What did the mean by this?

What did the mean by this?

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The most evil empire in the history of mankind is at it again. Fucking kike country.

>Trump will be different

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fucking schlomo

They escalating to full war. America is going in alone and will have to fight Iran, Russia, China on there own.

>by shlomo shamir

It means that we wont rule out the possibility to go Operation Praying Mantis 2:electric boogaloo, and may also strike an Iranian nuclear material production facility. Its just the 80s tanker war again. Iran starts shit to up the price per barrel of oil to increase gov revenue, we take the bait, Trump gets an easy political win, price per barrel goes up, Iran gets to claim Houthis droning an airport is a great when for Allah etc and how "America is mean plz no bulli", then things simmer down.

Why would China and Russia get involved. The last few times we smacked Iran around they didnt. Notably, the 80s, when Russia was in its USSR form.

there's a happening brewing

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Just because you failed does not mean you did not start it.

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Trump is a faggot lol

Can't make this shit up, hilarious

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OK let me just lay it on the line.
I dont think Trump is going to attack Iran, but if he does I'm going to assume he did it to get something very valuable for america. I'll still vote for him in 2020.

Believing they’d tell the UN first.

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>Iran starts shit

I'll be pissing on your grave you worthless boomer

>Let's tell everyone about our combat plan
>If the enemy knows we're coming they'll be surprised
What kind of Sun Tzu art of war shit is this.

This. Iran is a country of peace. We must defend it at all costs. Inshallah.

The typical Judeo-American pattern of faking an attack or evidence (gulf of Tonkin, WMD's in Iraq, 9/11, etc.), then a military response that ultimately forces the other nation to respond with force as well, then a long, drawn out war and occupation where no one wins except Israel.

Kk, see you on the drone cam. Let me know what the euros and japs did to you while you're at it, cuz inviting the Japanese over for dinner and then shooting their car is a bold diplomatic move.

lets just forget the iran iraq war then

cool. only a retard would want camel fuckers to have nukes. white man only.

go fuck your goat. i didn't vote for peace, low t faggot.

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