Jow Forums can’t refure this

She’s right you know

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No, she is not.

Have sex

Nobody looks at gingers.

>keep hands to yourself and mentor woman
>she meets with you alone
>decides she doesn't like you or your mentoring
>tells HR you assaulted her
>it's her word against yours
>get fired
Yeah idk why men wouldn't want to do that..

Why should a man give some whore all of his knowledge that he spent years learning and refining for nothing in return? With men you are rewarded with a contact that could help you in the future or collaborate with you. A woman is going to use her knowledge solely for her own gain and never lift a finger to help anyone else. This is why only men are mentoring these "business women" anyway, the old women refuse to help them.

Giving women the vote was a fucking disaster for everyone. Women who work have the same levels of satisfaction with their life as African women living in huts and being brutally raped daily, so why the fuck are women still pushing this trash?

She literally wants the opposite of everything she just said. Learn to women


She is making the assumption those 60% of male managers refuse to mentor women because they want to sexually assault them but fear repercussions. But that is not the case and just proves how full of falsehood the worldview of these feminists are.
The reason these managers feel uncomfortable mentoring women is that they can be accused of things they didn't do and get legally persecuted because of it as the legal system is explicitly biased towards women. And get their social life and careers that they've worked their entire life for destroyed in the proccess. Not to mention the personal trauma of being accused of something you didn't do and don't having anyone to believe you.
They are simply not worth the risk.

There, refuted.

Its not only that. People dont mentor anyone. They mentor the absolute best and usually people they identify with (reminds them of a younger self) or like. It has alot to do with skill/intelligence and on top of that charisma and motivation.

Women are incompetent and usually not confident/charismatic. And lets say shes 1 in a billion, all of the above. Guess what? Women are incapable of NOT being attracted to a man with authority and power over her. Eventually theyll start a relationship, which is why its not something men do (mentoring women).

At the end of the day, this metoo harmed women more than it helped, because smart men dont care about how they look from a virtue signalling standpoint, they only care about protecting themselves.

Same with marriage. Smart men dont get married. Smart men dont "accidentally" knock up a woman.

Women are going to complain no matter what you do, the current problem is courts handle every case so heavily in favor of the female that male's know there is a chance they can do nothing wrong and still lose their careers in a matter of days. Women simply aren't worth the risk in the professional world and most men realize this.

She's complaigning because they are keeping their dicks in their pants?

Men just hate working with women and now have a decent excuse

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This woman clearly has never met a man in real life


>decides she doesn't like you
Because you wouldn’t comment on how pretty she is

That’s not the problem the issue is women want our time and knowledge and shoulder to cry on, FOR FREE.

Lol no thanks cunt

this is why i make an audio recording every time im alone in a room with a woman

Yes, because men are avoiding women out of fear of accidentally raping them, not being falsely accused of inappropriate behavior.


Have a relationship

buy ammo.

She is right. There's a hot filipina I work with that I wanna go balls deep on so fucking hard, but I keep my mouth shut and my hands to myself out of respect for the fact she probably doesn't wanna gargle my man-o-yaise. If I ever do slay her asshole, I'll report with green txt and hidden cam vids. Godspeed me bros

reverse psychology
she's asking to be raped so she can send her
lover to jail so that'll make her cum.

Fuck. I hadn't considered this angle. What a fucking cunt!

As a female, I'm glad that my boss and her boss are female. All I need to do to keep moving up is hate the same other females they do.

i hope someone rapes her

You should consider showing a titty or two at work. That will get you a bump up the ladder for sure.

Stop falsely accusing men, then.

Can’t we just have a quarterly harassment day? It would fix literally every sex-related problem in the corporate world

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She would be right...if men had any problem doing any of what she prescribes. It's the threat of false accusation that kills the chances of so many women.

She needs to calm down


Patrice was right. Sniffing that salmon in their panties should be legal just every so often.

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Eat shit and die from bacteria, OP. That is the level of refutation your post, invites, accepts and engenders. Useless is and useless does. Thanks for the language exercise, or not.

Why won't you listen to Sheryl Sandberg?

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>shut up about how we look
>be professional
choose one, kek

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Oh, she called them losers, that means she's right. Damn.

