Everywhere I see very often that Europeans were always so advanced but that is objectively false...

Everywhere I see very often that Europeans were always so advanced but that is objectively false. Europeans were still living in mudhuts and haven't created any marvels yet. You guys are a bunch of hypocrites for real my niggers.

How can we stop young virgin white males to stop joining racist movements? Contrary to popular belief, Africans were more advanced than Europeans back then.

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Thank god we are not wh*te

Lmfao, wh*Toids are suddenly gonna ignore this thread like it never happened. what a bunch of ignorant sad cunts

rome was pretty kick ass 1000bc

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lmfao stupid wh*Toid rome wasn't even created in 1000 BBC


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The ancient Egyptians were more European than African, genetically.

Google it, fag.

the first universty was created in africa
stop being such an ignorant cunt

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damn those wh*Toids got BTFO brother

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>the pyramids are a civilization.

They were oversized tombs. Not cities or civilization. Also, did black people build pyramids? Oh wait it was the 'israelites' right? But the real Israelites are black? So the black pharaohs enslaved the black Israelites and then suddenly the albino mutants rebelled and took all the knowledge from the black geniuses who built civilization? Right. And directly after the muttoid albinos stole the science and math the blacks forgot it all instantly and got enslaved just like that.

But they were the best civilization we was the original humans and sheit

cherry picked image

stop being such a nigger, rome was a shit hole 2000 years ago and you wouldnt survive even for a second there

Yakub created the pyramids, get your fact straight ignorant faggot. post was too long and didnt read after it

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>1000 BBC
real subtle trolling skills ya got there

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>a paragraph is too long to read
Checks out at least

Post hand

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im not white though, im polynesian and we had pyramid mounds too.

fuck off glowie

>what are the pyramids
not sure if you're retarded or pretending to be

>no one knows who built them for real

But it was certainly some black people

Yes my brother, the wh*Teoid cowers in fear while in the presence of a MELANIN MAN

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Stonehenge the Hittites the maze on gnossis the mycean civilization

nice cherry picking ignorant cunt

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>north of sahara
>invented by sub-saharans
so are you arabic or what. the pyramids were built by arabs not niggers.


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wh*te supremacists disgust me

Literally this

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Come on. Lets see those hands, larper


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the argumentative skills of a nigger. good thing i would easily crush your skull if you ever got near me.

I am dripping melanin and honey. I am black without apology

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you would end your pathetic wh*Teoid life before you could ever see me

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cringe, why is it always wh*Toids getting btfo? the only time i see black people losing is when wh*Toids are in pack like a bunch of animals


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then your ancestors very obviously did not built the pyramids dipshit

Ok one more try, i never get this.

Niggers actually had some crazy ass shits like the Mali empire, the emperor Musa I was literally the richest person ever lived on this planet.

Also it was located much closer to the slave ports, which means all those niggers in modern murica are most probably much related to it.


Are they really that ignorance and stupid?

Is his wrist broken?

holy friggen BASED

i hope in the near future we fight side by side against those wh*Toids

Okey maybe are more stronger but they are more dumb. And this video proves it

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>cringe, why is it always wh*Toids getting btfo?
but it's not? however it is always whitey winning strength competitions. that's ebcause god giving us the power we need to keep the lesser races in check and under our heel where they belong.

enjoy being a poor nigger forever.

wh*Toids be like; thats pretty advanced while we were building PYRAMIDS THE SIZE OF A FUCKING MOUNTAIN

I wish to see you my fellow BLACK brother, we will fight side by side and end these pathetic wh*Teoids

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ahem Jon Jones? Daniel Cormier?

Shut your mouth if you know nothing in the world of fighting

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explain how people who use to live in mudhuts mange to outsmart people that built the pyramids?

I'll give you a hint. The Egyptian weren't Arabs or niggers.

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>people falling for shitty bait that gets spammed daily


>fighting is synonymous strength competition
dumbass nigger trying desperately to hide from the facts. white people are stronger. i could easily crush your skull. get used to your inferiority you forever nigger.

the main demographics of africa weren't africans?
bro you retarded or what?

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>>Greatest architectural marvel of Sub-Saharan Africa. Known as the grand mosque of Mali or Timbuktu University. Most used widely used example of authentic Sub-Saharan engineering. Basis for the set design of Black Panther.
>>Built by Europeans in 1905

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don't bother arguing with retarded wh*Teoids, theyre all dumb as shit

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This is what niggers actually believe.

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look you here you retarded redneck, strength isn't everything in a fight. your virgin wh*Toid ass wouldn't know since you live in the suburbs and never seen any conflict. fact is the strongest fighters are black

What you want to prove with this video? Obviously they are more aggressive. Look at this Oxford Students. Literally all of niggers have IQ of 90.

>no father
>roastie clearly on drugs

Pottery. Sage

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>s-s-strength isn't everything...


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Only a nigger can be his enter live in high school

What is even the point of this thread?

we all know everyone but abbos did something

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I wish they had actually posted this.

Looks like the nazi was a paid actor

Ancient Egypt was Nordic

That's right fucking nigger. I hope you find "evidence" that we were living in mudhuts 2000, 1000, or even 500 years ago. It just makes our rapid climb to the literal fucking moon while you stagnated that fucking more impressive. You vile little shitskin.

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Are these type of videos you guys always post supposed to show "le superiority of browns and niggers"? Cause to me they only show savageness so you're just confirming your stereotype and by doing so legitimizing those who irl you call evil opressors

>your heyday was 3000 years ago
Pretty sad to be honest

it was Hellenic, not Nordic

your colonizing ass set our beautiful continent back 10 000 years, we were creating universities while you were creating weapons of WAR

now the roles are reversed WE WILL SHOW YOU NO MERCY


There's not a single white primitive group of people anywhere on earth, meanwhile there are literal thousands of uncontacted black tribes or groups of primitive people that haven't advanced since the stone age. Who's primitive again?

Top 20percent black are as smart as the average white. You idoit interpreted it wrong. Blacks are dumb as fuck.


Is there anything you nogs won't try to steal? Imagine being so useless you need to make baseless claims for the achievements of other races.

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What is Pavlopetri, Knossos, Mycenae, Pyrgos, etc.

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HAHA, got you guys good again. Was just LARPing agian like last night.

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Shitskins are violent apes, breaking news at 9. Every night. Forever.


You blackies would be pummeled

4 of those are drawn, these are all standing today

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It wont take long to deal with you. We will treat you like we did your ancestors in the 1850's, complete domination over your species

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You don't even get the irony of what you are posting.

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You niggers cant even fight 11 year olds


Looks like the European version is more environmentally friendly. Checkmate

It's possible that there were some Ethiopian style Cushite niggaz, but the Bantu that comprise the vast majority of worldwide problem nigger kangz today either didn't even exist as an ethnic group yet or were still squatting in the Congo eating pigmies.

I wonder why the rich guy lived near the slave ports. Weird.

They're playing checkers you retard