Why the fuck isn't there a good modern fascist political movement?

Why the fuck isn't there a good modern fascist political movement?

Every single one is filled to the brim with either zero-personality skinhead idiots, pseudo-intellectual nu-males with god complexes, or just flat out people who aren't actually fascist.

Have you people even read Mein Kampf, or any other literature relating to fascism, white nationalism, or it's inherent ideals? Or have you just read the Jow Forums cliff notes?

We can't just wait for a second Hitler to come around, and make good speeches and not embarass themselves. With our current pool of people that isn't going to fucking happen. We need to go out in the open, spread literature, put up posters in public, make demonstrations.


They will accuse us of being fascists even if we use fancy language and pretend like we aren't.





Murdoch Murdoch has put together a good list of literature which should be REQUIRED READING for this fucking board.

Stop fucking around sobbing into your fucking neckbeard about how the world is ending and how it's so terrible and how the leftists are gonna milk your semen out like it's the holocaust rollercoaster 2.0, GET OUT THERE AND DO SOMETHING.

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murdochmurdoch.net/various/books/White Power - George Lincoln Rockwell.pdf

>unironical fascist in 2019
Go to church user. Find a good wife and make peace with your enemies. I will pray for you.

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>Murdoch Murdoch has put together a good list of literature which should be REQUIRED READING for this fucking board.
fuck off eceleb kike shill

>Why the fuck isn't there a good modern fascist political movement?
because fascism is an economic model, not a political one.

Typical. Always praying but never doing anything.

I dont give a shit about your paranoid delusions, take your fucking medication.

Their website is the only place I know of right now that has PDFs of shit like GRL's collected works.

It's hard to find good PDFs.

If you think economics and politics aren't the same thing, you're a lost fucking cause and should probably just use Yahoo News to get your daily updates on happenings instead of Jow Forums.

>Typical. Always praying but never doing anything.
Calm down user, this material world is only a test to see who are worthy for the real life that comes after. Have you ever tried praying?


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Literally this. Why should you ruin your life on Earth fighting?

It must be one hell of a test.

Why do you follow a religion made by jews?

A religion that regularly empowers jews?

Sloth is a fucking sin, and you will be punished for it.

When you reach hell, tell me if it's much different than here on Earth.

we dont need a mainstream movement. we need to band together and stand up for ourselves first. a mainstream movement will be born from our solidarity. RAM inspired me to redpill my bros and cut those that refuse the ideas from my life.

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>giving up
fuck you

They aren't illegal but they are infiltrated

In most european countries fascism is illegal, for examole here in Poland. You you really wanna do something you gotta follow the old American political views, then focus on cleansing white world and getting thigs sorted out with the jews.

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Excuse the mistakes, my fingers are fat and I'm using my phone

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>"bwuh bwuh fascism is illegial!"

I would understand if you lived in a nation with a real fucking police force or army, but for fucks sake, your nation was capitulated in a fucking month.

If a police officer tells you to take down your symbols or flags, give him the fucking bird.

What is he going to do? Fucking disgraceful.

Poland or fucking Luxembourg, doesn't matter. Take back your fucking nation.

>this material world is only a test to see who are worthy for the real life that comes after.
ah yes the second greatest trick the devil pulled, heaven.

Heaven isnt a realm, it is ultimate incomprehensible unity, it is not a continuation of denied pleasures of this life carrying onto the next as reward you faux-hedonist, this life isnt a test, it is a gateway where your decisions either lead you higher to spirituality or lower to materialism. Judeo-Christian heaven is a materialistic hell where 'every wish is fulfilled' by a father figure who indulges you in the depravity denied in the so called test, literally what satan does.

You idiots lap up paradise because it is an idea without effort where the self-satisfaction is supreme, no entity with universal powers would ever do that, it sounds like someone who is buying favours and souls does.

True prayer is meditation and the true god is beyond your vapid understanding of limited myopic and self serving religion hidden as spirituality. You know the disingenuous nature of your belief unless you truly do not believe in any of it at all, and this is just some mask.

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Do what George Lincoln Rockwell did, and got arrested for, and continued doing in the 60s.

If you see a communist flag flying, tear it down.

Hi FBI. Have a (you).

