21 months for sharing Christchurch Shooting Video


This guy is the owner of Beneficial Insulation, the vans with the black sun on them, 14.88 per m2.

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NZ is lost

I'd fucking sue

I wonder how many new shooters they just created.

Wow, what a great way to cause him to rethink his assuredly totally unacceptable opinions.

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this alone will redpill NZ normies about the current state of their nation

>video offender

What a heinous crime Indeed.

You can't sue for being convicted. I believe appeal is the word you are looking for.


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That’s fucked up phill was a funny mother fucker

>video offender charged with distributing objectionable footage

WTF was that NZ?

>Prosecutor is a brown woman

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Gov't radicalizes population and then wonder why they go 1488 after being scolded.

These sort of tyrannical tactics are going to exacerbate New Zealand's issues, not relieve them. Suppressing speech isn't changing anyone's mind toward the government's point of view.

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You fags would probably have him in jail for no license to distribute objectionable material.

what a shithole country. i can't believe MEGA and Kim Dotcom live in NZ with something as authoritarian as a government censor

There should be an outrage, protests even, holy shit wtf nz shits?!

Oh for fucks sake


kim himself already said mega was probably compromised precisely because it's in NZ

Told police he thought it was “awesome”. Based

NZFags have been placed on permanent suicide watch.

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Distilled Americana right here.

Fucking bullshit

NZ is a Chinese vassal state, its not been a western country for a long time.

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Hehehe, what a dumb guy that Ars guy is.

new zealand doesn't have a proper bill of rights. There is a clause that says the government can make laws overriding any of the "rights" whenever they want


Literally a victimless thought crime. Fuck new zealand and fuck muslims too.
>and fuck nigger faggot jannies.

New Zealand is the first Round Eye country to join China's Belt and Road project

Good, fuck this guy. After he gets out we'll shoot up his gay bar.


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>(((new zealand)))

I hope this subhuman trash gets rape in jail


>cuckchan Jow Forums still doesnt have audio webm's
how are we expected to share said video on here

Yeah, many countries have obscure laws that they'll trot out if they want.

Even though they could have used them before many times.


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imagine being from new zealand


No, it won't.

He should get life to ensure the safety of society. Only sick fucks share or watched the video

its not even that bad theres basically no gore

>two charges of distributing objectionable footage

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>wonder why
It’s planned. They do it on purpose so they can justify the boot stomping down on everyone.

That’s why they kill their own citizens

What is that lip cancer

>another Jow Forumstards gets ass raped by sweet justice.

and why am i not surprise everybody the feds bag up look like creepy dirty incels? the bastions of the white race and red pills? lmao.

have this picture of thoroughbred white pussy getting courted by a handsome, fertile, strong black gentleman.

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Thought Crimes are real
Face Crimes are real
Beware: Big Brother is watching
Any infractions will result in your immediate removal from society and placement into concentration camps

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A cripple posing with a pet nigger for a photo-op?

Are they referring to this video? images.encyclopediadramatica.rs/1/1f/GTA6_gameplay_teaser.mp4

If you must know, she sucked his cock and the AIDS he gave her made her a cripple. That's how fast AIDS works in 2019. Fuckin crazy right?

he got hit by the cops when they dragged him out of the vehicle. theres video of it

Unfortunately, AIDS doesn't cripple or kill anymore. They just turn into ghouls that are kept alive on drug cocktails that cost us all a shitload.

>mfw this maori cunt at work tells me NZ has the least corrupt government/police

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So glad I live in the USA, I'm too much of an asshole to live anywhere else.

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fucking based. two years for wrong think. rise up new zealand your leaders are trash and their allies are weak

When he gets out he should pull a repeat. Go to jail for sharing a fucking video? You really should kill everyone involved with your detention cause your nation is fucking done.

>rise up
Ruggers is on, food is on the table, missus still puts out every blue moon.
Nobody's fucking revolting when they're comfortable.

Someone tell me why we haven't dropped 500 megatons of freedom on New Zealand yet?

I hope your family gets raped to death with broken beer bottles by a pack of niggers.

>whiteoid is jailed for not listening to its own (((masters)))
You species enabled and progressed the jews. It was your grandaddies that died like dogs in Normandy. You species deserve every suffering that comes with it

>New Zealand

DOTR can't come fast enough nigger

Would he go to jail for sharing a video of 9/11?

they do shit like this in order to instigate violence.

well if theyd hurry up and start persecuting the muslims in NZ im fine with that

who is that?

dude how hard is it to come up with “Jew Zealand”. Not that hard

then they all deserve to die and i hope they burn in hell.

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Lol you Amerifags always say that but all of western Europe jails people for much less and they have been totally pacified

>lets put all these likeminded people into the same spot in our small poorly guarded prison what could go wrong

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When did New Zealand became North Korea?

Why did I have to be born in this 1984 timeline.

>all of western Europe jails people for much less and they have been totally pacified
Hasn't France been rioting for over thirty weeks?

Nah we have to go through some shit before any kind of redemption

We've been an affront to God since NZ was formed. Hopefully he whacks us with a huge earthquake, tsunami, or Taupo blows its top. We would deserve it.

Also our boomers are the eternalest of all

Die in a fire

Yeah. Over taxes. They don't give a FUCK that their racial extinction is one generation away.

>There should be an outrage, protests even, holy shit wtf nz shits?!

No one cares.

I'm out of this country in August and don't think I'm coming back

You're talking about a country that banned a fucking non-pornographic two episode anime that was even dubbed to English and released on DVD. It's still illegal in NZ.
They've always been peak authoritarian. It's the eternal anglo in them.

I believe revolt and guillotine is the term.

Oh yeah, it got a MA15 rating in Australia, who are also complete censorious cunts, but not quite as bad as NZ.

normies will say this is good because muh safety.


If you say so, friend. But to me, Western Europe does not appear to be totally pacified.

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All anime should be banned...it makes white men into jap worshipping fags

That bitch has a "oh my god look at me I'm doing important stuff" look, while chinaman has the must smug "this dumb bitch" look. Women in power summed up in one picture.


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Ban rugby, it turns white men into beer swilling cunts.
That's you, and that's how fucking retarded you are. Now go fuck your sister if she's done getting shorn.

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>That bitch has a "oh my god look at me I'm doing important stuff" look, while chinaman has the must smug "this dumb bitch" look. Women in power summed up in one picture.

She's a fucking bimbo.

10 years ago she was spinning discs and riding the cock carousel as a "DJ"

Now she imports foreign filth, makes deals with chinks and puts white kiwis in jail for sharing a video...

Let me the fuck out please.

Rugby mkes you hard....men nned that

The judge is a disgusting fucking piece of shit, basically saying he sent to him jail for his views, not because of what he actually did because the videos werent illegal when he shared them initially.

When he gets out of jail he should kill the judge.

"Video offender"

>Rabbis spraypainting windmills of peace on jewish cemeteries to make it appear that "anti-semitism" is on the rise again.
The people who do that kind of shit are kosher as fuck. The only thing "neo-nazis" do today is put up stickers during the night and maybe putting some poorly photocopied propaganda in peoples mailboxes.
Which only leads to massive headlines the following day about how dreadful nazis are.

Watching rugby turns you into a fat, beer swilling cunt.


You know she is just a front, a face for the people running shit. She is easy to hate and definately needs to be in a camp, but the problem is deeper than her.

Boomers have no conscience.

>Watching rugby turns you into a fat, beer swilling cunt.

I don't watch sports...opiate of the masses

I don't play rugby league anymore either...I'm in my 30's


>You know she is just a front, a face for the people running shit.

Yes I know.

But she's still a gormless cun