Jewish hate thread

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Dumping what I've got.

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those evil right wing jews re like HITLER

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she make fun of poor palestin women who like the hummus and hezboll :(

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Look at all these unverified, fake quotes.

he like, points out britain killing axis civilians EVIL

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dey anger west baenk caus dey try 2 peac with hummous >:(

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dey b greedy n communists dun like them >:(

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Real NatSocs know that the real problem is muslims not Jews. Look at what theyre doing to Europe. Fuck off muhammad

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dey taek palstein from innocent musimz

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dey say mean thing about gay mexican >:(

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People wouldn't care if they NEVER left israel, but they always get duel citizenship to fuck with other lands

nazi germany, short of a few invasions LOCALLY, kept to themselves

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I'd like to see you prove any of these quotes. They're all well-known fakes.

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I'd like to see you refute any of these quotes, as there are well known liars on this site who defend kikes

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from how many countries were the germans expelled? o right...
surely after being expelled over a hundred times not once it was the jews' fault, surely everyone else is the problem

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As a White Man I hate this villianization of Jews, and anti-Semitic behavior towards Jewish Men, and Women. They're not the villains of our "little story", and you shouldn't be racist towards them.
So what if our race is going extinct, who cares!
Watch Blacked get addicted, and just let the easing sensation of White Guilt, and and inferiority build up! There is a reason we make the best Trannies! :D
Also, White Women deserve BBC and Black Men earned it. So fuck off Incels.

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Who's bringing in all the Muslims, Moshe?

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Props to the other stuff and all, but this is the shittiest job at a meme I've ever seen.

Sure I'll refute them:
They're made up. You're the one making the claim, so you defend it.

You have to include sources for quotes though

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Fuck kikes and their puppets. Hang them all.

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Karl Marx (Mordecai Levy) was a jew though, he just made those statements to have plausible deniability.

^This poster is a jewish hasbara shill, he's trying to dilute the thread with bullshit.

Who's importing all those goatfuckers, you filthy goddamned kike?
The (((Senate))) can pass all the laws they want, (((Big Tech))) can censor all they want, but NOTHING will stop by he building hatred for the jew parasite.
Your time is coming, kike, and soon.

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^Hasbara shill trying to shit up the thread

You first, amerigoy

I'll probably rake the yard first, leaf. Post some in-store prices.

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relax jew servant

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Holy shit imagine being this fucking vile of a person. How can you not look in the mirror and see your own evil while you fling these insults at me?
Enjoy being replaced by muslims. Its a fitting fate for Europe's endless centuries of pogroms on Jews.

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Imagine an actual Holocaust happening, because it's coming.

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Hello fellow antisemites! Any incriminating poasts you want to make to tonight?

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You can say all the empty threats you want. The reality is that Jews have persevered for thousands of years of anti-semitism.
I hope you get off this website and realize you have been radicialized for evil

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>Introspection level: 0
pic related, its you.

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Evil you say?

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It is natural instinct to be repulsed by the evil and repulsiveness of the jew, and this has been true for centuries prior to the Internet. When the synagogue was (((allegedly))) shot up no one cared. After all, the Jews inflict misery upon their hosts everywhere they go; of course people were happy when they heard the news.
Imagine being so evil and repulsive that stolen money is used to pass laws forbidding criticism of your filthy, inbred, nomadic "people."

You shegetz are all the same. Kill yourself

Didn't he convert to Christianity?

the synagogue shooting was likely fake though

newfag, so how are so many jews across the world so loyal to Israel if so of them have never even been there and how can so many around the world be able to promote the same anti-white agenda?

Hahahaha cry more, Jew. You are hated throughout the world. You are despised by God and are the spawn of Lucifer.

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Yes, that's why I said
You think they cry now? Wait until they have something to cry about. They will have no one to blame but themselves.

antagonizing them only emboldens them, we must strive to subvert their agenda not enforce it.

It's all going to burn soon enough. I'm going to make some candles when it does.

Jeebus. Source?