Constitutional Carry would prevent most violent crime in the US

Constitutional Carry would prevent most violent crime in the US
Prove me wrong (you can't

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somebody respond to that twatter with, "incorrect!"

"Gun" is how a good little progtard says "nigger."

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Mutually exclusive though. Guns don't automatically kill kids.


Holy fuck get a life

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Clever rebuttal, friend.

There always familiar traits possessed by the “common sense” crowd. Is it dual citizenship?

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Assuming I'm the one who is shooting up the school and not the one who puts down the shooter. My right to defend my life is a god given right.

If he feels better this strongly why doesn’t he homeschool?

No question about it! Turn in your fucking guns incels.


Come and take it faggot I dare ya

like ten people on average will die from school shooting, his kids are more likely to do from a fucking cow

>his kids
His wife’s kids

>implying school is a right at all

>tfw you realize you have a right to live but no right to die.

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I mean, they literally don't though.

>it just does

Only a weak, powerless man needs to utilize such literary devices.
The debate was actually already settled in his head, he was just railing against it, much like a petulant child.

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Your kids, your problem.

My wife was asking me why they don't give teachers tasers or pepper spray.
Non lethal items for the cucks who don't own guns.
It's so obvious to anyone with a brain that they want the kids to be shot.

Because liberals are too retarded to get a simple concept like that right.

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It's not even liberals.
Plenty of dumbass regular people think guns shouldn't be in schools and don't think through the side effects.

I can see this idea legitimately Canada.
Leafs take hockey seriously.

Somebody sacrifice their twitter account and tell this guy how much of a faggot he is

it's the same as those countries where self defense is ilegal

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>it's the same as those countries where self defense is ilegal
States too.
I live in VA, and have to think every time I come close to crossing the Potomac.
Maryland's laws are gay.


Oh, you were talking to Jamaal? lol I thought you were telling me. Whew. That would have been weird.


>it just does
so this is the power of jew manipulation

Guns were strictly regulated in Brazil until January, to the poit it was near impossible to get one unless you're a cop or something. Then the president made it easier to get the license. The result is a 25% decrease on murder rates in Jan/Feb of 2019 compared to 2018.
>still a shithole tho

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>you in Montana are not allowed to buy any gun you want because my kid in California shouldn’t be killed at school

Your kid’s more likely to die in a traffic accident due to your shitty driving than from a gun

Public school is not a right.