Which current politicians are pedos?

How can you tell if your congressman is a pedo or not?

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Honestly user it would probably be easier at this point to name the ones who aren't.

Roy Moore
Ted Cruz
Paul Ryan..

just to name a few

ughh mommy

Probably about half of them.

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If they're super over-the-top anti-Trump, like to a personal degree that goes beyond partisan politics, that's a big red flag.

I hear Adam Schiff and Kirstin Gillibrand are in sex cults.

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if he is gay he is a pedo

If they're jewish, fat, or openly gay, there is a 90% chance that they have thought about fucking kids.

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throw a coin. If it lands on its side than its not a pedo.

all i have on the pedos in the media and government

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That's crazy, I never noticed that before.

Can't blame creepy Uncle Joe for liking little girls that way. I do too.
But why is he only one to get away with this shit? lmao

No... we can blame him for liking "little" prepubescent girls. That's what this thread is for. To call out faggots like youself.

here's a simple check list:
Have they been in politics for long?
Do they vote positively for anything Israhell based?
Are they alive?

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Keep in mind that Trump's mentor was part of a human compromise operation that used child prostitutes to blackmail politicians.
Also, NYPD chief was disgusted when he went through Weiner's laptop and found many compromised government officials in the "insurance policy" folder

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>the fire rises

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Jesus christ
Fuck the normies who can't see this shit.

Hey hey hey....

How is it faggotry when they are girls?

did that woman fuck little boys

Most to all of the Democrats,that's for sure. Only ones who have members arrested for sex rings. One of them once had a gay prostitution ring running out of his condo. That gay one from New York. Everyone in congress and the fucking media shrugged off Barnie Franks' gay hookers. Anyone else would have fucking resigned. No one did shit.

- Joe Biden
- Obama
- Buttigieg
- Corey Booker

How long can anyone really ignore the fact that major Democratic donors are always embroiled in sex scandals?

it really is ridiculously obvious

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always looking on the bright side, can't fault a leaf for being hopeful in clown world


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Nadler and Graham for sure.

Trump and Melania

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Watery and dizzy eyes

You just know or feel that something is wrong about the person

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Check all the faces. Mom and Dad are both watching and Dad's forehead is concerned. Probably hoping he won't do any more than sniff with them right there. The woman behind Dad is almost as grossed out as the boy.

Surprised no one's dad has decked this cunt already.

A Secret Service agent tried when Joe groped his girlfriend, and the guy got suspended for it. If you're standing that close to Joe when he goes in for a feel, you're probably too invested in your political career to object. And I wouldn't be surprsied if the parents were warned that he likes to get a little friendly but he won't hurt anyone so don't overreact, wink wink.

Not sure about congressmen but you can bet your ass any president in the recent past or future is. 2 of our last 4 were likeley selected by a glownigger throwing darts at Epstein’s flight logs. The Bush’s have been knee deep in call boy scandals since the 80’s. Who knows what the fuck they had on Obama. Biden being put in front of a popular candidate despite even his own base hating him is all the evidence you really need.

Jerry Nadler has that 'I rape 2 children minimum a day in the basement of planet pizza' look written all over his fat manlet face.

Elect this kid or appoint him some significant position in office.

pink rings around their eyes,
pedo mustache,
small hands,

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