What's Jow Forums's tax policy?

What's Jow Forums's tax policy?

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That lardass needs to finish the fucking books.

Tax the rich and spread it among the poor.. Also if rich and caught evading taxes.. instant death

everybody pays 15%.
all taxes are used for military spending.


no tax ever

kill yourself

>he thinks he ever intends to finish
He's eating himself to an early grave with his HBO cash. He's taking other projects to pay for desert.

income tax progression up to 100% & negative income tax; high wealth taxes or disallowance of inheritance

poor are taxed at 80%, going down as you make more money. Rise and shine wagies

All taxes to be paid in liters of nigger blood

Taxation is theft.
Tariffs are ok. Road tolls are also ok.

Abolish income tax and use only a state/provincial sales tax with a max at 10%, federal govt prints its own money each year, pegged at 10% GDP of the previous year, tariff revenue to subsidize state and federal expenditure, and finally, debt, deficits and borrowing are all prohibited and any govt. official caught doing so will be publicly hanged.

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Move on. Sci-fi and fantasy has become soi city with guys like Rothfuss writing mary-sue shit. There are more based authors out there like Vox Day.

5% tax simply to upkeep military and maybe some dudes to keep public spaces clean.

Taxation is stupid in the government fiat currency age. Abolish all taxation and let interest rates control inflation levels

Whats up with Jow Forums at the moment.
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Anything actually fun on?

Tax according to privelge, not to wealth.
As an example:

Civilians only get taxed a flat 5%, but have no say in government whatsoever. They are taxed solely to pay for basic emergency services and the like.
Second class citizens get taxed a flat 15%, but have a vote, can benefit from more exclusive programs etc and so forth.
First class citizens get taxed a flat 25%, have all the privileges of second class citizens, but are also allowed to hold public office.

There are no tax deductions, and subsidies for children and the like are only available to citizens. The one exception is military service, which grants a flat 5% reduction in tax.
(I.E., civilian plebs pay no tax at all if they fight for their country, but they still can't vote)

based and redpilled

fuck off berniebitch

No income tax, government should only fund the military and maybe other shit like infrastructure. Any other public works projects are fucking retarded.

>Government prints more money every year
Please kill yourself.

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Whatever the king says it is at any given time.

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>Govt. should be beholden to international bankers.
Nice try, burger.

>Not having gold as your money
Literal heathen, you'd be hanged immediately along with the federal reserve owners.

10% sales tax on new items. Criminals get turned into slave labor and are taxed 100% until they pay in full.

>Muh gold meme
Enjoy your austerity.

>Government let's itself print more money
Imagine missing this flaw, read up on history kike. All fiat currencies fail.

100% on the Jews

To be fair, this is pretty much going on anyhow.

Tariffs of no more than 10%, income tax of no more than 10%, investment accounts are basically treated like traditional IRAs that you pay income tax on as you withdrawal and you can bundle your entire account together basically like your own private mutual fund so you’re not stuck with ridiculous income taxes for turning one stock into another stock without actually ever touching the money.

That's not a good thing idiot, the economy isn't gonna last like this any longer.

>All fiat currencies fail.
Fiat means govt dictate. Govt. should not dictate the value of their currency. They should however, hold the power of the purse, unless you want to lose sovereignty to the merchant class.
>read up on history kike
Rome lasted, despite printing its money to cover its expenses. Having your govt in charge of its own currency is not a revolutionary idea, believe it or not. As long as debts, taxes and govt expenditure are reigned in, you'll be fine.

High taxes
fuck Koch,Soros,Rockefeller types

Rome had gold coins, you're retarded.
>Lose sovereignty to the merchant class
Yes, you're retarded. No kike supports this shit, that's why the Rothschilds own our system.

Flat tax of 0%

>a week ago
>still no names

I read the name of the wind. Fucking awful, nothing happens, characters are shit. However Sanderson's books are pretty good. Mistborn: The Final Empire was an excellent fantasy novel with the best magic system.

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>Kill all tax collectors.
That's my tax policy.

Article 1, Section 1, Subsection 1:
Burn the coal, pay the toll.

I would be in favor of higher taxes and more social programs if my money wasn't going to illegals, niggers, and single moms. I hope taxes are so low all the gibs programs go broke and the leeches die.

Screw government. Everything should be run as a non-profit. If you want the service to be provided, you pay for it.

How is taxation theft? How is the government and community services like sewer maintenance, road construction, police and firefighters going to function without taxpayer money?

Take a third of that money to pay for Right-Wing Forest Rangers.

I believe we should set up a currency system where 100% of tax revenue goes to paying the interest on the loans our governments have taken from the federal reserve bank.

>Rome only had one currency throughout all its existence.
What a myopic worldview. It actually started with bronze backed by cattle. Before the purchasing power got so high that it had to be mixed with a silver alloy in an attempt to inflate the money supply and stimulate the economy. (Mass hoarding caused the movement of money to stop, causing the rise in purchasing power) Only after Hannibal did Rome even begin to use a silver standard and that was along side a bronze and copper standard. Gold itself was rarely ever used as a currency outside of international trade and govt transactions.

But all of that is besides the point because Rome always remained in control of its own currency, and printed their money to cover expenses. They didn't borrow at interest, but maintained the power of the purse themselves. Which is what is most important, even your founders knew this and gave congress the power of the purse. The material you use as a medium of exchange is an altogether secondary issue.

I guess it wont.
Have a nice day nigger.

I'll let your wife's grandchildren know their father was a weak little pussy bitch who sold his nations soul for convenience.

>No income tax
>15% tax on trading stocks
>No property tax on your primary residence (only when selling)
>No tax on singular, non processed food items (ie fruits, veggies, cooking ingredients)
>No tax on processed food items if processed and sold on location (ie farmers market)
>Flat tax on non-alcoholic food
>Extra tax on alcohol
>Flat gas tax
>No tax on common household items (like toilet paper, but difficult to classify unfortunately)
>Flat tax on all non-food items
>Extra tax on luxury goods (case by case basis, possibly a gradient based on price)
>closed borders
>extremely limited, conditional welfare

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>over population is not a problem
checkd tax things you do not want in your society, subsidize they programs/ people you want to support and grow.

oh look at that, in the KIKE STATES, looks like KIKES WANT more NIGGER SLAVES surprise surprise

Taxes should be a flat rate as a national sales tax of 5%. States can tax at a one flat rate as well. That’s it though. Taxes should never exceed 14% of a persons paycheck.

Taxation is theft.

this tbuh

Taxation is theft

Any other answer is proof you need to be executed

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20% flat tax on all income.
1 tax free inheritance house, anything else taxed at 30%
No tax allowances. No "giving money to charity" to avoid taxes. No deals such as "this painting is worth 1 million". If it's worth it, sell it.

Prison for anyone avoiding taxes. It's not complicated. It wasn't a mistake.

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