I don't have to take my nation back, yes it is full of commies but all the jews that stayed here are hated and only foreigners we have here are Ukrainians or Asians especially from Vietnam and there aren't many of those too. Also there was a pride march here but people literally spat on those faggots and 2 days ago there also was a march promoting healthy family values and being straight

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You know what the problem with you people is?

It's the same problem we've had for over 70 damn years.

We've all become so fucking complacent with everything.

If it's normies, or you, or even me. We see something fucking awful, but we don't do anything.

You know what our forefathers did in the United States?

They went to war with the most powerful empire in the world and WON, over a few little taxes on fucking TEA.

Today, we have a billion taxes on everything, and our tax money is used to bombard us with complete degenerate garbage that even liberals would wince at occasionally.

I'm fucking done. I'm not going to stand by and silently observe this crap anymore.

If you're all willing to let some fucking faggot user on Jow Forums outdo you, then so be it.

Otherwise, speak out. When you see something wrong, tell people it's wrong.

If you don't like a law, tell people you don't like a fucking law.

Inaction is death.

we do a lot more than that fash bro

Your fear of the FBI is why they get to rule you.

Why don't you go down to the FBI headquarters right now and bend over so they can bring out a big black nigger to spit in your asshole and give you a good fucking dicking, since you're so afraid of them.

Sorry Polish bro, sometimes I forget Eastern Europe already has some good things going for it.

I'm just angry.

Either way, it's important to throw off the chains they've put on you, even if they aren't tightening them.

Because being a fascist requirers you to be stupid.

You don't understand, do you? In most european countries such shit is illegal, hell here it is illegal to deny holocaust, why go out and get arrested after 20 minutes if you can group up? Point me at some local groups here and I'm more than happy to try and do something, not going as low as the antifa cucks do and being violent obviously.

There are still many things that we could fight against though. Also stop using the memeflag, you should be proud of your country or at least it's legacy no matter where are you from

Why are you so afraid of voicing your opinion and going to jail? Better men than you or I have gone to Jail, and have been released, and made their mark on history. They ultimately failed not because the government silenced them but because of weak people like you, who were too scared to follow them into a better future.

If you aren't willing to put something at risk for your ideas, then you're a fucking coward. Go back to whatever idiotic thing you use to pass your time here on Earth.

If it was illegial for me to be posting here, I'd still do it.

If it was illegial to own guns, I'd own them.

Power only exists where people believe it exists, and where it can be proven. If the police want me, they can come and fucking take me.

I'll go kicking and screaming, biting and swearing.

Fascism is a cure to the disease that's plaguing society today.

Fair enough.

>Why the fuck isn't there a good modern fascist political movement?
You're in it, right now.

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This isn't a political movement, this is a fucking cage in which you have become complacent to shout your ideas into nothing.

Not that I'm much better trying to mobilize a bunch of fucking lazy bastards who would rather watch our honest and good society crumble into fucking dust as we reach depravity even the late Romans wouldn't have tolerated.

>This isn't a political movement,
Why would you use the same tactics and systems that led you into the muck in your efforts to get out of it?

there is plenty, were just waiting for the collapse to do anything.

It was the overwhelming complacency of the average white man that lead us into the muck.

On your point though, I don't really care what form the 'Movement' takes. Only that new people are reached by fascist ideas.

To say Jow Forums is some kind of political movement is fucking stupid though. This is the back ally diner you see in degenerate hollywood jew films where racist truckers and skinheads hang out.

Go lead your own movement then.

because we haven't had hard times yet. /keep in mind the modern fascists came out of not just the sexual deviancy and destruction of the family we see today but also extreme economic poverty and instability. Basically when communists start gaining traction then so do fascists because both offer an alternative to the current societal norm. As long as people are comfy they wont look for alternative solutions.

Thats why there are people who like siege by James Mason because it offers them something to do meanwhile not participating in the society that you hate.

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explain the appeal of fascism to me.

This right here.

This right here is what I'm fucking talking about.

>Waiting for the collapse

Oh great, everyone! user is waiting for the collapse of western civilization! Amazing!

I've got great news for you, you're in amazing company! You see, the jews, niggers, muslims, asians, communists, anarchists, pedophiles, and miscellaneous degenerates are ALSO waiting for the collapse of western civilization!

The only difference is that they've been slowly building a new civilization to replace it.

You know that old saying about replacing every board in a boat? They're replacing every ideal we have with degeneracy.

