How do we fix modern "women" bros?

How do we fix modern "women" bros?
I'm tired of these deceptions.

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Get them to rush GOOD sororities. I cannot stress how telling what the sorority a girl came from is when getting to know them. It literally determines their personality.

An user posted a list earlier today of ones that are good and ones to avoid:

>Zeta Tau Alpha
>Delta Gamma
>Kappa Alpha Theta
>Alpha Phi
>Alpha Xi Delta
>Delta Delta Delta
>Delta Zeta
>Sigma Delta Tau
>Alpha Chi Omega

>Kappa Kappa Gamma
>Alpha Omicron Pi
>Gamma Phi Beta
>Sigma Kappa
>Alpha Gamma Delta
>Phi Mu

>Alpha Delta Pi
>Kappa Delta
>Chi Omega
>Pi Beta Phi

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oh and this is only for white girls of course

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quit being into dudes.


They just want Black Kings to fill there womb, nothing more. They hate you wh*Te bois, and your fatass nazi ideology.
Sorry faggots, they want Black Babies, and they want Black Culture
They want to breed with black bvlls.

that's a post-nosejob jew, user

As a dicklet I’m always happy when well hung guys go trans. Less competition.

t’ 2 inch long 5 inch circumference

>ban makeup
>ban transvestites
>gas all "men" and "women" that are less than 5/10
>go to mars and the stars cause theres nothing left to fix

Sending girls to Co-ed uni is the first mistake

Sending normies to college was a mistake.

I want that in and around my mouth desu.

we fuck men

not joking

there are tons of twinks that want you dick

dont like twinks

we have trannies for you

just stop fucking women.

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I agree but they usually just date frat guys and I bought the whole "pay for your friends" meme and didn't join. Plus I'm kinda too old I think (24)

>A jew
>In Alabama

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What about none?

Man imagine taking the time to type this out. Find Jesus, pal

Stop giving them hormones.

I realize my id is b3rg, but i'm not a jew and i care about the white demographic. you should all fuck other men.

Why are there so many granny's with big dicks? You'll think if they were packing something like that they'd be a bit more masculine

>they usually just date frat guys
Sweet, more for me.

>Pay for your friends
This is such a bad meme. You're paying for the house, social events, and other shit that you benefit from. It's not like some jew somewhere other than (((Nationals))) is profiting off you


Its shills trying to divert atention from any topic, don't give them attention or they will continue

It can't possibly be gay if she looks exactly like a girl, right?

No. Geeds will get the rope.

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And for the benefit of non-seppos:

>Room-temperature IQ tier:
Most American universities

>Actual sapience tier:
Literally anywhere else in the world

I know it's a bad meme but I bought into it so it's too late. If I could go back in time and did it, I would have

Agree with your last point.


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>we have trannies for you
where do i meet them

is he drinking a bottle of piss?

You go into your local gay bar and walk up to the nearest tranny and say i want to fuc you.

they are usually loaded up on drugs and alcohol and desperate for attention they will fuck anything. you could literally be 350lbs.

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You don't retard. Work on yourself. Fuck women. The world is beyond saving.

I dont want to go to a gay bar. Anywhere else?