>Pro frespeech
>dismantles leftists logic without sound like a dick (Ben shapiro)
>Anti SJW

Why aren't you subscribed to Timothy Pool pol

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you guys never notice the contradiction there, huh?

He’s hiding his power level like a professional. Alt-right YouTube personalities should take note.

he's not pro-freespeech

>Why aren't you subscribed to Timothy Pool pol
Because he only covers stories that butthurt right wing incels care about.
Not real news.

I am already subscribed to you, Tim. Stop proxyfagging.

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he's a weak little fuckboi shill. he literally has 2 ass cracks from sitting on the fence. and the ONLY reason he sits on the fence? so he can milk shekels from spergs like OP. jesus christ this tibetan basket weaving forums is getting pointless.

Got any examples of real news?

Tim Pura

I am though

still a leftist faggot riding the pushback wave,
countless spineless faggots do it to earn money

Because e-celebs are cancer, no matter where they stand on the political spectrum.

Tiny tim

This. Anyone who doesn’t realize Tim is 100% /ourguy/ isn’t paying attention.

all he does is read head lines... I can do that here

>tim pool

He can be interesting to listen to, but he needs to cut things shorter.. And that plug for patreon every episode can get sort of old. Once every 4 episodes or so would be more reasonable, and spending a fourth of the timing talking about stories may give him more time to talk about other stories.. Hell maybe he can talk about some top posts on reddit every once in a while. Read some of the comments, give his feedback on them.

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jews doing 9/11


tim pool is a loser faggot trying to pretend there is such a thing as a sane liberal

>cut things shorter.
he's in for that clickbait YT money

>links to another more hysterical fuckboi... Vaush
jesus christ just stop already.

Shapiro is a warmongering kike midget. Fuck that fucking faggot.

>is a faggot