Ruined Europe

Is this the country that ruined Europe? They brought greek and eastern influence into Italy which eventually made its way all over western europe, ruining it. Pagans turned into christians, everyone got cucked. All because greeks brought their shit to sicily and then mainland italy. Their shit "civilization" and philosophies.

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As a Roman Im triggered. Rome is central. Everything else has latitudes and geographical assignments. But not Rome


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Why did you ruin Europa?

Rome forged Europa, son. Thats what you guys wewuz about anyways

You brought cancerous bugman "civilization" to Europe, you brought christianity the cuck religion to Europe. All because you listened to the (((greek))) faggots. And now look at the mess you made? Europeans are cucked, they need their pagan savage ways back. Strength, honor, bravery, integrity.

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>Rome forged Europa
>implying everyone wasnt perfectly happy until romans came as their system cant survive without rape and pillage of other peoples

Italians and Greeks and everyone east of there had castles built while your faggot ancestors were still buttfucking squirrels in the forest. Shut the fuck up, mongrel.

>pagan savage ways back. Strength, honor, bravery, integrity.

kek, and human sacrifice

Hurr durr muh pagan gods, you're American, fuck off Jewish puppet

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>Italians and Greeks and everyone east of there had castles built

>implying you need castles if you dont live net to niggers

Like petroleum in the Middle East and South America?.. I mean... To export democracy

I piss on your castles and kings. Celtic peoples had honorable hunter gatherer tribes, no need for your urban cities and civilizations. The simple life, the life (((they))) cannot survive in.

>implying being perfectly happy barbarians is forging europe

You guys kept thing from food shortages and cold and were pretty desperate tho. You actually upgraded under Roman rule


The weak deserve to die off, civilizations foster the weak. And look what you get today!

>american mongrel education.

Literally Italy created a big part of our continent's culture.

Michelangelo, Verdi, Da Vinci, Bernini, Vivaldi, Giotto, Puccini, Rafael, Brunelleschi, Americo Vespuci, Dante, Rossini etcccc

fucking retard without the roman empire there would be no western civilization

Might be true but I m not so sure you d be part of the strong ones. Also you d have to consider what you mean by success. Killing a deer by yourself or cooperating to harvest as much food as possible to store for the following months and so on

We are living in western civilization, look how degenerate and disgusting it is. To hell with it, let it burn. We need to go back to the forest and get in tune with nature.

Fuck no. They SAVED Europe from bar bar bar cucks.

go to basque region and say that. The caveman people will beat the shit out of you.

>forging europe

so europe includes the middle east and turkey?

You switch places but human nature is alwyas the same. Good luck getting raped for warmth in the winter by big bad Grugg

Anally harvested

>Pagans turned into christians, everyone got cucked.
Please learn history, bastard mutt Jewmerican.

Basques must be from another planet.

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