They're not even trying to hide it anymore

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There's nothing wrong with fucking kids. Debate me.

You are scum. That is all.

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there's everything wrong with fucking kids.
i already won the debate.

But you already lost.

You're a speck on a marginally larger speck floating through nothingness. Fucking a kid means basically nothing on a cosmic scale.

Did he rape her?

We get it. It was her turn Mr Clinton. Calm down!

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Don't cut yourself on all that edge, kid.

>pumpkin emoji
>drpizza aka pumpkin fright
whats the significance of pumpkin? its showing up on these people lately

You should just kill yourself and get it over with

yes, there is something wrong with it. their biology and psychology aren't ready for the emotional and psychological stimulus. what i mean is they don't really understand sexual stimulation because they haven't went through puberty. pedos don't take this into account because they don't really care about the kid, they just want to have sex with them and satisfy their lust for kids. pedos will justify it this way and that but the bottom line is they just want to fuck kids for the sake of fucking kids.


>things that aren't you exist
>therefore you don't matter to yourself
Nice logic.

no debate is required.

so would executing pedophiles.

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theyre just switching their iconography as people become aware of it.

It is well heterosexual pedophiles larp as homosexual

Kill yourself (unironically) in Minecraft

so dr pizza was just that utterly retarded to be using both at once

*well known that..

I'll debate you with my gun.

There is nothing wrong with hanging pedos. Debate me.

Kek, fbi trying to bait.

What's the pumpkin reference about with these freaks?

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That meme is 100% boomer.

Pulling existentialism into the mix is pretty pathetic, you are a sociopathic sick cunt. Just because we're on a floating rock doesn't justify defiling children for your own sick pleasures. Kill yourself.

It takes too long and makes them a spectacle. The best way is to shoot them in the back of the head or slit their throats, it takes a few seconds, doesn't give them a platform where people watch them die and when you're done you can bury them in an unmarked mass grave alongside a few gallons of gasoline and a lit match.

Plus hanging requires extensive infrastructure like ropes and gallows or danger to the self when climbing lampposts.

Killing you would ultimately mean nothing too, but it would grant me immense satisfaction and I would do it at soonest opportunity I have. Funny how it works, doesn't it?

>things are big so morals dont exist
Good one faggot. Hang yourself from a pride float and prove how apathetic you are.

You raise valid points friendo. It is difficult but important work. I’d be willing to do it though.

>image macros are boomer
Fuck off retard.

wtf is this shit. They all seem to be hardcore atheists as well.

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It's just that if you fall from a lamppost hanging a pedo you might fall and render yourself unable to hang more pedos in future. I urge you to consider using bullets instead, safety is important when you're on a mission for the good of the mission, not just yourself. Ammunition is cheap, your life is not.

>provided they don't promote etc

why the fuck was a 7yo dancing on a float at pride parade? thats the real question i want answered

fuck these people. if they want to yardie each others diarrhea then go ahead but dont corrupt the kids with your degeneracy.

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And you are a 100% NEET faggot. Who cares?

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This is maximum mental gymnastics. Just kill yourself already.

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Lmao at twitter and youtube openly condoning pedophiles

(((internationally renowned)))

>not 7.62 with appropriate H&K applicator

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I dont give a fuck what happens on a cosmic scale. I do care what happens to kids. So you still get the rope