>it's only men who are sexually harassing people at work
I get sexually harassed every week by female execs at the company I work for because I look like ryan gosling


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>working in an office
gay as fuck my nigga

Based argie spitting truth. Shows how conceited and self-absorbed all these gashes are as well.

^This. Ben there. Modern women are psycho cunts. Workplace policy is totalitarian against men. A bitch who doesn't get any little thing she wants will file a false claim in a heartbeat. And the ones that WANT to sleep with a man in power... fuck don't get me started....

>be professional.

because she still wants to keep open the option of riding an alpha male higher up if he can help her become more of an alpha woman
they all do, always

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Figure just rose to 65% after her post.

Women don’t lie. Believe women.

Based meme. It's 2019 and so many people don't even talk about love. Would rather be single if there's no love in a relationship.

She totally misunderstood why men feel uncomfortable mentoring women - deep down they understand that they are doing the wrong thing + the issues with lower female IQ and different brain wiring problems, But that stupid attention whore female nigger can not think beyond muh dick.
Just kill me now.

also, I would rather be single than be with a woman who as little as entertains the thought of men and women being the same (that which their beloved equality fucktardry means, whether they want it or not)

Thank god my workspace has cameras with full audio throughout the whole building

Refute what? She's not making a point, she's giving out condescending advice.

and bitches will still get the urge to falsely accuse a man

I knew an emcel whose father had been an alcoholic and boyfriend had abused her, so she had turned to casual sex and her mind resembled a bowl of spaghetti. I would also rather stay single than be part of something so foul.

Yeah right, hot redheads are a thing for a reason.

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Women will #metoo you if they flirt with you and you don’t reciprocate

Lots of women lose their fucking god damn minds if you don’t try to fuck them sometimes

Better just not to hire women, sweaty.

Wanna know what's simpler still? Don't talk to cunts at work at all. Then there's no chance of you lying or embellishing anything. Checkmate whores.


How long until American women need a hotline to complain when men mentor them in a completely professional way while keeping their hands and dicks to themselves?

Feminism has spent 10 years telling us it's misogynsitic to mentor women at work and now it's backfiring. The only people I feel sorry for are the non-feminist women. There are innocent women being caught in the crossfire because feminists claim to speak for them.

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Shit, she might decide that she doesn't like you because you DIDN'T comment on how pretty she is.
Seething post-wall roasties are constantly faking claims of sexual harassment.

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>Fucking losers fucking fucking fuckity fuck fuck
How do you mentor trash?

this is unironically something that managers are doing now. The irony is you're less likely to get sued if you ARE sexist by not hiring women, than if you hire women and treat them like equals.

Raise children

Women act like whores to get what they want. The reason male managers don't want to mentor them is because they know that's what women expect, and they don't want to be backed into that corner. They care more about the business and can probably get their dick wet at any bar just by showing some 20-year-old thot the fob to their C-class benz.

They don't want to be put in a position where they a.) are being imposed upon with sexual implications, and/or b.) said implications go unanswered, the women is found unfit for the job, and the man is then slapped with a sexual harassment suit for shit he didn't do because the woman didn't get the promotion she wanted.

Women do not belong in the workplace unless it's a daycare, a restaurant, or a hospital.

>no really user I am serious about my career
>I care about being successful
>that's why I spent literally 1.5 hours looking as FUCKABLE as possible before I came to work today
>just like I do every day
>instead of spending a modest 15-20 minutes brushing my hair and wearing something conservative
>because I'm serious and not just here to swallow my way into a higher tax bracket

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Good thing I'm not even attracted to 3D thots anymore so I don't have to worry about it.

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None of us want to see some chink fuck some nasty Philippino.

for the fact that many women TRY to get managers caught in some blackmail so the whore can do whatever she wants at work and never get fired, even promoted with max raises

you men and your
*sips tea*
compliments need to stop

You don't that's why she's on twitter complaining instead of actually trying to get good at her spreadsheet monkey job.

That's what happens when you get paid for the tips of your fingers instead of your brain.

