By the year 2030 it is projected half of the western population will be clinically obese

By the year 2030 it is projected half of the western population will be clinically obese.

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not possible.
by 2030 we would have been at war for ten years. ;)

it isn't there already?
here in the south like 7/10 people I see are either obese or about to be

You've been at war ever since your country existed, fuck off Bolton

Im sure in some areas it already is.

We need to fix this. For some reason Jow Forums refuses to discuss it. I'm guessing because there are a lot of fatsos on this board.

>You've been at war ever since your country existed
those were just scrimmages.

Need some screencaps of Judge Dress fatties.

It’s a big problem but it’s also important to note that Black women have the highest rate of obesity in America followed closely by Hispanic women. Cut them out of the equation and the overall rate of obesity looks pretty different.

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Fellow degenerate feeders: what's your upper limit?

theyll just redefine it yet again so a bmi of 100 is overweight

It's becoming obvious that this is another element of their plan to demoralise and destabilise. This is going to be an absolute crisis 20 years from now. All those fat activists that are still relatively healthy now will be racked with health issues, just imagine the weakening to healthcare systems and workforce. Meanwhile the fit and able bodied people left over will be expected to work harder to pick up the billl.

It pains me to say I agree with you. I can’t really see any other outcome with the way things are going

why dont you fukken understand that the goal post had been moved on fatty...250lb is normal so is 300lbs

Jow Forums has been championing the liftwaffe for years, you just haven't lifted.

I fucking hate fat people honestly, just kill them all.

What can, realistically, be done about this problem? It's a problem of self control and time management, which is hard to fix in a grown-ass population.
Taxing sugar and fast food won't work
Taxing gas and giving bonuses for using bikes won't work
Making health care more expensive won't work
The only real solution is to write off the current generation of fatties and try to instill healthy values in the next generation, but our school systems are so defunct that trying to do anything significant will be a nightmare.

Stop eating you fat cunts.

I welcome this change

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Reminder that multiple public universities now teach "Fat Studies" in the US and other countries.
Reminder that this is what "free college for all" will pay for.
Reminder that your taxes already pay for part of these courses.
Reminder that this is not Tumblr, this is academic feminism in action.

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School has done fuck all to help and probably even made it worse. Forcing kids to be completely sedentary for hours on end 5 days a week/making gym easy to protect against hurt feelings and lawsuits/loading kids up with an additional 3 hours worth of homework so they can continue to be sedentary when they get home.

>fat studies
Hmmm, must be some kind of nutrition class on obesity
>address weight bias and social justice

Where are the fat studies?

Check your thin privilege shitlord!

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>By the year 2030 it is projected half of the western population will be clinically obese.
...and it's beautiful

Imagine not being able to climb a flight of stairs without needing a break to catch your breath and thinking it’s society’s fault and not your weight.