Newsflash fucker, western civilization isn't going to collapse. It's going to disappear, and along with it any hope you have of reaching the people.

And you're going to let it happen, because you can't be bothered to even VOICE YOUR OPINION IN PUBLIC.

Too afraid to even question the jew while he puts the boot on your neck.

The above also applies to you.

You talk about waiting for the hard times, THESE ARE THE HARD TIMES.

How does not living in a constant 24/7 thought stream of horrid degenerate diseased AID infested bullshit sound?

That should be your #1 priority desu.

Im starting a YT channel, unnironically I want it to be like the Golden One but more direct, also without hate or retarded SIEG shit

Because nobody gives a fuck about you and your ideal society that will never see the light of day. You're nothing but annoying worms and you have no guidance.

This is the sort of thing I want to see.

I'm thinking about writing some pamphlets or something to distribute.

If you haven't already, you should read some more redpill literature. It might help you fill out ideas in your head.

Fascism requires things that are not normal today:

-absence of pity (what Nietzche says is required to be an ubermensch)
-ethics based on anything except empathy
-collectivism NOT individualism
-willingness to sacrifice yourself for state
-blood and cultural chauvinism
-rejection of enlightenment

you can't have fascism when about a half of people believe taking a pigs life is morally wrong and cry if a dog gets hurt in a movie

you have de facto fascist movements in non white countries (best korea)

Please I'm begging you fucking unironically fucking kill yourself.

My 'ideal society' is the foundation of everything that gives you a good life.

Your ancestors died for the ideas I have, but not as a part of some sort of cause or movement, they died because they knew in their hearts it was right, and that there was no other truth.

And now you, in your complacency, have not only allowed other people with other ideals to poison the wellspring of hope for humanity that is white, western civilization, but you allow them to defecate and urinate on your streets while they threaten to kill you and your family, your women and children.

You call me a worm, but you're less than a worm. You have no purpose, no goals, and no future, and it's your own fault.

>he doesnt want a fascist theocracy
Cringe and bluepilled

They're not normal today, because our ideals have become poisoned by jews and communists.

We need to bring these back to the forefront, teach children and adults alike the right way.

Pity and empathy aren't bad things. They're part of the formula that makes white people the greatest race on the planet.

The jews and communists took one of our greatest passions, and they turned it against us, fostered it to grow out of control until it pacified us, domesticated us.

That's what we are. Domesticated.

I think the issue is that most people on Jow Forums are introverts and don't have a lot of bros, therefore they're scared to share their ideologies for fear of losing the few friends they have. Someone stronger than us has to make the first move, but once that move is made I think most of us would join up in a heartbeat.

Also, does RAM do recruitment or is it closed off now?

The optics cudgel. Men of good faith are too stupid too avoid it and the kike proxies among our leadership use it to great success.

if you believe that the best should lead then you should find the best and give them the power in order to actually create real change.
In democracy we have the worst of both worlds, we let random dumb people (in modern society women and recent immigrants) choose who we want to lead and then the people who are voted to lead are kneecapped by the institutions of parliament themselves.
It might work out okay when things are relatively good, but look at what happened when ww2 broke out or when the great depression happened. The political leaders seize central power in order to create real change. Meanwhile if power is not exercised by our political leaders it will be exercised by other forces such as foreign lobbies or large corporations. If these institutions have more power than the elected representatives than the people are no longer represented and therefore the democracy only exists as an illusion.

In general democracy only allows for slight good or bad descisions by government but allows for great evil from other actors. Fascism allows for alot of good or alot of bad by government but reduces the power of other actors.

So the question is how to allow for great good while not allowing the great evil to be committed. Constitutions like the second amendment and empowering strong families and communities are a good answer but it is a dilemma.

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>using a jew entertainment analogy to analyze goy society
Unfuck your mind, dumbass. Ideas that stir and are hashed here permeate the culture exponentially through real life networks. online the same things happen - people adapt to ideas from here, and those come out everywhere else they gather online. it's a game of telephone writ large.

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Any bro that would leave you for standing up for what's right, isn't a real bro.

Any family member that would disown you for standing up for your people, isn't your family.

Countrymen that would have you silenced or worse for what you believe, aren't your countrymen.

Quit your whining and do something productive for your cause, even if it is futile. I'll prolly be at the next fascist meet up in Sweden to do my part as a Social Democrat.

