Jewcinda is coming for our guns

Jewcinda is coming for our guns

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Unironically kill your leaders.
This is one of those hills to die on. Stop being a fucking cuck.

Whatever you do, don't let a woman run your country.
Besides we didn't vote that horse-faced kike in.

jesus. when are you guys going to liberate tarrant? you faggots are worse than the UK at this point. you're really just going to sit there while that fucking domineering nanny traitor forcibly takes your weapons? you realize that once you're disarmed, they can do whatever they want? when a muslim becomes PM in a few years and you have to pay the jizya, you're going to defend your homes with cricket bats? this is the fucking rubicon, kiwi. band together with the few noncucks your country has left and take your country back.

Will there be a couple shootouts when the door to door roundups happen? This has got to be the most exciting thing for you faggots.

Who would agree with this process lmao there's gonna be like a 2.5% compliance rate even with severe threats

>no register
>no way to know
>voluntary hand over

>implying anyone will do this

I think a grand total of six guns have been turned in so far.

But didn't very few kiwis turn in their scary guns after the Tarrant thing? Hope all goes well for you guys. Do not end up like the UK.

the "voluntary" phase already passed
only something like 500 guns were turned in?
they were expecting "tens of thousands"

when there are anywhere from 1-3 million guns in a country that size that's a dense population of guns

those guns arent going anywhere
no matter how many paper laws some retard woman makes up
gun grabber's dreams are a fucking FAIRYTALE

Kiwibunga it is then?


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How did she get in?

What's it going to be, kiwis? Will you submit?

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Trump coming for them in America. Fuck that New York Fairy

And to think, I just got a new gun.

That's too bad you lost your firearms in a boat accident

"Buyback" They didn't sell it to you and use your money to buy it,
but it's a buyback. Your PM is a joyless cunt.

It's too bad people have been neutered by estrogenic chemicals and brainwashing. In the old days the bitch would be stripped, raped and executed in the town square.

I assume that a lot of you are buying 200lt plastic drums.Carefully preparing your mssa's placing gun and ammo plus all that you need to keep things nice and dry,then burying the well sealed drum in the dirt ,prefferably not on your land as the fascists will be using no doubt ground penetrating radar.Have your story ready to tell all other guns in approved locked cabinets.stay safe little kiwis don't give that vile hideous criminal gang in wellington the time of day.Imminent collapse of the debt based monetary system will precipitate all kinds of twisted shit and you have the inalienable right to protect you and yours

so fucking what. just hide them. guns aren't much use if you ask permission before you use them. kinda defeats the point of a 'weapon'.

A maori ate all my guns tho