What is it with drag queens and pedophilia?

There seems to be a strong connection between cross dressers and molesting children

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Well that was fast. Meanwhile still waiting for one suicide from a supposed 45% suicide attempt rate.

Why do you guys just post the headlines and never the articles. Like you just make your minds up based on clickbait and justify the rest with your own headcanon??

yeah that's because homosexuals are pedoes

dressing up as women is a disguise tactic, it makes them seem less threatening to women.

>one holding a rubber chicken, which in LGBT symbolism stands for pedophilia.

This is the first I've ever heard of this, and looking it up I just see this article coming back up...

Where’s Mateen when you need him?

>What is it with drag queens and pedophilia?
carnival people like to prey on kids.
film at 11.

When I scrolled by this, I thought it was a "me and the boys" meme. Shame.

This. They don’t even hide it and yet people are still shocked

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>news to noone

Anyone who promotes little kids having their penises shoved back into their bodies sounds like a sexual sadist and pedophile desu.

The worst part is the mass assumptions are often accurate. Down to the author's ancestry.

T. Seething tranny

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>Me and the boys about to use a toddler as a fleshlight in our finest demon attire

MtF Trannies can’t have babies or adopt them, so they reproduce by grooming other people’s children.

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Save your children from these demons.

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>full grown men investing time and money into dressing up as femme demons and reading stories to children.

Sounds totally normal, goy.

why would we sit through pedo apology and antiwhite subtext

all we need to know is the headline

>See perv in drag
>He wants to spend time with children

Well my mind's made up.

Fags reproduce by molesting children.

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Conceptualize my total and utter lack of shock

This. Well put user

The drag queen/cross dressing part is irrelevant. Pedophiles self select for occupations that put them close to children. Teachers, daycare workers, priests, sports coaches, camp councilors, etc. All more likely to be pedophiles compared to the average population.

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please, write your congressmen and women about instituting the napalm penalty for pedophilia

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