Man, Judeo-Christian Heaven sucks. At least Catholic Heaven is Praying and begging God for shit en perpetuity.

You are right, I am a coward, back in school the boys and I were joking about holocaust and my german teacher got mad and I've got in trouble, I couldn't even stand up for myself back then. Give me a leader or somebody to show me that you can stand up for yourself and I'll go

There isn't a good fascist political movement because everyone who is culturally right and authoritarian can't agree on economics and they're at each other's throats about it. Even if they stopped fighting and tried to do anything at all they'd just get laughed at by brainwashed normies and chased away because there's like fucking 12 unironic fascists left and they were the losers of the last big war and therefore the bad guy.

Good thread OP. The incentive of capitalism, the force of communism or to aspire for fascisn. The 3rd way. The way of the overman.

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these are not hard times. You should read the turner diaries and you should read siege. Remember that many fascist thinkers have come before you and you should learn from them rather than make the same mistakes.

there was LITERALLY a world war over this. Fascism lost. Millions upon millions of the bravest and greatest men that ever lived died in open fields in Eastern Europe for this very philosophy. We are an occupied people, taken over decades ago

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join nazbol gang

It's already collapsed and we don't even fucking realize it is the issue bro. The degenerates and those that wish white people would die rule over us, and we lick their fucking boots while talking about how good the taste is. We live in a fucking kill mill for infants, there is no Western culture anymore. Western culture is globalist culture, they have won.

The only option left is rebellion, where we make the first move, but nobody is willing to band together and do that. Lone gunmen shooting up public places full of unarmed civies do nothing, nd even when you actually go after the scum of society (See Christchurch) the shills jump in here and spread misinformation and conspiracy theories to the point where our rage and budding sense of pride is turned into confusion and fear.

We need to get off this fucking board, it's been a useful tool, but they own it now.

What if i'm not white though

If there is literally anything I have learned about optics from the past half-decade on Jow Forums, especially from Trump, it is that optics are all in your head.

"Meme Magic" was the simple act of daring to do something unorthodox, as if it was normal. Voila, it became normal.

That's all it takes, confidence.

I can't give you a leader that lives today.

Christians have been waiting for their leader for about 2000 years now. Here's the clue: it's not likely he's coming back any time soon.

So, you can sit around for 2000 years like some people do, waiting for Jesus/Hitler to come back, and purge the world of degeneracy with his flaming God Emperor sword.

Or you can look to the past, at the words that have already been written down.

Learn from their mistakes, do better, and eventually you will find yourself to be a leader in your own right.

109 countries, schlomo

lol fascism lost and then democracy went to war instantly against communism the very people the fascists were fighting. You are right though, times have changed and tactics have to change as well. As for the idea of fascism though that can never die because if fascism is natural than it is inevitable and if it is not natural than it is not worth fighting for in the first place.

It took almost the entire known world to beat one fascist force. They may have technically lost yes, but this had less to do with the political system and more to do with Hitlers drug habits and overreaching. The next leader will learn from his mistakes.

stop sperging out and just read the Daily Stormer

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You know what user I'm gonna learn how to not be afraid of consequences and start redpilling more and more people. I already redpilled some lf my relatives

Thank you for the advice, rabbi

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OP, have you tried seeing a therapist?

Based. The key is to only help those who have shown them worthy of your help. Screen your candidates - NPC's need not apply, but when you recognize in someone's eye a spark of life, step across the bridge. No one worth knowing will turn their back on you for having extreme views they don't necessarily agree with, anyway.

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You should read White Power, by GRL, the man who inspired the Turner Diaries, and realize that we're currently in the hardest times there's ever been culturally.

Just because the city isn't literally on fire most of the time doesn't mean you aren't like Nero, watching Rome turn to ash.

You have the right idea, but Western Civilization wont truly be dead until people like us forget about it.

>Local man reads newspaper about city burning while city burns around him

I'm glad you're making a change.

I hope more Anons make changes too.

Very based.

No but I'm sure they would pump me full of poison the moment I mention I'm even slightly discontent with society.

The fact that this man is still openly lauded as a hero gives me some hope for not only humanity, but that the Japanese at least uphold a strange mixture of theirs and white culture, and are smart enough not to let people destroy it.

Even if they're kind of degenerate when it comes to porn, honor and respect are some of the most important things a culture can have.

