is same as -30

Yeah, if you really believe that then you are definitely one of dumb motherfuckers who are part of the problem. I’m only one step above retarded and I’m like Copernicus compared to these yokels.

fbpf, lmao XD

>considered my race honorary Aryan
in generalPlan Ost he decided to prune you mongoloids off the face of the planet.


waiting for the mongoloid monkey to call me gypsy, lol, more cope from mongol dicklet.

Stop larping, retard.

FPBP OP completely BTFO'ed and is now on suicide watch

Why is everyone fucking retarded in texas and south US>?

>the whyte race
Are you cosplaying as eurasian tiger or what?

FPBP and /thread. OP eternally BTFO'ed and is now on suicide watch

Explain this then aitistic stormniggers I'm not larping as anything. I'm native Asian and i have an IQ of 120.

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Do Romanians really look like this

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Based FPBP

FPBP and /thread. OP eternally BTFO'ed and is now on suicide watch

No one gives a fuck you insectoid faggot.

kek, OP is actually going to unironically kill himself now. I feel bad for him

>7 IQ point difference
>All it cost is their humanity

>I'm from the deep south.
>Our average IQ is a lot lower because we have a high concentration of niggers.

see how most southern states are overwhelmingly white, as well as the school systems, you can't really think this is why IQ is so low in southern, predominantly white, conservative-leaning states, Cletus?

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lmfao RIP OP. I wouldn't even go to his funeral

>outhern, predominantly white, conservative-leaning states

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Do you have any self awareness?
One circle is immigrants to the US, and another circle is you.

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You might be responding to the wrong person.
Southern states are not "predominantly white" they never were.
This was the place Africans were mostly concentrated around.
It is historically the least white area in America.
So the nigger claiming the southern states have low IQ is just being himself because those have some of the lowest white percentages historically.

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This is the only (You) you are getting from me, you absolute subhuman 90 IQ gypsoid mongrel. Go pat yourself on the back.

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My IQ is 128, you think I care what dumb peasants tested by foreigners think?
You are a flamboyant faggot subhuman and pestering Mongoloid who does not belong on this board. Now get the fuck out before i get my insect spray brainlet.

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>the whyte race isn't superi-
oh no no no

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