Why are (((they))) pushing plant based diets so hard?

Why are (((they))) pushing plant based diets so hard?

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1 Timothy 4

4 Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils;

2 Speaking lies in hypocrisy; having their conscience seared with a hot iron;

3 Forbidding to marry, and commanding to abstain from meats, which God hath created to be received with thanksgiving of them which believe and know the truth.

Vegan diets ruin your brain, that's why.

So you become weak and dumb.


To weaken population

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I should really be eating more vegetables. Don't give up meat, just increase the healthy vegetable intake.

>Why are (((they))) pushing plant based diets so hard?
To make you stupid/crazy.

Making the masses dumb is literally a thing.

because sheep don't eat meat

>People are sick
>Realize diet is bad
>Start eating minimally processed foods
>Processing is the life blood of the food Jew, only way for people to make money on 20+ ingredients before the final product is even finished
>Make fake meat to appeal to keto
>Virtue signal to appeal to women
>Give them away free at fast food chains where they're grilled in beef grease
Wala, an inferior burger with inferior ingredients selling for twice as much as 100% beef.

I'm on a vegan diet. I feel as if I'm moving on to be fitter than 99% of the people in this country. I've lost 25 lbs so far and plan to keep this up until I've lost another 95 pounds or until I cannot lose fat any more.

That's the thing you never see people who have been vegan for long being fat.

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That cucumber was probably inside her in the next picture.

You're a disgusting fat slob though. Yes eating vegan food will make you lose weight if you're a disgusting hambeast but for the rest of us it's actually really bad.

I'm a farmer. My diet is primarily plant based. Not a vegan or anything. I eat meat and dairy. But 60-75% of my diet is plant based.
I am 35.
I don't work out.
Just eat right.
You should too, user.

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Cheaper, population would be dumber and weaker too.

Fruit my nigga

Guy. You are a faggot, ke to is 10x better plus beer is a great pre workout

I'm taking care of myself and when I'm done, due to a vegan diet and exercise, will be fitter than 99% of the country. Stay mad meat eater. You're probably fat too and will stay that way.

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You can eat those things?

me on the left

>you are a faggot
If you're triggered by someone losing weight on a vegan diet chances are the faggot is you, guy.

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>I don’t work out
We can see that.

we are facing over population, even if all non whites died. we wont make it. its over, we never had a chance, if there is a god please forgive us

So we all turn into Chinese workers.

That shit still spikes your insulin. If you must eat fruit stick with berries, preferably raspberries and blackberries

Grand solar minimum is on the way. Same reason you have seen so much shit about eating bugs. This vid is dry as fuck but it's good science. You can search "grand solar minimum" for some more pleb-tier vids.


Also pay attention to the flooding, late heavy snows/chills and other shit that is fucking up crops all over the world right now.


Increased cosmic rays are increasing cloud cover(making it even cooler and fucking with weather patterns).


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Vegan here, been vegan for ten years, no adverse health effects. I know dozens of other vegans and we are all very healthy and successful. Doesn't even take much effort. Sorry to all the lazy edge lords in this thread but veganism really is the future. Better for the earth, better for you, way way better for animals.

I've been vegan and I've been carnivore and I guarantee it takes much more discipline to eat a meat only diet than a vegan junk food diet. Most of you eat nothing but french fries and bean burritos.

I'm vegan only for my diet but plan on keeping it up when I'm done as a lifestyle.

Do you or the "dozens of other vegans" you know have much fat on them?

Mainly I'm vegan to lose weight but I'm exceptionally on a low fat high carb vegan diet.

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Found her :)

>low fat high carb
you're gonna die a beetus

Eat bugs, goy.

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Bayer partners with monsanto
Most plants are GMO
Plants slowly kill you, Bayer sells the cure

There aren't any, at least none that we need. Take the carnivore pill user.

to keep us fat, weak, and medically needy.

a keto/carnivore diet is what humans need to thrive

I love the idea of eating a cucumber that possibly some woman has put up her snatch.

eating vegan means you eat all day and don't have time to plot a revolution
you are in a constant state of malnutrition that you try to offset by eating more low nutritional food

ffs just say it's da joos already user

Because you idiots will assuage your guilt over the consumption of cruel factory farmed animal proteins the lazy way. Don't hunt rabbits, whose survival strategy dovetails with our own dietary demands. Gorge yourself on an unnatural amount of plant foods as surrogate for that factory farmed bacon you had to stop eating after you saw how smart pigs are. The only solutions are the ones already at market, right?

>1% of humans start hunting for their food again
>All wild animals are gone within two years
Great plan. I think you greatly understimate the number of people alive, and just how much food they need.

Because you are a slave and you are cheaper to feed with just plant based foods. Food that eats food is more expensive than just food. Just be glad there aren't that many of (((them))) because they'd gladly eat us just to prove we are cattle. Or to see if food that eats food that eats food is the best food.

We are livestock. They feed us corn and grain just like pigs and cattle.

Romans 14:2
For one man has faith to eat all things, while another, who is weak, eats only vegetables.

You are a fat fuck and not a normal human. I bet you are a sugar fiend too.

Perhaps to keep you from eating pork but don't want ppl to catch on. Pork keeps the archons from infecting your brain

Romans 14:2 New International Version (NIV)
2 One person’s faith allows them to eat anything, but another, whose faith is weak, eats only vegetables.

they are trying to recreate the conditions of the antediluvian era in every way possible
prior to the flood, everyone was vegan
post-flood the animals were given fear of mankind and it was permitted to eat meat
a follow-up question would be
what else were the people like during the antediluvian era? who else was still around then?

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If they can change your diet, they can change anything.
Diet is more than just food intake, it's tradition, culture, bond, enjoyment.
Just watch what happens when a friend goes vegan. Every gathering becomes a dry boring shitfest.

Meat is for elites, veggies for plebs. It's (((their))) statement.

Methane emissions, why can't you all stop larping and save the planet?

What are you trying to point out in that picture?

some appropriate antediluvian music

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Because the very sight of some disgusting fatfuck wants me to kick the living shit out of them for being fucking useless humans. Then they cry when you fat shame them which wants me to beat on them harder. So avoid being at best a disgusting fat fuck and at worse a dead disgusting fat fuck and go on a diet. Eating your veggies will help that. Just saying. I always wonder how a fatfuck could look in the mirror and not want to kill themselves on a daily basis.

you should at least try to get eggs or fish once a week. You can survive on a vegan diet but reducing meat to a small intake is much better than a normal diet and you benefit a lot from the flesh.

You can even just eat things without a brain stem like muscles or unfertilized eggs.

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This. Same reason why (((they))) insist on flooding white countries with low iq shitskins and getting rid of the huwhite man. Make the population too dumb to see what's really going on, and easily pacified with some gibs.

Nice gyno. Try eating more meat and less dairy.

>t. jerry nadler's therapist

pushing em haaaaarrrddd

I think you grossly overscale my concern for humanity. I'm speaking to white men with agency, not you Shlomo. Tikkun Olam is your fuckin' mission, not mine.

People will be the new cows. Cannibalism will win. Meat's back on the menu boys.

Some of us where never fat to begin with. Hard to believe, i know.

Well that was massively disappointing