Why is the large amounts of homosexual/transexual individuals who served in the Wehrmacht & SS never talkeda bout?

Why is the large amounts of homosexual/transexual individuals who served in the Wehrmacht & SS never talkeda bout?

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Because the bunkers get lonely desu u.u

oy vey goyim! you're praising trannies! hitler was a gay, jewish, cousin fucking, one-testicle drug addict! trust me goyim!

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Because like all lies from the Synagogue of Satan it never happened. This is just yet another hitpiece to make the Nazi's look bad

He was a poop eater, small penis, this and that, trannies, etc. It's all so tiresome.

Dress up like a woman to have a laugh with the boys, someone takes a picture because that shit's hilarious. (((Researcher))) finds pictures in 2019 and says you're a tranny.

Why is this the 6,000,000th time this thread is posted here?

How does this make the Nazi's look bad though?
Non-conforming gender identity is supposed to be empowering!

>people use to laugh at men wearing dresses

This was the case with later entertainments well, see Bugs Bunny, Mash, Money Python.

wasn't until really recently that cross dressing became associated with, exclusively, homosexuality or femininity. The joke is gone, we're left with the reality that cross dressing sin't funny but a normal characteristic.

Mrw I find out the third reich was the result of an incel uprising.

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were nazis /their guy/?

He was a victim of oppression. We should show only support and love for his deeds.

Aryans are too beautiful to be confined to one gender.

Came to post this.

Nothing was more hilarious than being in the most masculine role on earth, a soldier in the army of a fascist state, and dressing as a woman while drinking with your buddies.

Whites are the literal forefront enablers of jewish agenda and nigger privilege but Jow Forums doesnt talk about that stuff because truth hurts their incel ego too much for them to bear. So they blame literally everything around them and wonder why their race isnt progressing ans why their civilizations are in kike hands

If we say it's bad, it's bad. If we say it's good, it's good. Ok, sweetie?

So trannies are nazis now?

Probably the same homosexual army that's in the United States... "Cherry Marines" same people.. same methods.. same gay mafia.

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Bruce Jenner is literally Hilter.

I suspect that this picture was taken during the Weimar republic when trannys laughed at the rising Nazi party because they thought they were too radical to be taken seriously.

>nazis were evil oppressors that executed gays and trannies and crucified babies
>nazis were gay trannies

I'm not sure you want to go there, Habib.

Germans are weird man.

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50 years ago ovens were the new hit

now its trannys

im not surprised you find endless amounts of evidence

shit to do
dress up as women
>this happened everywhere

Punch a tranny when?

So... trannys are Nazis now? This shit is getting hard to keep track of.

can't a man joke around?

the Spartacist uprising was the incel uprising, mainly neets, jews and draft dodgers.

The right-wing backlash was the great chimp-out of un- or underemployed veterans being stripped of their dignity.

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Nice bait, but this isn't about that. I honestly don't know what are they trying to imply with these articles and photos.

Did they mean that's a good thing?
Did they mean that all Wehrmacht soldiers were bloodthirsty devils? But if they are that and trannies, something must be wrong with trannies.


>Why is the large amounts of homosexual/transexual individuals who served in the Wehrmacht & SS never talkeda bout?

Because in the 1940's it was a comedy act. Hundreds of men, who haven't been with a woman for months, cheer, wolf whistle, and various other things towards the guy in drag in the name of comedy. Because they were bored and someone decided to have a laugh does not mean that homosexuality and transsexualism were prevalent.
If this was a real thing in either army they would have been sectioned due to mental health problems and chemically neutered.

ive never seen it
>nb4 new fag

>gets gold medal in mental gymnastics

Because (((someone))) rewriting history again and again.

leftists are the masters of doublethink. It doesn't have to make sense.

Think about all the articles: "Trannies have actually female brains in male bodies" or "male brains are prone to violent and misogyny" but also "biological sex is a myth" and "there are no differences between the sexes". Published by the same publications.

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You could read up on German sexuality, which, be forewarned, is pretty wild. Homosexual relationships were more or less expected during the Wilhelm era, cross-dressing included. Although it wasn't exactly legal, it also wasn't punished apparently. Pederasty and all that. During Weimar, there were various sects of fascist gay and queer groups, some of which continued during the Nazi era. They, as you might expect, fought other far left groups.

lmfao this is peak 1984. Maybe history books will talk about the "empowerment" of cross dressing in the military in ww1 and ww2 now lmfao. Even though it was pure comedy.

They were probably doing it for fun, especially if they are doing some kind of performance, men would usually be playing female parts anyway.

Don't forget the Freikorps, man those guys had no fucking chill back then.

Its probably the same reason there are so many traps on Jow Forums.

Id guess a cross (get it) between the hangover of weimar republic Germnay and post war propaganda.

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These are like when American homos pose with American flags. It's protest gayness. Didn't go well.

Men used to dress up as women because it was funny (watch this movie "Mrs. Doubtfire", for example). Today, it's still just as funny, but the men who dress up as women demand to be taken serious. This makes it scary. Imagine if a bunch of people dressed up like clowns and demanded tolerance and acceptance. *honk*

I'm outta (yous), but here's a Jimmy for y'all.

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show your flag

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Homosexuality had been a natural part of many European cultures in antiquity. It’s only because of the Talmudic influence of Christianity that it became seen as “sinful“ and pushed underground, leading it to develop a culture of neurotic pleasure seeking around it.
Its recent reemergence into societal acceptance has been spearheaded mostly by liberals and secular jews, as mainstream conservatives are very much still stuck in the mire of Judeo-Christian slave morality. As a result, modern gay “identity“ has become closely associated with hedonism and anti-White politics.
A few of the original National Socialists recognized this, and knew that once separated from degenerate “gay culture,” a homosexual could be just as useful in the fight for the good of the Race as anyone else.

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They're honestly better than filthy fucking communists. I'm sure they served on the Eastern front. I doubt many made it home.

Faggots inheriently like annoying and disgusting other people. Nazis work for this sometimes

Other times they like being commies.

faggots just enjoy pissing people off.

Aside from jyst general plays withou female actors, men dressing up as women has been done for centuries as comedy. It's only recently that people have viewed it as anything more than clowning around.

in what world is that funny and not just outright gay?

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In a world where degeneracy is frowned upon.

Yeah this was commonly done in the old days as a form of comedy and goofing around. It's just that when looking at it through modern eyes we think it must be transgenderism or something sexual.

American boys used to be dressed up like girls until they were like 5 or 6 years old.

Why is ther 1 post by this id. Sage this garbage

>American boys used to be dressed up like girls until they were like 5 or 6 years old.
Yeah, I noticed this when I came across baby photos of my great-grandfather from the 1890's, dressed in a gown and with long hair too. Struck me as odd but apparently it was popular

It's normal behaviour for grunt soldiers, helps let off tension with some laughs when everything is shit.

So what you're SAYING isssssss.........


Good. Agreed.

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