Truly they are Honorary, even if they're pretty much the reason why America got involved.

Chad ENTP vs virgin INTP and INTJ

fascism encompasses everything, it is a universal ideology like capitalism and communism in the sense that there must be a universal order. We all have our place in shaping a better world.
One tenet though is that you should love your own as that is only natural. Fascists wont delude themselves that a community of foreigners within their country is a "good" thing.

African fascism could be good a couple different ways. Free trade has destroyed african cultures and industry/agriculture.
In this way an African nation may become fascistic and take its future into its own hands, or it will be ruled over by a more powerful nation but at the very least then they wont lie to African nations that free trade is some kind of "beneficial to both parties" type of deal.

Your in Canada so for example Canada if it became fascistic would try and create a national identity rather than let every single identity group try and import their culture to here.

Jesus, you sound like you're cope-posting after your team lost the superbowl.

Sure we TECHNICALLY lost but the refs fucked us!

Again, I respect GRL but you must admit that he failed, he was murdered but his movement failed. Hardest times culturally, i agree. Hardest times economically? not at all but it might get there soon.

Thanks, based Satan.

Look up The New Awakening

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Kills commies, hates jews, cultural renaissance, autarky sometimes, unity, aesthetic.

What about the American blackshirts party

He was shot in the back by a cowardly communist.

His greatest failing was not securing his movement for the future, I agree, but his only other failing would be not shooting first, I guess.

Either way, you can't just wait for the economy to collapse, especially when you could be reaching people and changing minds NOW.

I can assure you as always its always discontent with oneself and politics is just an outlet. You need help and are afraid to get it.

The fact I only vaguely know of them says all I need to know about them.

Also, shitty name, too narrow.

We don't need a political party right now, but action.

People in the streets, spreading info, handing out literature, debating their ideas.

Do it like it was done before they herded you into their systems.

Hitler wasn't a fascist you fucktard

LOL good one slavtard

already filled, I will also collect rubish, film it and put a life rune or something similar, we must start getting out of pol(and do something productive, not kill people)

The only thing I'm discontent about myself with is that I'm not doing enough to help society.

Jewish therapists should be shot, they poison children and spread lies.

bruh mousollini literally popularized the fasces in the modern day.

>The only thing I'm discontent about myself with is that I'm not doing enough to help society.

Have you considered volunteering for a charity? Have you gone to any town hall meetings in your city? Have you engaged in your local arts scene recently?

Although I like the idea of going out and doing something productive in society, putting runes on a trash bag isn't exactly the best look.

Ideally you'd want more flagrantly 'offensive' symbolism like a straight up fasces or a swastika, and you'd want it on yourself, not the garbage.

You could do it in public and hand out literature or something. That would be better.

What about patriot front they protest and have spoke against aipac

Its 1030. But that may be instances not countries. (((Google))) it.

>local art scene
Haha, canuck, no.

I haven't been to my local 'art' scene lately. I dont particularly feel like watching some white girl shove spaghettios in her cunt while a black dude gives her a rimjob.

Your logo looks like my asshole, to be honest.

his words and speeches were preserved, and his noble fight early on, which correctly identified all of the problems we are dealing with, is his success. GLR is a classic case of being way ahead of one's time.

I don't know what you think an "arts scene" is, but I was talking about like, concerts/shows

When's the last time you saw a band you really like play a live show?

It was really a huge awakening point for me when I realized everything he was saying was STILL going on today.

nah not in the garbage but in a IG account ot somethng collect it, take a photo of the bags and then you with the flag, face uncovered of course, only terrorist dont show face

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Listen to this speech bitchute.com/video/zCM68nFCf28Z/

He calls out everyone we are dealing with now: jew commies, traitors, cuckservatives, the media, s o y boys, even fucking roasties.

If you haven't read his book already:

>murdochmurdoch.net/various/books/White Power - George Lincoln Rockwell.pdf

Like I said earlier, this is the only place I could find a PDF.

I understand your anger with how slowly things are moving trust me I absolutely do but good people are out there people are organizing and building community there are lots of us who engage in propoganda and spread the message to as many people we deem worthy as possible. You have to understand our victory is coming it is just taking time. I like to volunteer in my community and help the disenfranchised of our people they respond well to our ideals. Be patient brother we will win keep doing good work