Jesus fucking Christ
You cunts
It’s not that hard
Put your fucking cleavage away
Keep your skirts below the knees
And keep your lying mouths shut
Grow the fuck up, damn you are children.
Swear word

based Mike Pence

>There are innocent women
Nope. Those innocent women are to blame for their inactivity in fighting that cancer what is fullblown retarded n-th level feminism. Here in estonia females quite often tell fullblown feminist retards to fuck off with their retardation that is harming them and rightfully so.

You're fucked user, women aren't the enemy. They just don't belong in the workplace.

I'm not even a follower of his, but this is Juden Peterstein vol. 1 type stuff.

Why can't she find a man? "Screws Nigger 4 relief' everything she opposes ++

I work I'm banking, very few guys. It's so fucking sad how true this is, also, fuck having a degree, you're freinds with Stacey so here's your VP status, don't let the men with fucking Master's intimidate you, yourey a strong woman!

You guys probably think I'm joking, but I'm not. The level of incompetence I have to deal with and clean up is amazing. Also, fags move up fast, they are worse than the women, fucking horrible. Just get me into IT, PLEASE!

There's a reason I don't hire any female middle/lower management staff, there's a reason I won't talk to any female employee behind closed doors, there's a reason I won't have 1on1 meetings with female employees outside of work or CCTV coverage, there's a reason why I won't talk to female employees without two witness present or CCTV with Audio in place.

Congratulation #MeToo you did it. Enjoy being relegated to assistances again.
t. running a small business with 450 employees.

Bitches lie to get what they want. Old as time.

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I believe you.

So it's like the Purge but with rape? That might work, but I'll also need to defend the women in my life with my gun.

They're not declining to mentor and be alone with women because they're afraid they'll rape the women. They're afraid the women will make shit up and their lives will be put on hold as a result.

there was a movement of Women Against Feminism a few years ago. It was pretty big for a while but died down.

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Somehow she procreated though, and passed on her messed up genes to her kids...

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I've unironically and non-sexually done this for the last year of 1-on-1 meetings with my manager. It started out as a way to cover my bases if they claimed something performance-related, but now it's just catch-all to protect against anything they might try to use against me.

I hit the gym and do muay Thai, women find every excuse to grab my arms. I just want to send a mass email and tell them to do it Friday before I leave and get it over with, just don't touch my files, they'll fuck my work up.

Lol ebin trollz 4chinz gr8 b8 you got em m8 that'll show those/poltards!

You know what's really funny, they hate each other even more.

I remember one time I was in the elevator going down, there were 2 execs a man and a woman.. Woman turns around and says: "J'en ai mare de voir les petites dans leurs cullotes' In other words I'm sick and tired of seeing kids in their underwear. Guy turns around with his hands in his pants like he's got some fucking jewel of hope in there. Eh eh it's like that now hurr hurr.

I used to think women were the problem and then I start meeting their parents and realized particularly their mothers were as useless as they were.

You want to know if you can last with a woman ? See if you can stand her mom, if you can't you won't be able to stand her when she ages.

These people have dogshit upbringing. Also I don't believe for one second this even happened. She's ranting about some bullshit alluding to a situation that obviously never took place since she's not stating anything specific.

Typical fucking leftist. What these moronic bitches don't seem to notice is not that we're being rejected by them or that we're afraid to approach them. It's that we don't want to fucking talk to them in the first place. How can you take a woman to bed you can barely stand for 5 minutes ?

Like the Purge but for a day anyone can grope and fondle anyone else?

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>Keep your fucking shit damn hell motherfucker to yourself and help me get ahead!
God it's like men are now married to every woman they interact with

Should I dump my lolwut folder? I have like 40 of them.

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Even if a guy does all of that he’s still exposing himself to false accusations. Women are so fucking dumb they don’t think before they do shit. This was the inevitable outcome of #MeJew

>some cunt
Op, I...

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I died.

They're far more likely to bottleneck and sandbag your progress but since you're a dumb cunt you probably won't even be able to tell

can't argue with digits I guess

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I have the opposite beliefs of what you're claiming, I just said I don't have to worry about getting #metooed cause I know would be otherwise if I express affection.

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This whole #metoo debacle is why I hired an ex drill Sargent as my head of HR. A male one btw not a female.